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Listen To A Snippet Of A Lil Wayne Song From “Tha Carter V”

Sun, Apr 27, 2014 by

Check out this new snippet from Weezy F Baby that has just surfaced online featuring an unknown artist who sounds similar to Mannie Fresh.

The snippet was uploaded by a producer named Jarvis Kibble with the captions “hit”, “Carter V”, “producing”, and “work”, so it looks like the final version of the song will appear on Wayne‘s upcoming Tha Carter V album.

You can only hear two lines from Tunechi in the snippet, but hopefully the official CDQ is released soon!

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  • Fat-Boy

    This sounds catchy


      This sounds catchy

      • Deontre Lewis

        Lol u funny man

      • Rickey Bailey

        Can you Jack my comment?

  • Kingrico

    That’s my nigga right there

  • Nina

    There’s so much little news on c5 dropping every day now. I think we are getting closer to the release


      There’s so much little news on c5 dropping every day now. I think we are getting closer to the release

      • fewcha


        • President Carter


      • Foreal?


  • cm millionaire

    will this be the first single?

    maybe it was what weezy and mannie recorded the other day?

    • youngtune410

      I wouldn’t be surprised if it was but knowing wayne its never certain if you recall that bang snippet wit 2chainz Or that blow my brains song that was gonna be a c4 Single that was compared to lollipop this could just be one of his many unreleased songs like when dvlp was talking about songs wit bono and etc

    • Luigy Thone

      tru boy that’s definitely mannie touch on tha shit

  • guest

    were the flow at ?

    • fewcha

      r u deaf

      • Rishfath


  • Tune Up

    Sounds like some C1 mixed with C4’s

    • Slateer

      Thats the first thing I thought when I heard this: Sounds like Old Wayne

    • :)

      That shit sounded like a whole block party bouta pop off haha I’m ready lets goooooo!!

  • President Carter

    AWWWWW SHIT get ready NIGGAS!!!!!

  • triggacity_813

    Sounds like a banger already #CVgonchangelives

    • Jae Millz


      • triggacity_813

        #YourRapsSucks bounce

  • Zaysmoove

    Carter V cant wait!!! wezzy best rapper alive!!!! rs

  • justicefortrayvon

    sounds like da old wayne an big tymers dis gonna be great i cant wait like a broken scale

  • Tru

    Welp…finna bump that Carter 1 now.

    • YMCorey

      You new wayne fans don’t know about this

      • William Tom

        U look like ur one of them

        • YMCorey

          Nah my nigga… Never!!! Don’t fucking try me

          • Jae Millz

            I think he was referring to your name because YM (Young Money) was founded after Tha Carter. So you be a “newish” fan

            • YMCorey

              Actually young money had been around since the sqad up days.. If you really wanna get technical 2001

              • Jae Millz

                Young Money was founded in 2005 retard. You’re thinking of Cash Money, and yes there is a difference! @Danny M would agree

                • YMCorey

                  You don’t know shit!!! Go listen to some sqad dumb ass


        Worrd but too bad Gillie the Kid wrote the majority of that album for Wayne. But that don’t matter cause C2 the best album he ever dropped and that was all Weezy F

        • Tru

          Gillie only “wrote” for Birdman. Nice try though.

          • WWF ATTITUDE

            Wrong good try though obviously your a newcomer.

          • YMCorey

            Wrote for wayne too

            • wiseman91

              no he already said he only wrote for birdman

      • Chris Blake

        Why does it matter if someone is a new or old fan…

        • YMCorey

          Because you could remember when that album came out.. The feel.. The weather.. The times.. It’s just that good

          • New Orleans 505

            He is right ym been out before wayne even blew up since squad up dats I’m from New Orleans dats how I know , ym been out before carter one dropped

            • YMCorey

              These bitch ass niggas don’t know that though!!!

