Would You Like To See A Lil Wayne & Lloyd Collaboration On “Tha Carter V”?

Wed, Apr 16, 2014 by

Would You Like To See A Lil Wayne & Lloyd Collaboration On Tha Carter 5

Last night, Lloyd tweeted that he would be sending Lil Wayne a song today for him to jump on and maybe put on his upcoming Tha Carter V album.

Lloyd also mentioned that it is a dream of his to be featured on a Tha Carter album and because the project got pushed back from the May 5th date, he hopes he still has a chance to get on it.

What do you say Wayniacs? Would you like to see a Lloyd and Weezy collaboration on C5?

Riding home from the studio.. Sending this one out to @LilTunechi 2mar. #Carter5 #pushedback #stillachance

My ni55a @mackmaine knows that it’s a dream of mine to be on a Carter album. #DreamsDoComeTrue

RT & help spread the word. #LloydforCarterV

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  • Klub

    Yesssss Lloyd will be better than people like Soulja boy and 2 Chainz

    • Young Cuban

      Soulja Boy?!?! Please tell me that homo thug isn’t going to be on the album??

      • [Original] Gudda Gudda

        i hope not but he means cuz soulja boy and 2 chainz were on his last alum

      • Nexoduss

        Yeah I feel like Wayne and Lloyd could make a good song together. Soulja Boy and 2 Chainz repeatedly spew awful shit from their mouths.

      • Davidson Lumas

        Isnt wayne cinsidered one. Not bashing but soulja boy never kissed another guy on the lips… just asking not hating ppl

        • marc hare

          U stay on here hating just looking to point out the negatives

        • Slateer

          Wayne is by no means considered a homo thug, not a single person thought he was gay after his Sex-Filled Album.

        • LeviBluee

          I think Lauren London made up for that tbh


    That would be awesome!!!

  • 662

    Is weezy Wednesdays still coming out today?

    • Malik

      On Thursday lol I hope I’m wrong

      • Slateer

        Its Wednesdays for a good portion of us asshole. He releases it on Wednesdays based on where he is at, meaning it could be as late as Thursday 3 A.M on the East Coast if he is on the West Coast

        • Malik

          But was it that serious to call me a asshole and Wayne is in Miami or Atlanta both in the east coast

    • Linoh Locc

      yeah, probably in midnight or later on today..

  • mohamed

    Yeessssssssssss. he fits there

  • Rhamir Clark

    Where’s The Fucking Single

    • Linoh Locc

      forreal tho..

    • [Original] Gudda Gudda

      in cortez bryant’s computer which still uses windows 98

      • Linoh Locc


      • Fuck hater

        D.a lmaoo

      • dmc lyfe

        Watch tez release a song of wayne feat tez and chief keef as the single LOL

      • Love Me


  • fewcha

    man why lloyd getting this love? future needs to send out a few tweets so he can get a post on lwhq

    • Young Cuban

      in about 2 years Future is going to be the Past.

      • Nexoduss

        Too late man, already is.

    • corbin wells

      please no lloyd is 10x better then that autotune drenched faggit.

  • Walt

    If the song sounds You, Pusha, Get It Shawty, or Girls Around The World I will be happy 😀

    • [Original] Gudda Gudda

      dont forget bed rock

  • Young Cuban

    I just need Cortez bitch-ass to drop the first single, I’m tired of waiting, if this nigga don’t stop slacking Wayne needs to fire him bestfriend and all.

  • Malik

    Man my nigga just trying to get his career rejuvenated, that’s all.

    • Nexoduss

      Tell me southside wasn’t a good song tho.

  • Linoh Locc

    Yeah ill be pretty dope.. but Right now honestly wat I care about in da Carter 5 Single …

  • Tru

    I would like to see this collaboration.

    • [Original] Gudda Gudda


      imagine a lil wayne x 50 cent x gudda gudda song

      • Guhodlee



          gudda sit the fuck down somewhere wit all dat foolishness u aint nobody im talkin to u lik u da real gudda im trippin!! lol

    • Mayhem

      That would be dope.


      Please. Wayne better get Ab-soul and Kendrick on the carter v just in case. I doubt we hear a trukfit and skateboarding reference free album..need real.quality at least for a song or two

    • Lynda

      Shiiiit they need to make this happen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I could go for a “YOU” part 2

    • TwizzieTwitch

      is it me or does 50 look like he wanna punch wayne in the face

    • LondonB

      50 got that face like he aint forget that fuck 2 quarters Im all about a dollar, bitch Ill pour syrup in that vitamin water line

    • 86TiLLiDiE

      Just to add on to it Big Krit did post on IG that he was in the studio working with Lloyd.. Hoping it’s a Weezy, Krit, and Lloyd joint.

  • [Original] Gudda Gudda

    lloyd tryna get everyone to feel sorry for him with them sloppy tweets

  • Nukey

    They have made good collabs in the past so I hope he’s on C5

  • Anonymous

    Yeah that single needs to hurry

  • Klub

    Oh yea what about a robin thicke feature?

    • Time

      He the go to guy for Carter albums, not Lloyd lol

  • Guhodlee

    I just want the single and a release date to the album and I’ll be good.

