Lil Wayne Shared The Same Cell With Ashanti’s Stalker In Rikers Island

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Lil Wayne Shared The Same Cell With Ashanti Stalker In Rikers Island

Ashanti recently mentioned to Yahoo Music that Lil Wayne shared a cell with her stalker, Devar Hurd, while doing time behind bars at Rikers Island back in 2010.

The singer explained that when her and Weezy had a studio session in 2011, Wayne told her he was in the same cell as Devar, who was jailed for harassing Ashanti, and all the inmates treated him like an outcast.

“I was in the studio with Wayne in Miami, he was like, ‘Turn the music down. I got to tell you this. I was in the same cell as your stalker and none of us liked him.'”

“When I found out he was messing with you, nobody was dealing with him. He’s crazy. He just kept talking about you, saying you wanted him to be with him. You wanted him to be on your music. I said to him, ‘You know that’s my sister. I can ask her if you’re lying.'”

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