Cortez Bryant Confirms “Tha Carter V” Will Not Drop On May 5th, Says The Album Is Better Than “Tha Carter III”

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Cortez Bryant Confirms Tha Carter 5 Will Not Drop On May 5, Says The Album Is Better Than Tha Carter 3

Cortez Bryant recently confirmed to NeverNotDope TV that Lil Wayne‘s upcoming Tha Carter V album will not be released in stores on May 5th, which is the date Drake previously announced.

Weezy F Baby‘s best friend and manager also spoke on the project a little bit by calling it “amazing”, as well as saying it will be better than Tha Carter III.

While Tez would not confirm a new release date for C5, he did say that us fans should “pay attention to this week coming” for news on it. The video of this interview, which you can watch below, was uploaded on March 21st so it should be this week that we are currently in right now!

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  • Redd Jr

    I knew that was going to happen

    • marc hare


  • marc hare

    First nd I never do this

  • Lil Wayne

    Sorry 4 The Wait 2 coming soon.

    • Emmanuel Kesse


    • C

      More like “Forgive Me Fans 5 Pushed the Album Back”

      • Troll 69

        That name literally makes no since. Sorry 5 The Wait

        • Leo Johnson

          Sorry 4 The Wait Again does.

    • DGettn2DaMoNeY

      ihave no problem with that ihope dedication 6 drop before he retire

      • Himanshu Oberoi

        Man! He is just retiring From Making Solo Album not The MixTape !!
        He Still Make MixTape After Retirement !!!

        • DGettn2DaMoNeY

          That makes no sense

          • Himanshu Oberoi

            Man! That’s What I Hear !

            • DGettn2DaMoNeY

              Why retire from solo albums only but still make mixtapes? if u retire from rapping you stop entirely

              • Himanshu Oberoi

                I’m Just Informing You With Lil Wayne’s Statement ! Even lilwaynehq Has The Video Of It !

                • DGettn2DaMoNeY

                  r u talkn about that vid where he would do another solo album for 30 mill

                • Himanshu Oberoi

                  No ! Another One !

                • DGettn2DaMoNeY

                  idk whatt u tlkn boutt

                • Himanshu Oberoi

                  Leave It Man !
                  You Got Know Later Than Sooner !

      • mvick021

        More like “Gotta bitch! The mixtape”

        • mvick021


    • Legendary

      they gonna push that back too smh

    • WEEZY

      in other news the world still spins, black people still like watermelon, Asians are great with calculators, and tez is a liar. no surprises here

  • Michael

    I new it wasn’t going to drop in May & everyone should of known that. But damn I hope Tez ain’t lying cause now I just got major hyped for CV !!!

  • Linoh Locc

    Are they still going to drop the C5 single ? Lol

  • Pete

    Wayne needs to drop a mixtape to hold me over and make up for the push back

    • Wayne don’t got to do shit.

    • T.D.E

      I was thinking the Same but I hope it aint no D6. TBH im burnt out on the dedications, I need a No Ceilings 2 or drought 4

      • Don_Hooper19


      • DGettn2DaMoNeY

        How do u get burned out off a mixtape name?

  • mazda3ymcmb

    ha. whatever, im done getting excited for these releases. the past two years was all push backs. and im fed up with it.

    • fewcha

      cortez said it himself in the interview “i know I’m known for push backs”…..i felt like smacking my computer screen cause his face is so annoying

  • Why is this giraffe being interviewed like he is a rapper. It should be Wayne not this frog.

    • CARTER V

      bro u getting on my nerves.. its not a fucking single post u dont comment! and currently all u do is commenting sh!t! and if u want CARTER V fast, we have to let cortez do them interviews and let tune stay in the studio.

      • Nexoduss

        stfu little bitch.

        • CARTER V

          haha why? u gotta prob with what i said up there?

          • Nexoduss

            No I have a problem with your red hair and freckles you butt ugly ass ginger

            • CARTER V

              then ur life sucks very hard if u gotta prob with a haircolor wow

              • Nexoduss

                Everyone hates gingers. It’s a known fact of life called natural selection. Gingers die first, always.

                • CARTER V

                  im sorry for you.. i understand your problem, is it downs syndrome?

