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Episode 16 Of Lil Wayne’s “Weezy Wednesday’s” Series [Video]

Wed, Jun 11, 2014 by

Episode 16 Of Lil Wayne Weezy Wednesdays Series

For this week’s “Weezy Wednesday’s” installment, Lil Wayne can be seen recording a song in the studio for his upcoming Tha Carter V album and heading to ESPN’s “First Take” show in Miami earlier today.

Click here to watch episode 15 of “Weezy Wednesday’s“!

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  • Daniel Son

    Lol he’s high as fuck. No sleep #CarterV

  • Kai Balduin


  • David D

    weezy looked so stoned when he was talking then he just randomly started skating lmao

  • Wtf

    Wtf that footage of him recording a c5 track was way too short smfh

  • Ym

    You’re welcome Danny

  • weezydaking

    Atleast it dropped on a wednesday. Dope!

    • K.Dot4eva

      Drop deez nutz

  • cv

    “I just don’t care, I don’t care bout sleep or none of that” lmao he a trip.

    • Brent

      He a trip to Japan and buy some brand new shit

      • CV

        900 to a grand get you 28 grams if you talkin bout bricks in the interstate man and them women say damn them dudes don’t say a damn thing boy I bet that shotty make you bounce like a bed spring, walk in a thin line gotta defend mine and with no pen in sorta like a bomb, boom young tune yeah that’s what my ppl call me. 50,000 for the cross tryna keep the reaper of me I drink alotta syrup bitches say I’m sleep walkin, big money for the grill so I’m never cheap talkin, keep talkin and the flame leap off the hip and keep sparkin pap pap sleep softly.

  • FIRE

    Wow, if anyone has any doubt about CARTER 5 after that short footage on the studio, FUCK YOU BITCH ASS NIGGA

  • Ken Lopez

    So ready for this carter 5 !!

  • Tune Up

    It got here quick AF


      Nope, took more than 10-15 min

      • Tune Up

        It usually drops on thursdays..


          You mean here or on YouTube?

          • Tune Up


  • Ken Lopez

    Carter 5 is already a classic

  • Tune Up

    1st clip sound like some “Playing With Fire” shit

    • And abortion.

      • Shaquan James

        Abortion was horrible stop it

        • Tune Up

          Kill yourself.

        • CMB_

          abortion is one of my favorite tracks from c4

          • Time


          • Love Me

            Me too

          • YoungWeezyF

            Oh God all these people talking about Abortion being their favorite song? Now I get it. So disappointed. Abortion was not a lil wayne I ever want to see again. That song should be aborted

            • CMB_

              what? He had some good lines on there “Im shooting for the stars astronauts dodge bullets” “Down on the ceiling, looking up at the bed” “Living in the glass, and everybodys looking, but how can you get the picture, If you dont know who took it?” and I love the beat…

              • YoungWeezyF

                Nah dude good lines doesn’t make a good song.

        • Khosta

          Abortion was one of Lil Wayne’s best work, I think you don’t understand it

  • Is Scoob Doo feeling alright? He dropped it on time for once.

    • David D


    • Skenny

      But it’s fucked up !!
      I mean forreal !!
      He gave us 2 lines + footage of something we already sow and know about it
      Smh .. wack scoob doo

  • Giraffe Boy

    i thought they was going to announce the wayne summer tour with drake this week

  • Shooter

    When the fuck we gonna get some new music ie sidebitch or even some d6 news ? The carter v season is passing quicker than I thought it would

  • Chipz

    Needed more footage



    • Young Hitta

      Stop cryin about it bitch chill……

  • Nathan Bryant

    I find it funny how people are mad it didn’t show more of him recording the C5, but you can’t show much of the album this far out. That would basically be a leak. Be real.

    • triggacity_813

      You could show at least half a verse

  • fewcha

    gonna cop 3 copies of c5

    • K.Dot4eva

      There is no way you got a job to afford 3 albums your on this site 24/7 and on every post get..

      • Zeus

        If you know hes on here so much your just as guilty…let the man be hes just trying to be a fan

  • Inoh Locc

    Weezy Wednesdays was fckn dope !! . U can tell waynes fckn stone !! So fckn hyped and ready for da Carter 5 !!!

  • Jay weezle

    That flow


    Guys, don’t mind this crappy Weezy wendnesday because he has a song produced by Mike Will Made It featuring him, Kendrick Lamar, and Future being released next week I think it’s Tuesday!!!!
    That should be FIRE!!!

    • Skenny

      Everyone on this site (including me) knows that since a month ago .. smh

      • ibfndwarfs

        No fucker jus posted art work an release date last week!! talk watcha know .. lmao

        • WAYNIAC

          Couldn’t have said it better myself!

