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Lil Wayne Appears On “First Take” In Miami, Calls Skip Bayless A “Despicable Monster”

Wed, Jun 11, 2014 by

Lil Wayne Appears On First Take In Miami, Calls Skip Bayless A Despicable Monster

Earlier today, Lil Wayne made an appearance on ESPN’s “First Take” sports show in Miami, Florida to chop it up with Stephen A. Smith, Skip Bayless, and Cari Champion.

During the conversation, Weezy F Baby spoke on why he is a Los Angeles Lakers fan, how he feels about the Miami Heat personally, the Heat fans, LeBron James’ killer instinct, Michael Jordan, and plenty more.

You can watch the interview in the clip after the jump below. Click here to check out Tunechi‘s appearance on “First Take” in New Orleans back in February this year!

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  • Tune Up

    He need’s to star in a movie.

  • Tune Up

    One of his greatest songs.

    • YMCorey

      Drought 3 shit

  • CMB


  • kW

    I see he got his next career already set , he fits in good

    • David D

      he always said he want to be a sports person when he retires at 35

  • David D

    weezy with a donald sterling reference lol

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  • Giraffe Boy

    all through that 15 minutes of talking he didnt even promote c5 🙁

    • CARTER V

      they supposed to talk bout sport

  • We the best

    He was better than dj khaled on it yesterday hahahaha

    • [Original] Gudda Gudda

      khaled was so terrible lol

  • weezyftunechi

    Skip Bayless is a douche

    • fewcha

      weezy and stephen ethered him

  • fewcha

    wayne need to take that hat off, we aint in the rebirth era anymore

    • Khosta

      Rebirth season

    • dwayne carter


    • Best

      Hahaha nigga you are funny



    • dwayne carter

      this might be weezy Wednesday lol

      • TRUKFIT


    • T.D.E

      It usually drops around 12


    side bitch on the way

    • c5 bitch

      How u kno

    • PhilWeezy

      How you know?

  • Victoria Lynn

    Aww…I love Tunechi! Yep, Heat are gonna win too!!! Love him on ESPN!!!

  • cashmoneyyoungmoney

    wayne at 6:02 “ouu” fucking hilarious.



  • wizzle f

    Wayne really enjoy wearing those hats lol

  • Khosta

    Weezy Wednesdays

  • Mula

    Kobe Bryant nightmares

  • Khosta

    they should ask wayne what happened to his killer instinct

  • Ym

    Impossible ain’t impossible at all one of Wayne’s lines from buy the world

    • ym100%

      How you kno

      • Skenny

        It’s all over twitter my nigga

        • ym100%

          I ain’t seen it yet who made the tweet

          • Ym

            Mike will

            • ym100%

              I can’t find it on his twitter can somebody post a link

      • TRUKFIT


  • Ddatwee

    Lil wayne is gifted not only for music but every thing. In the video he speaks really responsibly. #thumbs #carter5season bish.

  • Linoh Locc

    Weezy aboutta murder shit bro !! Twitters blasting wit a sentence of his Buy the world verse

    • dwayne carter

      did u hear it

      • Linoh Locc

        nah they updating tweets up in twitter

  • gregg

    I dont think sport heads take Wayne serious when he talks about sports

  • Finally Tha Truth

    Best Wayne CD ever

    1. Fly In ,Carter II, Fly Out
    2. How Can They Be Better
    3. Never Get It
    4. No Quitter Go Getter
    5. Drop The World
    6. Trouble
    7. Dr. Carter
    8. The Bad Side
    9. Get High Rule the World
    10. I Like The View
    11. Upgrade You
    12. Playing With Fire
    13. Me and My Drank
    14. No Love
    15. We Be Steady Mobbin
    16. Scarface
    17. I Feel Like Dyin
    19. Lost
    20. Bitch Please
    21. Boom Bap
    22. Nothin On Me
    23. My House
    24. Outstanding
    25. Prostitute 2
    26. Bill Gates
    27. My Life
    28. When They Come For Me
    29. Misunderstood
    30. I’m Me
    Bonus. I Hate That I Love You
    Bonus. Uptown (beginning of Drake)
    Bonus. Best Rapper Alive
    Bonus. Buy The World Feat. The New Wayne and Future

    • jpeewee bond

      what about gossip & sky the limit

    • dwayne carter

      watch my shoes
      swag surfin
      ice cream paint job

      • CV

        The block is hot
        500 degrees
        carter 1
        carter 2
        carter 3
        carter 4
        dedication 1,2,3,4, and 5(what up 5)
        drought 1,2,3
        drought is over
        we are young money
        like father like son
        rise of an empire
        ever freestyle, song verse, that weren’t in a cd or mixtape
        every feature
        and soon enough CV!!

        • Atlas

          Lights Out?

          • CV

            Knew I missed one. That one too lol



    • C5Legend!

      How can you not have BM JR and i Miss my dawgs on there

    • T.D.E

      Scarface was one of my favorite back when I was a wayne fan.

    • T.D.E


    • blahhh

      Best thing yet

  • T.D.E


  • T.D.E

    Wayne fucked up his dreads BIG TIME. I still don’t understand the point of mashing them all together like that smh.

    • [Original] Gudda Gudda

      you’re a man arent you? so who cares? thats for the females to discuss

  • [Original] Gudda Gudda

    weezy wednesdays needs to hurry up and drop tbh

  • Crystal Ealy

    TUNE u better call your sister…A.S.A.P.. 8326307361

  • JayHighAss

    I know this off topic but Class of 2014 ! Where y’all at ! Niggas graduating today

    • T.D.E

      Y’all niggas late, my graduation was 2 weeks ago

      • JayHighAss

        I’m on the west coast Bay Area that’s why we late

  • Sug915

    this is better quality but a little shorter

  • Forevaheartless

    If you a Wezzy fan you should tune in every Wednesday Surprise tonight Tina Turn Up

    • Linoh Locc

      how do u know ?

  • Weezy Da God

    Impossible ain’t impossible at all!

  • Wayne put skip in his place.

  • Anti

    I know 8 ppl with the name tunechi since Wayne started saying dat

  • Empire6

    I thought he wanted the spurs to win?

  • Empire6

    He was talking all this shit about Miami about fuck Miami I fucked Chris bosh wife cmon Wayne you my nigga but don’t be fake… And I know he wants the spurs to win he was chillin with Khawi Leonard the other night I saw… Cmon Wayne!

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  • Finally Tha Truth

    tried To Narrow It down To 30 Songs. And Put Buy The World Because I’ve Been Waiting For A Kendrick Wayne Collab. Its Obvious Kendrick Has Been Jealous Of Wayne.I Think They Are Gonna really Go AT Each Other. Oh And Don’t Over Look That list People. I Put Classics That I’ve Never Seen People Bring Up On This SiTe. Boom Bap, The Bad Side, Never Get It!

  • archive

  • Chuck_Brazy

    LOL skip is a piece of work

  • bravojr

    wayne is great

  • martianonmars

    Shoot me down Money on my mind Hustler Musik She Will John Mrs Officer Lollipop Remix Dey know Remix Throw Some D’s This Is Why I’m Hot I Run This Remix Dark shades Born Stunna Remix favorite songs from weezy and Best Rapper Alive Fireman Still hahahaha $$$$$

  • Richmond Tipsy

    weezy u are always my #1 rapper

  • fubar

    Wayne seems out of place there. He is an O.G., at the helm of this massive ship. He seemed like he was just there visiting, rather than sitting in as part of the crew

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