                • Nexoduss

                  God i wish i could just find your recessive trait-havin ass and beat the living shit out of you.

                • Nexoduss

                  and you’re not just one of the everyday gingers, you’re one of the one with the obnoxiously bright hair and have freckles that are so big that they connect with each other so it looks like your whole face is just a mole. fucking gross.

                • CARTER V

                  hahaha dude u are so fucking funny, u talk about me like u know me f2f.. dude u dont know sh!t and how the fuck do u “know” how i look? do i smell a stalker

                • Nexoduss

                  Your profile picture is a picture of you dipshit. I know a ginger when I see one. I’d kill you but you don’t have a soul to begin with.

                • CARTER V

                  Calm down man O.O
                  U serious with this? u cant talk to people like that, i didnt use ONE rude words to you! i didnt say one rude thing! so i dont understand why u shouting at me like i killed your mom:L And were both wayne fans so this should be peace

                • Truth

                  You’re always such an ass. smh

                • Guest

                  truth who r u talking about?:)

                • Nexoduss
                • Truth

                  That nexoduss

                • Martiansfromouttaspace

                  See what I wanna know is why does Drake lie announcing that Carter V album gonna be dropping on May 5th smh ??? Fans gonna start a riot now why drake keep lying too the fans this shit crazy hopefully Tunechi makes his final release date if TEZ figure out what tracks should Weezy kill and get Mannie Fresh too produce all the songs Lil Wayne gonna go out with a bang fireman gonna spit dat fire flame for y’all one final time classic Carter Album$$$$$

                • Martiansfromouttaspace

                  World needs too get ready all real weezy fans Best Rapper Alive gonna surprize y’all young mula baby Lol til then TRUKFIT at Macy’s

                • Contribuques

                  U fake fuck, it was all for th hype….to build up th hype for the album, u shud be one dickholed face to believ dat it was gon drop may 5th, u fucken anus

              • Nexoduss
                • jshaw14a

                  man shut the fuck up, you ignorant cunt. judging people on appearance. keyboard warrior

        • Cocaine Biceps

          u lil white kids be corny af, jeez!

      • Stunna Man

        but Tunechi Lionchess does have a point lol.

      • 3Peat

        YESSSSS! Everything you said is true! Fuck tunechi lionchess and anybody that love him! We only want to hear what the REAL tunechi lionchess has to say.

    • Guest

      Yea I think Wayne should go back to managing his own music like he did before C3 cuz Tez fagot ass is gon lead wayne to the toilet frfr

  • Godo Zilla

    I was the first nigga to say on the comment when Drake said Carter 5 May 5th on that old video of him performing with. Lil wayne for dat Nba All Star weekend he was just lying for wayne to help his boss get the hype started but no u nagas came at me my comment saying “dymbass, wayne was in the background behind drake so its not gone be pushed and i said it was gone get pushed now look. Told you if anyone other than universal saying Carter 5 due date then dont believe em cuz everyone on Birdmans or Wayne’s label will tell a white lie for this nigga wayne.

  • Little Boss

    I’m not even surprised cuz I never heard Wayne, Tez or Mac say C5 is dropping on May 5th.

  • Qaz

    I new may 5 wasn’t the release date

  • mortimerr2014

    People getting salty cause of the “push back”. You’re stupid ass should of known they ain’t dropping it in a month wit no single or nothin out. It wasn’t even a confirmed release date, it was just something drake said on stage lol. Chill

  • fewcha

    maybe the single this week then? probably friday if i were to guess

  • 2unechi

    Not surprised. Its not an album until Tez says its gettin pushed back lol

  • Naruto

    How you gonna say its better then carter 3 …. you don’t even believe that. he trying to get niggas hyped.

  • King

    Surprise motherfucker!

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  • MeRey

    Fukk dat Arthur PBS looking ass nigga! RNS#

    • Hunter Goss I


    • Seeenile

      Looooooooool ur a god

  • cespo2430

    you should all honestly be okay with this. it just means wayne isn’t just rushing around trying to finish the album. hes taking his time with it. it sucks that it’s not coming out in May but it just means he’s working hard on it

    • jpeewee bond

      Thank u

    • Don_Hooper19

      Well said bro

    • MrNinoBrown

      REAL TALK BRO. It’s good to find someone who thinks like me.