  • master v

    I will love to see dat,coz de latst joint they made wich is with you waz dope nd still.

  • corbin wells

    yeah that one song they have You or whatever is a classic,

  • President Carter

    Im waiting on this collab T-Wayne on Tha Carter 5. Yezzurrrrrr!

  • Time

    Lloyd is dope so why not #LloydforCarterV

  • Sportz

    I don’t want any features on C5.

    • president Zuma

      yeah man im wit u on that 1,,,features sometimes makes an album to be wack

  • Lil Tunechi Or Young Tunafish

    Weezy F Baby, the key to the ladies, keys to the ‘cedes but please say the Baby 😉

  • Hayzzy

    lol so an artist thats worth millions dreams of being on waynes album. wow. this goes to show that wayne is beyond big. i bet hes not the only one wanting to on tha carter album so bad. lol i bet all the rappers in the game wish to be there. Thats how good wayne is. This means that hes in a position to actually make another artists dreams come true. damn

  • AK

    It wil be a radio song

  • AK

    I hope lil wayne not gonne put many features on the carter5

  • TBRA

    Hell yeah! What niggas forgot about the old days!? Lloyd and Weezy “Want You”! Track was on replay forever.

    • kindle

      Those were my high school days, when I first became a wayne fan. SMH that pic just brought back some pretty dope memories……………. Want You was my favorite weezy feature of 07.

      • TBRA

        I hear you brotha.

  • Christian

    I never really got into Lloyd. But I do want to see the Weeknd on C5. I’m Good on D5 was fire.

  • Anti

    been waiting on this feature for forever

  • Anti

    He should do a song with Usher. I always thought that would be an interesting collaboration n I know he was on love in this club remix

  • Malik

    You see my nigga cooking up

    • LeTerance Corbitt

      Tbh that should be C5 cover photo because that just looks like a classic photo of Wayne working hard as fuck. It just makes the album look like a classic. Ya feel me?

      • Malik

        I don’t know, it won’t stick I mean this THA CARTER 5 we talking bout


    Lloyd you’re a faggot. The fact that you even use hashtags and double the fact that you used dreams do come true in a hashtag is reason enough to kill yourself.

    • #FUCKTEZ

      STFU!!!!, You go kill yourself bitch!!!, foh stupid bitch

  • Milische

    What I would like to see is the fukn Carter V single. But do I get what I want? Noooooo..

  • mama

    weezy wednesdays episode 8?

  • LeviBlueee

    I’d like 3 drake feats because their chemistry is magic but also a J cole, Kendrick, Jay Z, & I wish Kanye would produce the album that would be the dream album also Pusha T just for the shock value 50 cent would be dope too but Eminem would be the best feature

  • razor

    I wanna see one more eminem collab >:(

  • Anti

    did he push back the single drop date so he could promote ym:riseofanempire?

    • wiseman91

      no cause turk droppin an album that exact day

  • wiseman91

    i want juelz jadakiss juve drizzy game turk and the whole thing produced by the greatest himself mannie fresh

  • Levon

    I think this would be great!

  • Drizz

    That would be so fucking dope

  • Devolchi

    LLoyd on the hook!
    Radio hit even?
    There has to be one or two
    Why not LLoyd

  • Stephon


  • Skenny

    A T-Pain collabo is better

  • Keanu Williams

    Tha Carter V

    Produce By Kanye West

    Features : Drake , Jay Z , T-Pain . Ludacris , Alicia Keys , Kanye West & Lloyd

  • ogyungshep

    Lil b should be on c5

  • smhlol

    YES! wayne and lloyd make the dopest RnB/rap songs ever!

  • weezyisthabest

    he should do collabs with drake, kanye, john legend like c4, and eminem just because people evrybody dickride eminem

  • Best

    Yeah I want him on C5 and I want The Weeknd too

  • Carter V is His Last Chance

    No. I want a Wayne and Kanye track. Just them two. And a Wayne, Fab, and Drake track.

  • c5 just Weezy

    WoWould like to see Lil Wayne the Carter 5 just Lil Wayne no other rapper at all know Drake no Nikki no The game no Kanye West just Lil Wayne Lil Weezy that it please alway going to love what he do but I just want to see wayne do him for the c5

  • VAwhiteBOY540

    I really don’t think he should be on the carter V because his sound is too soft if its supposed to be better than tha carter 2 and 3. he needs a collab on there with Juelz like they used to do back in the day. By far the hardest duo on a track. not dockin Lloyd at all I just don’t think its a good fit for such a “career ending album series”. Make that shit bang for years wayne…

  • Obvious King

    I Want To See Drake, Kanye, Juelz, Fabolous & A Song With Birdman Ad Libs On It.

  • Obvious King

    A Lloyd and Weezy Track Sounds Good

  • Criss Ross

    how about this one

  • Criss Ross

    chance the rapper made a good collabo…

  • Criss Ross

    not a good year at all

  • Emmanuel Kesse

    The hook he did on bedrock was kinda nice soo…yeah

  • mvick021

    I wanna see wayne and los collaborate!