          • ibfndwarfs

            Dont u love when a lil cocky fucker tries to make someone look dumb because the irony of how dumb it makes him look makes me feel lika die hard wayne fan lmao i love wayne dont get me wrong but i love tellin stupid mother fuckers how dumb are a lil more haha

            • ibfndwarfs

              They are**

        • Skenny

          Nigga you dumb !!
          Read well hoe ass !!
          He was talking about the song basically not the artwork & release date
          Dumb people & Motherfuckers & dick riders are plenty on this site .. smh

          • ibfndwarfs

            Ok u dumb mother fucker im talkin about the song as well u fucking doosh. u said everyone on this site including u has known the mike will single was droppin tuesday an until last week all we knew was the name an features on the track.. dood was saying its dropping tues an hes right but we didnt know that a month ago u lil punk bitch since march there has not bn any new news on the track .. so what im gettin at is u were being a lil bitch about some random post an then u come at me like u tryin to get fucked up so u need ta read well an watch wtf u say u lil bitch u.. ya heard me

      • WAYNIAC

        Well you and those other people you speak of are dumb because Mike started talking about this project since March, and if you just found out about it last month well that’s just sad. Lol

  • House

    And they gave Jesus a cross and told him walk this way
    That only means you’re the brightest star lost in space
    And if my heart beat I did a rhythm

    • Giraffe Boy

      nothing special imo

      • Dope Shit

        Lay down and die fuckboy

      • Weezy Da God

        Fake ass nigguh

    • dave

      If my heart beat i find a rhythm*

    • CMB_

      in my heartbeat I find a rhythm*

  • TheTruth

    thought it was a prank. this actually dropped on time

    • triggacity_813

      I’m thinking since it dropped on time we might be getting some new something but idk..all speculation

  • LuvCoolJ

    Wack ass nigga..Wayne gone fuck around and C5 gonna be trash as shit

    • Time

      If you hatin you just need some pussy!

      • LuvCoolJ

        Lmao having Wayne as ya prof. pic, you prolly need some pussy yaself fuck boy. Bitch ass nigga got wayne as his picture lmaooo

    • Ddatwee

      Fuck u

    • Dope Shit

      Stfu and who asked you??? Nobody!!!!! So yeet yo ass of this site bitch

      • LuvCoolJ

        Lmaoooo you corny as shit. Ya fuckin fugazy

  • T.D.E

    Idk why but I just started bursting out laughing when he was talking about bein high lol.

  • Time

    This shows Wayne is still recording C5 for all the people that thought the album was finished.

  • Dope Shit

    Wayne funny asf when
    he high lmao!!!!!! He had
    me dead when he was talkin lol

  • Jay weezle

    When Wayne said “a glimpse” and did that hand movement I started dying, idk why lol

  • Ddatwee

    Man its too short

  • TUNE


  • Young Hitta

    And im workin on that “Carter V” I got that bitch in 5th gear, I caint stand these niggas, imma lie down or sit still.

  • Devon

    I hope Wayne doesn’t die anytime soon

    • Skenny

      And why would someone think about that now ???

  • TUNE


  • Guest

    It feels like Im watching a video from the past.

    • Guest

      Pause! This dude has a skating ramp in the booth. Wayne stay winning

  • Eshall Flawless

    Very excited to see this, classic Lil Wayne. Reminds me of Nino Brown 2. Getting good feelings about this Tha Carter 5. Much Love Wayne! C5!

  • he be soo high!!! LOOOL

  • d1440


  • Forevaheartless

    Tina turn up midnight C5

    • Runs With Roosters

      Tina leave Earth C5 night.

    • niggga please

      How u kno I hate wen niggas lie about Weezy news on here

    • ttown2014

      wish this was true. fuck you

  • YoungJT1092

    I still feel as though C5 can start droppin any day now, the billboards, singles, previews. Dont wait to let Weezy Wednesday tell you what’s real, that’s how I feel at least. Lol.

  • martianonmars

    Too all real weezy fans can yall gimme a happy 31st birthday shout out becuz this my best b day ever I’m so glad y’all supporting weezy f baby hell yeah I just brought 2 Trukfit shirts at Macy’s Lol my nigga Tunechi gonna be glad I did dat Ymcmb ya heard me $$$$$


      Your 31? And a Weezy fan.. Ohhh.

      • fuck tde

        Nigga that ain’t no surprise Weezy has a huge fanbase biggest one in hip hop I kno niggas older then that that’s Weezy
        y fans about in their 40s 50s and I kno some in there 60s so wtf u talkin bout

        • Young Hitta

          The majority of his fans are in their 20s & 30s

      • BestRapperAlive

        There are others who seem to be in their 10s…

      • Khosta

        Everybody loves wayne


    Can’t hate this time.. I know i’m judging from a few seconds of his studio session but at least he trying to put in effort.. Thats,all any respectable fan of music asks for


    Now that I think about that Jesus line.. It made no sense because Jesus had a purpose..

    Now what would have been dope if he said..

    “They gave Jesus the cross and told him walk this way..