      • Cknight

        YMC – “Non-new” Wayne fans would really be really be reppin this. Technically, I’m a “new” Wayne fan tho bc it got crackin for me post Tune inventing “Bling Bling” and I really wasn’t with much of the young boi before then. Carter 1’s alright aka got some of my attention. Carter II, sewed up. I’m just a humble fan tho not a Wayne expert but, you shoulda known you’d get one-upped talking shit about his 4th studio album.

        • YMCorey

          It’s called Tha Carter not the Carter 1.. Lol I’m a OG fan.. Been fucking with bro since 1998 real shit.. Tha carter was more than alright.. Classic album to the gristle.. You seem humble about it, you don’t get mad like a lot of these fans.

      • Cknight

        Tha Block is Hot I mean, no pic.

  • Omer

    The beat sounds great.. Can’t wait for the single to drop.

  • President Carter

    **Pretty Much sums up my THOUGHTS on Tha Carter 5**

    • brandone


      • Jae Millz

        It’s easy to underestimate him in times like these… He hasn’t necessary been on top of shit lately smh

        • wiseman91

          yes he has since the dedication 5

    • Devolchi

      Lmao couldn’t have said it better than to quote lil wayne himself lol

  • Omer

    Maybe Wayne gonna drop a single on May 5th.

  • Linoh Locc

    Wtf !! Just by listening to this snippet It already sounds Sick af !!!! Tha Carter 5 all da way !!! Weezys back yall !!!!

  • Carter 5

    I hope he makes Carter 5 like how he did with Carter 1 and 2 with the songs…Walk In, Inside, Walk out and Fly In, Fly out….

    • I think we all do.

      • Jae Millz

        Fuck that. I want Tha Carter III Weezy. C1 and C2 were too gansta rap for me. I liked the hip-hop vibe Tha Carter III gave off. C4 was good too

  • fewcha

    dat c1 flow…..the beginning of the snippet sounds like it is nannie…..but then after that it sounds like someone else…… shit euro better not be on this

    • Rishfath

      Hey babe

    • guest

      are u deaf ?

    • Rishfath

      Let me and babe talk here. Reply somewhere else please. This is just me and my love fewcha.

      • guest

        wow that gay

        • Rishfath

          Fart. 🙂

    • dumbass helper

      Your a dumbass its lil wayne startin his must some fan u r or maybe ur on te wrong site go te google write in u shud find a picture of urself no need to thank me

  • I can see drake on this.

    • brandone



        WHAT DO YOU MEAN NO???

        • wiseman91

          we just want classic wayne fresh no outsiders fuck that shit real fans from the 90’s understand what i’m saying

    • Devin

      yeah i can see him on this too but i hope not

  • Guest

    That don’t sound like mannie fresh

  • Guest

    Honestly dis sound weak to me


      STFU nobody cares about your opinion, go back to listening to your shitty kid ink music.

    • King Weezy Carter

      No one even cares what you have you have to say. You can hate all you want but da good old Weezy F Baby is back to life so why don’t you just deal with it and listen to the other mainstreamers including the Wiz Khalifas, the Mac Millers, the Futures and the 2 Chainz

  • carter JhunYor

    Gd gd job weezy

  • Efren Morales

    I’m hyped !! Sounds like a hit

  • Anti

    This probably for the Big Tymers album since Manny was trippin bout not being on it

    • CMB_

      Maybe, but i hope this is on C5 , it would only be right for mannie to close out the Carter Series with some of his beats

  • wizzle f

    Sound like some c1 shit bruh!

  • Wayniac

    This is WEEZY. Hope there’s no “tunechi” on Carter V , or I might cry.
    (For those who don’t know “Tunechi” is the name Wayne uses when he’s talking about p*ssy.)


      “Weezy” is like his thuggish alter ego I guess

      • YoungMoneyhandgun

        This sounds like Weezy F. Baby to me

  • master v

    We’re can I download it

  • vegan

    release everything as a mixtape
    cuz u still suck

    u lost ur mixtape ways

    • brandone

      eat a fat dick you hoe ass niigga

      • vegan


      • Skenny

        Well said bro

  • Coolman25

    Lil Wayne feat. Mannie Fresh & Bun B..

