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Gudda Gudda Hints At A “Demolition” Part 3 Collaboration With Lil Wayne, Confirms He Is On “Tha Carter V”

Mon, Apr 21, 2014 by

Gudda Gudda Hints At A Demolition Part 3 Collaboration With Lil Wayne, Confirms He Is On Tha Carter 5

Earlier this morning at around 3AM, Gudda Gudda uploaded a photo of B.G. to his Instagram page and answered some of the questions that fans asked him in the comments section.

One of these questions was “any new tracks with Weezy?”, in which Double G answered “#CarterV str8 MURDA”, and another question was “get Wayne to murda some shyt like them demolition tracks”, in which he answered “demolition3 koming soon”.

So does this mean Gudda and Lil Wayne have another “Demolition” collaboration on the way? And could it appear on Tha Carter V?

You can view the Instagram comments below. I don’t know about any of you, but I’m still playing the “Demolition” track daily since they were released back in 2009!

Gudda Gudda Hints At A Demolition Part 3 Collaboration With Lil Wayne, Confirms He Is On Tha Carter 5

Gudda Gudda Hints At A Demolition Part 3 Collaboration With Lil Wayne, Confirms He Is On Tha Carter 5

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  • Drizz

    Hell no….
    Gudda on Carter5?!?!?

    • J.J.

      Gudda is dope….. Him and Wayne don’t have bad songs…..

    • Skenny

      Look bro..
      When I get tired of listening to lil wayne
      (Everybody get tired of listening to lil wayne)
      I just search my music player
      “Lil Wayne Gudda Gudda”
      And daaaamn I come back to life !

      • live


      • Love Me

        I totally agree tho..gunwalk and devastation was fire

    • [Original] Gudda Gudda

      If u hatin u just need some pu$$y

  • Time

    D1 & D2 are fire songs

    I wouldnt be mad at a 3rd one unless Gudda has longer verses and Wayne doesn’t

    Oh and I don’t really want Gudda on C5, where the Eminem and Kanye features?

    • Skenny

      Just wait N be patient bro

  • Kie

    Lol Danny it’s 21:12 where you at right now?

    • CMBYM

      he from the UK like me
      I am on the EE network too

    • Yeah!

      • hey daniel its @BIGNOAH256, lil wayne is at velvet room in atlanta saturday night hosting for the night and i hear he is surprise headliner for atlantas streets fest

    • Skenny

      Damn ,
      That’s tha middle east timing 0.0
      Im shocked

      • J.J.


        • Skenny


  • Jbadd504

    Can’t lie..when wayne gets on a song with Gudda he goes extaaaaaa hard.

    • Skenny

      %100 True

    • Jae Millz

      Jae Millz too!

    • Jae Millz

      Except for the song As Da World Turns… That shit sucked!

      • J.J.

        No it didnt

        • Jae Millz

          It was alright… I think it was a Rebirth leftover, it just had that vibe

          • Devon

            I thought it was good too, and I like when he changes shit up, cause he knows people are still going to listen. He does this shit in his sleep. He laughs at how easy he can do this.

      • Linoh Locc

        that song was alright

        • Ineye Gabriel

          That So was good . i loved it and the autoweezy on it ws awwwwww #speechless

      • Dillon

        Wtf you talking about. That track ia some real shit. Wayne just need to lay a verse on there

    • [Original] Gudda Gudda

      You right

    • Chuck_Brazy

      shiiiiit even gudda turns it up

  • Christian

    Anything with Wayne is good news, but I can’t get with Gudda. He sounds a little annoying to me, but he was straight on Gunwalk.

    • Time

      Wayne wouldnt put anything wack from Gudda on his last album

      • Christian

        True, true.

    • [Original] Gudda Gudda

      You sound like a hater

  • J.J.

    Good news

  • Cj Heard

    Wayne better come hard cause those first 2 were crazy verses!

  • ym100%

    If the do a demolition part 3 I hope it drop soon as they done recordin it and I hope it tops the first 2 or atleast be equal to em

    • fewcha

      i doubt it will be as good as the first 2, but I’m keeping hope

  • fewcha

    im about to go play the demolition freestyles all day now :p

    • Skenny

      Haha me too

  • The735Truth .

