Lil Wayne Goes On A Late Night Skateboarding Session [Video]

Sat, Apr 26, 2014 by

Lil Wayne Goes On A Late Night Skateboarding Session

Lil Wayne went on a late night skateboarding session recently with Scott Decenzo, TJ Rogers, Nick Palmquist, and Ryan Decenzo.

You can check out some footage of Weezy F Baby from this skating session below. Be looking out for part 2 to drop soon!

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  • Ewwww

    He still sucks at skating

  • Time

    We don’t want part 2, we want the C5 single 🙁

    • Speak For Yourself .

      • Skenny

        Fuck Yourself

        • That Was Very Disrespectful.

          • YoungMoneyhandgun

            Is that your favorite phrase to say? Why do you care so much about Weezy and his skating anyway?

            • It Actually Is, But Over The Years I Grew To Fuck With Wayne As A Person Not Only As A Artist, So I Get Excited To See Anything From Wayne (I.E.) Skating. Yes I Would Rather Have News On C5 Or A New Song But We Didn’t Get that. Something Is Better Then Nothing ..

              • BEE

                thank you, thank you very much, ur one wayne fan i am proud of.

                • YoungMoneyhandgun

                  And when I say from DAY 1, I mean before the “skate Wayne” era, shit even before the guitar playing Weezy era. Like Father Like Son Wayne would have shot “Tunechi” off of his skateboard with his 40 cal Glock, just sayin’

          • YoungMoneyhandgun

            A lot of people could care less about Weezy skateboarding. Bottom line man. You and others who skate are like the only ones. The rest of us only care what he’s doing musically, so stop saying “Speak For Yourself”. Nobody is speaking directly for you and by you saying that, it sounds as if your speaking for everyone as if everybody enjoys watching this shit.

            • I Know That, But Also You Saying “We” Is Speaking For Everybody Else. I Don’t Skate, How Do You Know “The Rest Of Us” Only care What He’s Doing Musically, (You Don’t) It Says “Lil Wayne Goes On A Late Night Skateboarding Session” People Rather Watch It, Talk Shit About It & Then Say We Don’t Wanna See This Shit, If You Don’t Wanna See It Then Why’d You Click The Link That Stated Lil Wayne Is Skating ..

              • YoungMoneyhandgun

                It’s just as simple as it being SOMETHING new coming from the man. That’s it. You’re right there. Whether it’s something that is completely unattractive sounding for me, I still click and watch it because it’s the latest blip on the timeline for this dude. While in the same sense, hoping that he’ll give an inkling of new new information on new music. I have commented about not wanting to see this and maybe have spoke for a few others simply because I am disappointed in not getting any new information, and assume that others feel the same way. I don’t talk shit about what the man does in his free time, inf act, I said that I respected his hobby, but I just wasn’t invested in it as much as he is. The point is, it’s something new and you’re right something is better than nothing. I’m just saying that just because we say “WE” doesn’t mean we’re speaking for anyone specifically. We state that to apply for the others out there that DO feel the same, not to mean that EVERYBODY feels the same.

            • BEE

              please, “We” dont want part two? SPEAK FOR URSELF. Plus u guys hav 2 b the most ungrateful fans in hip hop history, YMCMB tries so hard to give to its fans and to be interactive unlike other big artists like kanye or anyone as huge as wayne yet all u guys do all day us whine and complain. Maybe YMCMB does not win as much again and maybe it is because YMCMB have some very hateful, unappreciative, and biased fans. If the single came out today, 80% of the fans here will shit on something about it either here or on other blogs. YMCMB knows C5 is in the works, when they think it is right they will put out a single, can we just chill and enjoy the fact that at least every week YMCMB gives us something new or something else to look at. #YMstayWINNING

              • YoungMoneyhandgun

                Comment this on something that doesn’t involve Weezy and a skateboard. We know it’s skateboards over Bugatti’s already and it has been for like 3 years. How about we get a video of him playing chess, wouldn’t that be exciting? Besides, there’s a ass load of new shit on youtube. Example- Birdman Rich Gang Flashy Lifestyle. BEE, this is the first comment I’ve seen of you on here, so don’t go pointing fingers at who’s unappreciative, or hateful. A lot of us have been with this nigga since DAY 1, including myself. I know you weren’t talking to me directly, but you replied to my comment, so that’s only why I’m saying something.

                • BEE

                  All im saying is we need to chill and stop complaining too much. I dont comment a lot but I’m always here, and I have been a fan of tunechi for quite a while now also, but let’s chill.

  • Michross447

    Ohh but I don’t get credit? @DannyM

  • Danny you gonna post up pics of Wayne at Lenox Square today?

  • fewcha

    you know scoob doo will use this video for the next weezy wednesdays episode

    • Lol.

    • Jae Millz

      No Scoob Doo will show the recording session for Wayne’s upcoming single like he did for “She Will” in 2011. To build hype and shit, you know.

  • Candice Love

    This looks old but hella funny lmao

  • [Original] Gudda Gudda

    those other skaters put wayne to shame

  • Carter North


  • Deontre Lewis

    Nooooo dont continue

  • Deontre Lewis

    Im sexy….im back!!!

  • toiya

    That’s good. I can just see that if he shift his weight he might experience it a little differently.

  • Anti

    wtf is this?

  • Christian

    Lol, kinda funny. Better than a lot of Weezy Wednesdays.

  • master v

    Weezy stil has swagg bt it looks like he dresses bad to look retarded,just look at de pic wat I c is swagger ryt der.

  • Professor Chaos

    Guys you think I should start making beats yet? Damn, y’all don’t even know what it feels like to be in this position right now.

    • YoungMoneyhandgun

      Go for it man

  • YoungMoneyhandgun

    Can we get a Weezy wipeout compilation? Ya know, I wonder if he’s ever thought “Man, I’m gangster as fuck, big as Mt. Rushmore and all these dudes with cameras and shit filming me, what if I bust my ass and hurt myself? I can’t look like a bitch on camera if I get hurt. I don’t want to break my arms, legs or bust my head…Shit I’m Weezy F. Baby, I’m gonna rap instead and drop 1 mixtape a week until C5 drops!”

  • Anonymous

    Weezy put down the skate board and pick the mic back up please

  • Skateboard Weezy

    This is gonna be on the next weezy wednedays LOL

  • vegan

    just say it
    u will figure it out later
    if a thing is black and white simultaneously
    just say it
    it will make the issue clearer in ur mind
    don’t censor
    if u do
    u die
    & UR SCHIZOPHRENIA will stay
    believe in magic

  • LuvTunechi

    My Shawde gettin it…MMMMMMMMFUK!!!!!!!! ♡♡♡♡♡Tunechi♡♡♡♡♡

  • summertimer

    i wonder if wayne can do an ollie? lol

    • WayneGoHard

      Are you dumb

  • De’Andre Carter

    Moment was not the single?