  • brandone


    • Lequinho

      Dude what a fuck ? The Goddamn Tha Carter 3 leaks one month before the official release, so calm the fuck down.

  • YoungMoneyhandgun

    Definitely sounds like Mannie..Brings me back to Wayne from like ’04-’06…I have waited my whole life for this 30 second bit of news…..

  • YoungMoneyhandgun

    YES lol Glad to hear the hype and excitement from some of these comments. Rejoice Weezy fans, I’m proud

  • Slateer

    A watch and a mink coat
    Even my Biyotch got a mink coat

  • Dmiller

    He gone say my even my bitch got a mink scarf

  • Toya Hill

    Carter 1 back in full effect ??

  • wiseman91

    carter 1 feeling all over this track

  • The735Truth .

    Shit sound dope! Cant wait for the full track.

  • Young Hitta

    First thing that came to my mind was “Old Wayne”

  • LuvTunechi


  • Billy Riley

    Is there gonna be auto-tune on C5

  • BEE

    I love the feel to this, pure MANNIE FRESH, c1 style beat with 2014 weezy. But this may not be on c5, remember wen @danny gave us the snippet of a song set to be on “like father like son 2?” it ended up being tunechi’s verse on “we alright”.

  • Like

  • weezyftunechi

    Carter 5 about to be Legendary #c5

  • Pegs

    “An unknown artist who sounds similar to Mannie Fresh.”

    Yeah, that’s definitely Mannie Fresh.

  • mortimerr2014

    Finally! Dat c5 ish gonna be classic you niggas wait on it

  • LilTwoKnees

    This is prolly just something from the session they probably did more than one song and this is shit I hope it ain’t on C5

  • Wowzers

    Can we be honest .. YM is fucking horrible if it ain’t drake nicki or maybe euro/Cory we don’t need any other young money features besides that

    • YoungMoneyhandgun

      Can we be honest .. You’re wrong. Take Euro out, Drake is too far in is own ass to do anything like he used to with YM, same goes with Nicki. Cory Gunz yes, Gudda Gudda, yes, Jae Millz, yes, Busta Rhymes (CM) yes, WTF did Shart Dog leave YM for? would’ve been yes…. I could go on…..

      • Real Niqqa

        Dawg euro waaaay bttr than gudda

        • Jae Millz

          Jae Millz dropping Millzbury Doughboy soon!

      • Wowzers

        Gudda gudda is fucking garbage kid, && can you name a song wayne did with drake that wasn’t fire?

        • YoungMoneyhandgun

          Name me a song Drake has done period that involves Wayne since HYFR. Ya’ll are delusional if you think Gudda sucks, and Euro is better? Pfft, haha!

  • Wowzers

    Honestly his flow is there y’all are just haters he just needs better production to bring out his shine

  • Wowzers

    All you people who say y’all will be disappointed if wayne don’t sell a million first week are ignorant eminem can’t even sell a mill first week no more it don’t happen regardless of sells hard music is hard music

  • weezy

    but for all u guys saying u will be disappointed, first make sure u bought it. no way he won’t do a million his fan base 2 strong and its only the best.

  • Episode Himilaya


  • master v

    Weezy f baby finaly back.

  • emart136

    this would be the perfect album to title t

    he intro “Tune In” and the outro “Tune Out” just like the old carters. best way to end it i think.

  • Harry Hannafin

    To think CV was meant to be released a week today


    This is what I do to keep Weezy F Baby legacy alive, sippin’ on that purp!!! Sizzurp


    Purple drink

    • Jae Millz

      More like purple slushy

  • Dave

    Man I hope Wayne will not mess up these type of records. But I can’t stand this pussy voice

  • LiL BuZZ


  • Frosty!!!