    Throwed off,Devastation,and demolition pt 1,2 is sick. and who could forget all the squad up mixtapes.Wayne and Double G been goin hard.Bout time he threw him on a Carted cd

    • J.J.

      Don’t forget young money hospital and throwed off

      • fatboy

        Or New Orleans maniac and thank you.

        • The735Truth .

          I use slap that in my sophomore year of high school haha.Thanks for another great example! Thank you is another great track that ain’t to known for some reason.

          • [Original] Gudda Gudda

            Ym salute bruh

        • guest

          or It’s Young Money

          • guest

            [Lil Wayne]

            Eagle street where them twenty’s go for 25

            Bitch I’m a boss I got ya hoe in my assembly line

            Here’s Weezy F and the F is for Finish line

            I saved us from hip hop genocide

            Medication in my cup because my flow sick

            Got a syringe in my draws, call it dope dick

            And my girls say you niggas can’t fuck with me

            Check my footsteps look like there was couple me’s

            We ain’t promised tomorrow but I feel immortal

            Bullets beat yo ass up like Miguel Cotto

            I’m the real Zorro, Rest in peace Torro

            And when I die, bury me in all Polo

            Kanyeezy’s on my feet with two pony tails

            Bitch I’m hotter than going to hell

            Oh well and the money is my only mail

            And I’m the God sippin’ syrup out the Holy Grail

            Oh well

            And you ain’t on shit, nigga you ain’t on shit

            Its Young Mula baby lose ya mind on every song bitch

            I’m in that cherry tone six

            I’m with a cherry tone bitch

            And she got very strong lips

            She got baritone lips so I tell her carry on bitch

            And when you in my home bitch

            You are coming out of your house of Dereon shit

            Twitter Wayne at the top of every song list

            I’m spittin like a long kiss

            Live from the throne bitch

      • The735Truth .

        Throwed off was the first one I named.

    • Davidson Lumas

      I aint like devastation

  • YoungJT1092

    Ayyee!! gunwalk, demolition, the heat..and Gudda is back for C5!!! I knew it, Wayne’s bringing tha thugs out on Carter 5. Hope he keeps collabs with ppl who bring his A game out, more hot boys? Juelz? Em? Tip? Kanye? Game? Hoping so…

    • William Tom

      Did y’all forgot young money hospital and I don’t like the look of it


    We Need Soulja Boy on C5

    • YoungJT1092

      On the beat! Otherwise….

    • J.J.

      Get the fuck away

    • ym100%

      Soulja boy gay af he actually admitted to fuckin another nigga in his song phone call go listen to it Smh

      • Eric Toomer

        It was clearly an accident though. He should have cleared and mastered the track though.

      • Davidson Lumas

        Again no wayne fan can call a other nigga gay soulja boy never been sighted kissing another nigga on the lips. Wayne is dope but he forever takes a L for that

    • Guest

      no thanks

  • Skenny

    I was praying for CV news !

  • Nukey

    Love the demolition freestyles!! Can’t wait to hear pt.3 😀

  • C5

    Broo those Demolitions, demolished the rap game

    • [Original] Gudda Gudda

      you’re just being honest

  • brandone

    gudda and wayne usually do good together… “FUCK TODAY” >>>

  • Sidney Sidro Mennis Jr.

    Remove the G an add a S and put the I Before N and put the A in front that.

    • CV

      And that’s what I am to the end, that’s a saint mothafucka simplify for them

    • Nobody

      Move the G and add an S and put the I before the N and put the A infront of that and that’s what I am till the end. *

    • Anonymous

      That’s my fav track

      • Tony Montana

        Me too

  • Tramaine Johnson

    Nothing Was The Same After C5

    • Derek

      Holy shit this would actually be really fucking cool!

      • Shaquan James

        No it wouldn’t he wouldn’t steal drakes idea

        • Quincy Walters


    • Dwayne w/o the d

      Sorry for the wait 2 coming soon.