    • Wait

      Wayne also took his time with I Am Not A Human Being 2…

      • Cespo2430

        haha well you got me there. but one the other hand, I don’t believe wayne was in the same mindset for that album that he is in for c5. maybe I just have some wishful thinking. but who knows haha

      • Uncle Sam

        What’s the problem with IANAHB2? Seriously, I thought it was a decent album (not his finest piece of work, but decent). Everyone praises Tha Carter II, but the fact is IANAHB2 sold ALMOST as many copies in it’s 1st week as C2. Probably C1 as well. SO how did it under exceed your expectations? Curtains, Days and Days, Gunwalk, No Worries, Trigger Finger, Beat the Shit, RAF, Trippy, Love Me, God Bless Amerika, Lay It Down and My Homies Still were all good tracks. That’s 12 out of 18..

        • Dave

          It sold that much because Lil Wayne is a bigger artist than back then and he has millions more fans who just buy it no matter what it is (me for example) but i honestly think IANAHBII was just another “say whatever the fuck” album while he was struggling with codeine withdrawls and seizure and pain pill abuse before he got off probation. Now, he has his weed and syrup and he’s back as old Weezy and hes about to murder the game with C5.

        • Khosta

          what about back to you and shit stains

  • Time

    Better than C3?

    I wanna know if it’s better than C2?????

    • mortimerr2014

      Better than c3 is c2!!

  • Lucas

    What if there was no hype after the pushbacks? We’d get stuff a lot sooner.

  • tune

    I think his single is called moment

  • Best

    I knew it wasn’t going to drop on May 5, I don’t even think is coming out this year. To me Devol will be out this summer and C5 next year

  • VinoMambaKobe

    Im the one who found this video give my credit muthafucka

  • Aaron

    Tez saying that it will be better than Carter 3 is a bold statement to make – hope he’s right

  • Chris Vs Christopher

    Haha he said you know I push dates back n least he knows and acknowledges it

  • Weezy

    how u know this is recent..couldve been before he tweeted about the single..just cuz it was uploaded on march 21st dont mean it was recorded then

  • AK

    i told you this motherfucker will push back the album

  • AK

    im not anymore excited about the carter 5 album, getting sick of Aurthur PBS

  • cv

    Its not a pish back if tez and tune said it’ll be may 5th drake said it not them so technically not a push back.

  • Cheezy

    To be honest I was kinda hoping it would be released later this year. May 5th is too soon. And yall shouldn’t be dissappointed Drake said that was the date not Tez nor Wayne .

  • Julian

    Surprise surprise

  • Terrell Gates

    wayne shold have got rid of tez as a business manager YEARS ago smdh fuck tez

  • Ym100%

    That Carter 5 single not comin anytime soon ill give it about 3to4 more weeks maybe even another month but I hope I’m proven wrong but unlike the rest of y’all I’m not gone bitch moan and and complain and make death threats about a song or music as much as i wanna hear sumthin from C5 cuz its juss music not my life

    • Yu Dunnoshiz

      Isnt 4 weeks a month? lol

  • Fuck!! I can’t wait for this album haha. All these fake Ppl out here that “love” weezes music but yet talk shit about his type of life nd lyrics. Mann,, this nigga about to shit on the game. Haha CV Bby let’s go.. Ahhhhh!!!!

    • Cocaine Biceps

      don’t use the n-word son.. y’all white kids too comfy behind the keyboard

      • I’m black son.. Lol u trippen.

      • Uncle Sam

        Tupac himself defines “the n-word” as a black man with a slavery chain around his neck, while nigga is a black man with a gold chain around his neck…so.

        • Cocaine Biceps

          u saying it like tupac is the pioneer of this whole thing.. fuckouttahere honky..

          • Uncle Sam

            If Tupac fuckin’ says it, then that’s how the fuck it is. Got it? Get the fuck off this comment board if you don’t have a GOD DAMN intelligent thing to say , which you don’t Shampoo Bracelets

            • Cocaine Biceps

              lmao, glad u know Big Ghost son!