    And that only means when it goes and gets tough, that it’s going my way”

    Now that would have been dope… But of course.. Wayne not that deep.

    • Christian

      I think a line before it makes the line understandable, but your line was nice tho.

    • triggacity_813

      Isn’t that what he said ?

      • fuck tde

        Yea it is this nigga juss a retarded Kendrick fan juss ignore his comments

        • GO SPURS GO! WE GONE!

          Bruh u can’t be serious.. My line was way better. Wayne didn’t say that. Delusional fuck


        Are u kidding me…. I’m done.. U really are delusional

        • triggacity_813

          I really think I am bro can you tell me what he said ?

          • GO SPURS GO! WE GONE!

            …. Stop

            • triggacity_813

              Y’all say anything these days and won’t even explaon yourself lol.

              • GO SPURS GO! WE GONE!

                You can’t be sober right now.. All you have to do is look what I said.. Then play the video to hear what Wayne said.

    • FUCK EM!!

      Shit u should become a rapper :O

      Dumbass tryna correct someone that’s been doin it for 20yrs
      Ur line is garbage..anyone woulda thought of that


        Oh ok sir

  • ttown2014

    what does he say in the studio. it won’t load past jesus for me

    • Anti

      a cross and told him walk this way and that only mean your the brightest star lost in space if my heart beat i find the rhythm and he stop recording

      • ttown2014

        thanks mane. i hope c5 is on some c2 drought 3 shit fr

  • wayneDAgoat

    dawg..why does he rap with this fuckin queer ass squeeky….dawg this niggas jus breakin my heart…tune in 07 wuda walked in the booth and said sum slick shit like..i am a vegeterain man i only eat beats wear alotta karots and smoke the best green…no beef in my grociery bag jus sum swishers and a whole bunnch cans of whoop ass

    • LuvCoolJ

      My nigga… #salute to the real ones who not on Wayne’s dick

  • Dawn Bosley

    Need some WD-40 on that door Wayne!!

  • Drilon_G

    This just for the weezy fans

  • C5Bish

    Some dude tried telling me tech n9ne is better then wayne LOL

    • K.Dot4eva

      He is

      • cm


  • Legendary

    People are spoilt AF, You know he didn’t need to give any of the songs that came out? smh

  • Did he said he’s on cloud 9.. He glowing, he is going, flowing, blowing. And faintly at the end,, “SLAMING THAT WHITE”??!!!!


  • xgoblin

    Soooo when does C5 season actually began cuz i thought it started when “D’usse “and “Believe me “came out but those tracks fizzled out pretty fast..


    im a die hard weezy fan bt i wil get 3 copies of c5 if weezy feautes chris brown,kendrick lamar,nas,kanye west,eminen,jayz and the weekend

  • Hak

    Need one of those fedora hats-

  • youngtune410


  • IssiahT

    So my nigga is off the Indiana bandwagon now??

  • Weezy F

    Wayne’s summer tour has just been announced. It’s called Drake vs. Lil Wayne! First day is August 8th.

  • Khosta

    wow, Lil Wayne found himself, this is what I’ve been waiting for, Tha Carter serious songs C3 – Tie my hands, C4 – How to love and Mirror, C5 – the one he’s recording here

  • Swift_TrukIt

    Crazy how much people cum on here and say ignorant shit..

  • LuvTunechi

    My Babi being his silly self♡♡♡♡♡ Luv Yu Boo!!!!

  • redswallow

    if ya’ll a fan of weey, y hating on each other

  • redswallow

    since weezy tha greatest rapper alive, and we’ll his fans, then we should also try to be tha greatest at what we do for a living and stop hating on eachother. i think that would make him proud of us.

    • Weezy Da God

      Dick in tha booty lookin ass nigguh weak ass hoe ass bitch ass just bought some shrimp boat lookin ass nigguh snaggle tooth fairy believing lookin ass nigguh do the duck face in every picture lookin ass nigguh took tap dance lessons lookin ass nigguh still sucking on your mommas tit lookin ass nigguh face always look like you gotta shit lookin ass nigguh scared of butterflies lookin ass nigguh dream of being with unicorns but wake up as another bronie lookin ass nigguh ain’t never seen 100$ at one time lookin ass nigguh had to be in a transvestite pageant for your first 17 years lookin ass nigguh smellin like shit lookin ass nigguh afraid of the sun lookin ass nigguh die quick in a movie lookin ass nigguh got punked out by a 4 year old lookin ass nigguh got beat down by a down-syndrome 12 year old girl lookin ass nigguh got caught givin head to another mal and say I’ve only done this once lookin ass nigguh!!!

      • redswallow

        If you hating you just need some pussy, i bet your mother wanna give me some pussy. Lil fuck face nigga.

  • yung billz

    Yall niggas be funny on here lmfaoo

    • Weezy Da God


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  • Weezzy

    What’s the song called

  • Jessica King

    it matters what you say…