    • Thomas B
  • Linoh Locc

    Oh what, forsure its gana be fire !!.. cant wait for that C5 single nd da album !

  • Skenny

    Im in love with demolition part 2
    ‘Lot of you niggas are son-of-a-bitch made’

    • SHAZZ


  • C5

    Ohh that Gudda Gudda user is gonna be happy for this news

    • Skenny


    • [Original] Gudda Gudda

      Ive got a semi erection right now

      • [Real] Gudda Gudda

        Get a life, you whack af. Go outside get some sunlight in yo life.

        • Damn ya’ll niggas trollin

          • [Legit] Gudda Gudda

            Why the fuck do yall niggas copy my damn account all the time. I’m the real Gudda btw.

            • [Real] Gudda Gudda

              You ain’t even seen the sunrise in Hawaii fuck bitch. You both trolls on the internet. I the real Gudda I don’t false claim bitch check my ig and Twitter ho #demo3 coming soon

  • C5

    Damn i miss Tunechi Lioness or what was that nigga name commenting, he has changed the name cuz niggaz were always fucking around with him

    • I stopped commenting cause everyone said i was a hater when I just speak the truth

      • The735Truth .

        Fuck dem niggas.If you a true Wayne fan I could respect that off top.And anybody who can’t accept a opinion then they shouldn’t have a fucking keyboard.I seen yo comments.And it just seem like you honest and not dickriding wateva he do.Come back to commenting my nig.This comin from the truth himself.

      • C5

        Real shit bro, don’t stop, i know u a real fan of weezy

  • Jae Millz

    I doubt y’all have seen this… But this was a deleted scene from The Carter Documentary, it shows Wayne listening to Demolition pt 2


    • I’ve seen this over 200 times.

      • Jae Millz

        Towards the end you can see The Empire at the back of his tour bus… Hiding in plain sight LOL

        • TRUKFIT

          THATS E.I.

        • You are that nsf444 dude cause he is obsessed its the empire.


      Nice, That’s in Amsterdam.

  • President Carter


    • Jae Millz


  • Daniel Son

    I’m waiting for Gudda Gudda to comment. Lol.

    • Jae Millz

      Which one?

      • [Original] Gudda Gudda

        The real one aka me

        • eww eww eww eww

          You a straight bitch. You ain’t the real Gudda you a straight fuck boy that lives up north with yo moms. You never even been to n.o. or hawaii gtfo bitch get smashed like the punk you are

  • Shani

    Carter V gonna be Dope AF!!!!

    • [Original] Gudda Gudda

      you look so sexy

    • Post some pics of ya self.

      • IGiveNoTypesOfFuckzzz

        Y’all fake as fuckk!!! She can post pics???? OK.

      • Shani

        Here. With my bro @kushykush. Say nada

  • Jae Millz

    @lilwaynehq:disqus Demolition Pt 2 was freestyled over Rick Ross’s “Money Make Me Come” What was Pt 1 freestyled over???

    • Prince_Academics

      Young Jeezy – Get your mind right

  • Lolz

    That gudda gudda nigga on here gonna spaz when he see this. ITS YOUR TIME TO SHINE NIGGA

    • Linoh Locc

      forreal tho.. lol

    • [Original] Gudda Gudda

      thanks bruh, you dont wanna see how high my penis is right now

  • Anti

    Keep the features in the family Wayne.

  • Demolition

    If ur girlfriend utter, i cut her like switchblades

    • [Original] Gudda Gudda

      then roll away like roller blades

  • corbin wells

    well that sucks.