    • T.D.E

      It’s been officially a year since Ianahb2 and I must say that Wayne has come a pretty long way since then. He’s still not at his best but he’s been on the right road lately. Definitely looking forward to his new shit coming soon.

  • waynesworld

    SFTW 2 !!!

  • wiseman91

    tez a hoe ass nigga blood always pushing shit back it better be better then carter 3 if we have to wait and we need a fire ass mixtape to hold us over

    • Word. He always seems to do that haha

    • mortimerr2014

      No one pushed c5 back it never had a release date. Drake just said carter v may 5 on stage don’t mean it’s written in stone fuckboy. If you want wayne to rush it it won’t be perfect isn’t that what you want?

  • Devolchi

    Wayne is going to drop that, Devol Mixtape!
    Sorry for the wait : Devol Edition

  • Tflames Bitch

    Sorry 4 the wait 2 biotch

    • No ceilings 2??

      • Don_Hooper19

        Unfortunately it won’t be one

        • Yea I thought so. It would be dope AF tho. That mix tape was hot

          • Don_Hooper19

            Best tape ever lol

  • Tunechi_LEEL

    Everyone su!king on Tez’s ð!€k lmao.. C’on dudes We all know wah Tez would be up to and I never even hope to get Carter V album by that May cause I know it must surely get pushed back. Right now I jhs wana knw when the new release date would be IF after that it won’t still get pushed back Smh!

  • Uncle Sam

    So Danny boy needs to stop the countdown.

  • [Original] Gudda Gudda

    C5 not in fifth gear anymore?

    • Uncle Sam

      More like: “I’m workin’ on that Carter 5, I got this bitch in neutral”

      • WeezyF4FukU
  • Chuck_Brazy

    hahaha i fuckin knew it.

    • Martiansfromouttaspace

      Can somebody please tell me where’s Mannie Fresh Weezy needs to get him too produce all the hottest track songs for dat Carter V album y’all stay tuned in folks get Mannie Fresh in da studio hit Lil Tunechi up on twitter and be like weezy in da beginning of your cash money hotboy$ career Mannie fresh was the one who gave y’all fans bangers classic songs Go DJ Bring it back Bling bling Back DAT ass up remember anybody hello Wayne some one remind him make C5 hotter then ever got a do it $$$$

  • Sasuke Uchiha

    Ain’t this some shit.

  • 6mile-ju

    wayne didnt say the release date drake did so if yall real fan just wait on it wayne tryna make c5 his best carter album believe dat

  • Uncle Sam

    Everybody is saying “Wayne need to fire Tez” and he need to do this, or that…Fact is, this is his last solo work and it’s most likely a bit late for all of that. I want him to take his time with it, and perfect it. (I don’t like having smoke blown up my ass about it). But, I really do hope it’s better than C3, because if it is, it will rewrite hip hop history books, and he will for sure go down as legendary status. If he can out-do “A Milli” and “Lolipop” and sell over a million in a week, then fuck yeah I’m all ears. All we can pray for in the meantime is another kick ass mixtape (since he never said or confirmed anything about D5 being his last mixtape effort too), I’m sure that’s what the plan is. Everyone that’s complaining aren’t going to boycott him. We maybe frustrated, but we’ll still be here waiting. It’s doing exactly what the YM camp intended. Keeping everyone on edge, hyped and talking about it. Whatever their doing, it’s for sure keeping everyone on their toes. It’s working…

    • Uncle Sam

      I hope he’s in the studio this very second, recording more shit for it. I’d love to see Gudda, and Gunna, and Millzy, and Stunna, and even Mac Miller on the features. Although the less features the better. Maybe it will even be a double disc album…Wish we could at least get the album art work

      • CarpeDiem

        Hell no, keep all them wack ass people off of it. Just want Drake, CB, Tech N9ne, Kendrick, Andre 3000, Frank, Earl, KRIT, ASAP Ferg, Wiz on features. Kanye, Dr. Dre, Develop, Infamous, J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League, Olympicks, etc on production.

        • Uncle Sam

          Apparently you ARE NOT a Young Money fan. If you aren’t down with Birdman, then you aren’t down with Wayne period. I say other artists from YM for a reason. It is a Wayne album so it only makes sense. The only people you named I’d want to see on the album are Tech N9ne and Andre 3000. The rest are way too many features anyway.