    Fuck yeh bring on c5! Would of loved a full song but it’s better than nothing!! C5 wat up 5

  • Tune

    Fuck old wayne I’m trying to see what new wayne can do stop living in the past

  • treasure2387

    da drought 4
    let it upgrade u!

  • Skenny

    God damn it that’s what I was waitin for
    MotherFucking CV motherfuckers !!!!!!

  • Eric Toomer

    Release please…

  • [Hook]

    Bad Ass Bitches, Bitches Outside
    They Some Bad Bitches
    I Know x2 They Know x2 I Know x2
    Cause I Know

    [Verse 1]
    “Just A Watch & A Mink Coat
    Even My Bi-atch Got A Mink Coat
    I Only Fuck Wit Her Cause She Deep-Throat
    Get Up In That Pussy Go Beast Mode
    Yea, Man These Hoes Got No Limits
    2014 Cash Money Still Winning
    Still Fuck With Super Head
    I’m A Loyal Nigga
    Cashed Out On Her “08 Big Spender
    Young Money ENT. Drake & Nicki Did It
    I Gots To Celebrate
    I Swear That Pussy Heaven Cake
    Heard You Starving Get A Plate”


    Carter V Coming Soon

    • Jae Millz

      If this actually turns out to be real, the “08 big spender line is pretty dope

  • C5

    • Weezy f ( f is for Five) C5

      Where u get this at?? Its not on his actual twitter!!

    • Jae Millz

      Just like when Cortez Bryant confirmed Rebirth 2… It’s photoshopped you fucktards! Jesus I wish it was real it sounds pretty dope tbh

      • _rnero98

        i think is the rest of the verse from the snippet posted cause the first two lines are the same

    • Jae Millz

      Lol I like how you photoshopped in the “FYI I don’t write” part. It’s like you are taking a jab at the best rapper alive. Of course he comes up with his own shit

    • Guest

      you’re only allowed 140 characters on twitter so this is not real.. good try tho

  • trip
  • The Future

    This is gonna be a hit for sure!

  • Ken JR Lopez

    you niggas have no life

  • Drizz

    Got this on repeat

  • Dan Parry

    Carter 5 #YMCMB Wayne stay winning

  • MrNinoBrown

    Tha Carter V single Cinco De Mayo Beelee dat

  • edwinvanleth

    A new wayne song just dropped on
    It’s produced hy mannie and wayne is on autotune heavy and it features some other people

  • WoAh

    Could be a gudda gudda song he recorded a song with fresh 2 months ago

  • Swoooop!!! That shit sounds dope AF. Damm can wait till it drops. CV Bby**!!!!!! Leggo!!!!!

  • TUNE

    Lil Wayne Ft. Natalia Damini & Rezzo “Can’t Stop Me” Prod. By Manny Fresh

    • Skenny

      It already dropped about 2 weeks ago

      • Slateer

        Shit is fake

  • JustAGuy234

    I understand being hungry for new wayne music but come on……. its 15 seconds un-mastered clip of which wayne utters 1 and a half lines. niggas asking for a download link and “got it on repeat” lets catch a grip and be patient niggas making fools out of themselves lol. Hopefully the real track drops soon!

  • Young Tunechi

    It don’t matter if you a new for or not some of y’all just ready the book by its cover y’all ain’t heard the whole song so js chill when then whole song/album comes out then we can judge

    • Orrrrii

      What you talking about? I think most of us here like the sound of this snippet.

  • Best

    Sounds good. C5 coming soon! 🙂

  • Anti

    I remember the block is hot, 500 degreez, Lights Out, the Squad up mix tapes , the drought series. Tha Carters, Tha dedications, The Hot boyz projects, the big tymers projects, no ceilings, sorry for the wait, Blow with Juelz Santana, all of Lil Wayne’s features, especially Soldier with Destiny’s Child, Like Father Like Son, and all of the Beefs. Wayne is the G.O.A.T and I’m gon cry when he retire.

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