  • 2unechi

    Can’t wait! Wayne and Gudda come correct when it’s the 2 of em on a track. The song might be done already too cuz Gudda said on April 9 “just now leaving the lab… Carter 5”

  • [Original] Gudda Gudda

    Best news ever, Wayne and Gudda don’t have any terrible songs except from Bed Rock but that was for the Nicki Minaj and Jae Millz verses

    • Jae Millz


    • Jae Millz

      Coming from the guy whos best line is “I got her nigga, grocery bag”

  • Davidson Lumas

    Hate to say I told ya soooo. Cv demolition part 1&2 forever my fav hope part 3 goes in

  • Love Me

    I want a wayne and mack maine song or maybe flow..;ust someone from young money (A milli part 3 or 6foot part 2)

  • Love Me

    Mack maine and flow bodied “fresher than ever”

    • No one cares

      • Love Me

        Lol I guess so…but I want a wayne and mack and gudda and flow song….just one song,with the 3 of them

  • Don_Hooper19

    Awww shit please let it be Demolition 3 but that won’t be on C5 tho lol but please make one

    • Nukey

      D3 will probably be on Gudda’s next Mixtape or Gudda’s debut album but not on C5 🙂

      • Don_Hooper19


  • Skenny

    C5 artwork by ME !
    Do you like it ?

    • Anonymous

      Nice I like it

      • Skenny

        Thanks bro

    • Wack sorry

      • Skenny

        I appreciate it

  • that nigga

    I hope i’m not getting my hopes up for nothing….sounds dope

  • Anonymous

    But sometimes they be talking out they ass well see

  • TBRA

    Apart from demolition part 1&2(which were fire) another slept on track is “Gudda Gudda- Small thing to a giant” Weez snapped, i repeat snapped on that track.

    • Don_Hooper19

      For real tho

  • The God

    A Slept on Track is Gudda ft Lil wayne – I dont Like the look of it wayne snapped go fuxkx wit dat shit

    • Don_Hooper19

      Goons on deck Marley don’t shoot em silence on the gun watch a nigga mute em. The coach in the boot call me John Gruden, school these niggas they all my students. Smh hell ya he killed that hoe

  • WeezyWins

    Yes please yes yes yes please

  • master v

    Go check out sacrifice by lil wayne feat gudda gudda and tstreet dope af.

  • AK

    carter 5 will be album of the year

    • Dillon

      If it’s released in this year 😉

      • Skenny

        Well said

  • Frosty!!!

    Fuck yeh gudda gudda is ballin he always goes hard on wayne songs to! Bring on c5!!!!!

  • wiseman91

    I’m hyped fuck it

  • Demolition

    Another slept on track by wayne and gudda is “young money hospital” wayne bodied that verse

    • Don_Hooper19

      Real shit tho

  • Skenny

    If it drops
    I bet it will be on CV !



    • blahhh

      How a young thug song gonna be on lil wayne album?

  • Nobody

    Is everyone forgetting about Lil Wayne ft Gudda Gudda – Magic?

  • Khosta

    been waiting for demolition 3 since I was in primary school and now I’m at varsity. never been so excited

  • Khosta

    and Devastation 2

  • Big I Zeezy

    No, I don’t drink wine, but I smoke Purple Grape

  • Eric Toomer

    Nodding head.. Praying!!

  • Eric Toomer

    My little brother and I rapped out part 1 & 2 the other day! Good God!

  • I’m not gudda fann but any song with Weezy I’m sure they’ll smashh shitt up!!

  • LuvTunechi

    I cnt wait! They killed the othr Demolition tracks! I was jus listening n rappin tu them tuday! #THROWBACK TRILLSHIT ♡♡♡♡♡TUNE



  • wayneskiee

    uh huu but i aint speakin to em i call my guns jumpers cuz my bullets jus leapin to em all u boys busters so soft bet the wind blew em i claim flamee i am jus recendling my ..no lie im not gona type any more but errything fire on demolition 2…dem 1 use to be my favorite but no lie dem 2 jus too raw

  • WhoKid

    Weezys verse on I Don’t Like The Look of it was hard af… Hope he comes through with some fire

  • I am gudda gudda

    I hope they show what wayne did this 420 on weezy wednesdays

  • Don_Hooper19

    I think Wayne should just go ahead and do a Collab album with Drake because I have a feeling Big Tymers album isn’t gonna come out.

  • Gudda

    BodyBag da Beat…

  • Nathan Bryant

    For the next #tbt you need to play Hollywood Divorce. Dope.