  • corbin wells

    lol all yall getting to hype for the single and your gonnna expect to much and end up not liking it.

  • Bj

    Well Give Us A Mixtape air Something To Hold Us Over, I Think A Pushback Good He Don’t Need To Rush It

  • Don_Hooper19

    That is a good question tho what will be Wayne next mixtape? And will that be the final one

  • Weezus F Baby

    Waiting For CV Like

    • Khosta

      lmao hahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahaahhaahhahahahahahaahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahaahahahahahahaha bruh you killin me with that pic, laughed till my stomach hurt!!!!!

    • Weezy Girl

      ahahahahahahahahah me too

  • King Weezy F


    • T.D.E

      Wayne just need to man tf up and fire that nigga. FUCK TEZ!!!!

  • Mase

    Everyone complains that rise of an empire was rushed and they should’ve taken their time, but when they are actually taking their time with an album all of you bitch and moan, damn get some patience, log off this site and go do something for awhile instead of sitting on your computer and hoping that C5 is going to drop anytime soon.

  • Nathan Bryant

    I wouldn’t consider this pushed back. He never mentioned when it was coming out anyways. That was Drake. He’s in the camp but he’s not the manager.

  • Weezus F Baby

    Not gonna lie after ianahb2 lost a Lil faith but ever since moment I be on this Fucking site 10 times a hour. Tryna stay updated , looking up Lil Wayne On Google I’m too hype too eager too ready #CV

    • tre_soswavey

      You litterally do the same exact thing i do. I check the forums on here. Then i google Lil Wayne. Got tez mack and wayne all on favorties on twitter for tweet notifications lmao. Im on it my nigga. ” got these updates on weezy in 5th gear”

  • Weezus F Baby

    That date was sweet AF thoo 5th Carter 5th month 5th day

    • picmanreborn

      Lmao that mean if he do a Carter 6 it’ll be on the 6th month on the 6th day and that’s gonna make some people uncomfortable with all those 6s

  • LondonB

    Didnt see this coming :/

  • Chris Vs Christopher

    Every time I look at this post I’m just like..”I’m sick of this nigga Tez”

  • LondonB

    Lil Wayne need someone whos gonna push him more than he push back release dates

  • Kibbbbbbi

    Remember when wayne said he would suprise everyone, he got everyone expecting it too be soon but now with no release date he can suprise us at anytime

    • mortimerr2014

      That’s what I was thinking like they gonna fuck around and drop it next week or someshit

      • gweezy

        its obviously not going to come out next year other wise no one would be building hype now

        • mortimerr2014


  • Tune Up

    Dedication 6

  • Nukey

    Wayne’s got to drop to a mix tape or his Devol album before Tha Carter 5 comes out….. I personally don’t see C5 coming out this year but It would be amazing if it does come out this year!! 🙂

    • mortimerr2014

      It will come out this year. No question. Probably later in the summer like July.


    I don think the single coming this week we gon get some news next week then then year we get a single


    Disappointing I knew this shit was gon happen

  • dave hills

    Honestly, Carter V should take it’s time, I want it to be pushed back. Every time it takes longer that means Weezy is building it up more and more, even though the dates are probably to start the hype. Anyway, don’t rush Weezy, make it your masterpiece, go out with a bang.

  • The Future

    Can we at least get a album cover or a tracklist? Wtf?!

  • Sylvia

    Fuck. I made countdown and to May 5th is 39 days… and thats in vain.

  • Uncle Sam

    Tha Carter II sold 254,000 copies the first week…IANAHB2 sold 217,000 in it’s first week…On paper, these albums were really close in sales. Though IANAHB2 is touted as an embarrassment for Weezy. Tha Carter 1 only sold 116,000 copies in it’s first week, while IANAHB1 sold 110,000 and Rebirth sold 176,000..Of course C3 and C4 did the million mark.. He’s kept it pretty consistent and I feel like the debate over “old Wayne is better than new, blah blah blah” can be put to rest. Numbers don’t lie!

    • JustAGuy234

      my man… numbers (especially first week) = popularity. You can’t tell me C4 or IANAHB2 are anywhere near C2 and C1…

      Wayne was still shooting for the top and hadnt made his firestorm run yet. If he dropped Carter 1 and 2 in like 07 and 09 they woulda flirted with 2mil first week as well as another mil overall.

      Numbers do lie… they always have. Mili Vanilli has a 6x Platinum album…. a little more recently: the fuckin High School musical soundtrack outsold Carter III

      even Tez just said the C4 was just “iight” C3 was his most successful and C2 was his most Complete album.


      • Uncle Sam

        You’ve got some really good points man, I’m just sick of hearing from people about “how much Wayne has fell off” and “I used to like him, but he sucks anymore” I’m not saying IANAHB2 is better than C2 or whatever, I’m just stating that almost as many people went out and purchased the album. He’s still got the same basic stats for the majority of his releases

    • Karl Bmf Ásgeirsson

      Except 5-0….

  • Legendary

    why not bring c5 on the 5th from the 5th fucking month? next best would be weezys bday. but then I need a dope ass mixtape to keep me going.

    • mortimerr2014

      Or anniversary of c1

  • YhBruh

    i really hope C5 wins some grammys lol i’ll be so happy XD

  • Wayniac

    Fuck Cortez

  • knudtsen

    is the “bang” snipped on the internet, is that fake?

    • mortimerr2014

      It’s not fake it’s obviously a song but it’s probably 2 chainz track or a c5 scrap like moment. Doubt 2 chainz would be on the album but what do I know lol

  • mortimerr2014

    My prediction is it’ll come out maybe before may 5th I mean shit wayne said he wanted to suprise us. Everyone thinking May 5th and now tez has everyone thinking it’s pushed back maybe months later, Thad be one hell of a suprise dropping it sooner like tomorrow or someshit. When the dude asked tez when it’d be released he said “you’ll see” and smiled, so this can’t be to far fetched. They def got some suprise in for us weezys fans I feel it

    • Jae Millz

      I already talked to my big bro Weezy. He said, and I quote “I’m working on Tha Carter V, I got this bitch in reverse” It ain’t dropping until August 29th on the 3 year anniversary of Tha Carter IV… SORRY 4 THE WAIT

  • Manolis P

    Its ok, lets give him some time. Im just so freakin curious about the cover lol.

  • YMCorey

    Told you dumb ass motherfuckers that shit is not coming out!!!!! Wayne drops cater albums is the summer

    • JustAGuy234

      usually but C2 dropped in December

      • YMCorey

        Yeah it did.. But the others dropped in the summer..

    • Manolis P

      Like Father Like Son 2 will drop this summer, so i suppose C5 will drop after that. And lets not forget Devol is already completed so, he might drop this, something like a SFTW 2

      • YMCorey

        None of those projects have not been worked on.. It’s just hype to get you going I know wayne and baby better than anyone Devol is a rumor.. They talk about it and just forget it.. Whatever happened to Bad Ass Grasshoppers he was supposed to drop in 2007 up in smoke all those collab albums up in smoke.. I never believe anything they say until they really put it out..

  • JustAGuy234

    Im not trynna talk shit but the almost “new looking” disappointment or surprise some of you show makes me think you havent been a fan long. Wayne has ALWAYS had push backs… ALWAYS. after his crazy run everyone was like where C3?!?!? and it took forever for it to ACTUALLY drop. I’m pretty sure wayne has almost never announced a date and hit it.

  • Scooby Doo

    Fuuuuuck you tez!!!

  • H

    That was a fuckin suprise didn’t see that coming

  • Akila9D4

    I understand you guys are impatiently anxious but you need to see things from a business perspective.

    May 5 is way too soon to drop it. Yes Wayne has been doing good verses lately but he still does not have the same amount of hype around him as he used to.

    The fact of the matter is Eminem, Drake and Kendrick all have much more buzz around them at the moment. They need these months to really get Wayne’s name buzzing again. Let’s face it, the whole world isn’t waiting on tha carter 5 like they were for carter 3.
    Wayne isnt as popular as he once was. He isnt the leading name in hip hop right now.

    So just be patient and give it some time.. If they drop it too soon without enough build up, it’s gonna do similar numbers to Im not a human 2.

    • Uncle Sam

      Just curious as to who is the leading name in hip hop right now in your opinion? In mine, it’s been Weezy and YMCMB from about 6 years ago until now. He’s pretty accurate when he said he’s had the game on lock and gave the key to Nicki. I believe(d) him. Also, how is Eminem got buzz at the moment? I feel like he should just stop before he embarrasses himself even further. His new stuff is…I think he should have just left it at Recovery. Drake’s still YM so, there’s no problem if he’s getting buzz. As long as Young Mula is still doing it, it’s all good. I totally agree with you though about May 5th being too soon. Weezy is probably recording stuff for C5 as I type this. Hope it sells 2 million in the 1st week

  • weezyftunechi

    This shit is getting old #FireTez

  • Uncle Sam

    Get ’em get ’em Weezy, hit ’em where ya kill ’em, easy sit ’em in the river leave ’em they find him tomorrow evenin’

  • Lathon D Miller

    There has to be a dedication mixtape before the album drops its tradition

    • Uncle Sam

      Sucks he broke tradition with D5

    • BBE Stuntin

      Just dropped 5 if he drops carter 5 now then there u go

  • Carter 5 in 5th gear

    I hope there’s not tyga or 2 CHAINZ feature on the album… C5 needs some legends on it especially since it’s suppose to be his last album, can’t have them 2 on it for sure. They’re good and everything but not c5 good lol

  • ChampagnePapi

    Y’all talking about y’all hope he does another no ceilings cause that mixtape was hot. No matter what mixtape it is, it will still have the same content. The name of the mixtape is just the name.

    • Uncle Sam

      So do you feel the same about the albums? Tha Carter series’ is just like all his other albums, same content? The name of the album is just the name? I think his mixtapes all have a certain feel to them. Tha Droughts all have a certain sound, and Dedications have a certain feel along with No Ceilings. There’s no point in making a sequel to NC though. If he puts out another mixtape, I think it should have a completely different name from everything else.

  • Little Boss

    Read below the pic

    • Legendary

      that’s not weezys account, u know?

  • Fareeeeeaaal Doe

    My nig Wayne should be in no rush to
    Drop Carter 5,which we all know hands down, he’s going to kill it

    It Ain’t A Moment Till I Make It,
    Have My Cake And Eat It To

    Wayne not gone let Ted Fuck Up The Single Either

    C5 Slim!!!!

  • Love Me

    I’m not asking for this,All I’m askin for right now is the first single off tha carter V,I could kill tez’s ass right now

  • Swa


  • TunchiLi

    He should do another Drought mixtape
    Shit would be dope!

  • 5*stunna

    Why you retards complain when theres always at least one pushback on a wayne project…
    Altought it would be sweet if it dropped may 5th what if tez just fuckin with us .thisa crazy,dope amazing,album
    Why would tez get fired if hes the manager and weezy best friend whoo wayne relies on and agrees with

  • TwizzieTwitch

    Carter 5 coming sooner than we expected. Tez actually might be lying. Wayne said he wanted it to be a surorise so it dont make sense why drake would jsut announce it and wayne be okay with it. Tez look for somehting this week. i know it might sound weird but maybe it’ll drop soon then expected

  • Khosta

    Wayne Carter graduate, bang bang accedemy

  • DC Made Me

    Its not hard to be better then the carter 3 that was the worst carter…carter 1 and 2 still get play to this day…

    • Josh

      Are you for real? Carter 2 and 3 are easily the best. Then carter 1 then carter 4. Carter 4 was trash for the most part

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  • Josh

    Tez also said c4 was amazing and it was mediocre and got old fast. I’ll wait to I hear it before getting my hopes up. Weezy!

  • LilWeezyFinatic

    Well Danny better stop the countdown

  • Cole

    “Us fans should pay attention to this week coming for news on it “…..where’s the news?! where’s the single??

  • Bang(feat. Kanye west & 2chain

    This piece of shit

  • Bang(feat. Kanye west & 2chain


  • Snuggs

    Tha Carter albums r always amazing…..

  • tnice

    Meanwhile… dedication 6

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  • Pingback: Cortez Bryant Confirms 'Carter V' Not Releasing On May 5th - RapXclusive()