New York Jets’ Chris Johnson Talks About Being Good Friends With Lil Wayne

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New York Jets Chris Johnson Talks About Being Good Friends With Lil Wayne

American football running back Chris Johnson, who currently plays for the New York Jets, recently spoke to XXL over the phone to discuss his friendship with Lil Wayne.

During the interview, Chris discussed growing up listening to the Hot Boys, listening to Tunechi when he works out, why he is a fan of Tune, being good friends with him, his top five rappers, and more.

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What kind of music do you bop when you’re working out?
I usually listen to Lil Wayne. I also have a record label, so I listen to my artists’ music.

What did you grow up listening to?
When I was growing up, it was Cash Money and the Hot Boys. Then they all split up, and it was Baby and Wayne. Those were the guys who stayed around. Then, Wayne came up with Young Money. But it was the Hot Boys when I was little.

Was Weezy your favorite member?
I’ve always been into Weezy.

What was it about him?
He was the youngest member, and I liked the way his music sounded.

Have you ever had a chance to meet Wayne or hang out with him?
Me and Weezy, we cool. We’re good friends.

How cool is it to be friends with someone you grew up listening to?
It’s a cool situation. I know how busy I am doing what I do, and I know he’s busy too, so I don’t try to cramp his space or hit him up too much. I check on him from time to time, he checks on me from time to time. If he’s having a concert in my city, I go to it. If I’m having a game and he’s there, he comes to the game. Over the years, we became good friends.

So who are your top five rappers?
Dead or alive, I would say Lil Wayne, Tupac, Biggie. After that, I would have to go Drake and Jay-Z.

If you had to compare yourself as a football player to any rapper, who would it be?
I would say Lil Wayne.

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  • fat boy slim

    Rappers wanna be athletes and athletes wanna be rapper

  • Gee

    Wayne’s verse in Buy the World has grown on me, the lyrics are so dope, anyone agree with me?

    • I knew it was dope on first listen.

    • MrGoHarder

      It would’ve been better if he got the outro instead of kendrick, but still a dope ass song

    • YoungJT1092

      Of course, arguably his best verse, alongside Moment, Believe Me, Thug Cry, and Senile. Those are my fav verses by him so far for 2014. I hope Tina Turnup is also as dope or doper.

    • T.D.E


  • Sounds like he wants Wayne’s dick in his mouth.

  • fewcha

    Was Weezy your favorite member?
    I’ve always been into Weezy.


    thats a no homo right there

  • MulainTina

    I’m a big weezy fan but man must admit that eminem technically is the better rapper. lil wayne is rather partial genius rapper with lyrical quality of fun, but also has a lot of shit here. eminem is in every one of his songs a lyrical beast

    • [Original] Gudda Gudda

      everyone has opinions

      • New Orleans DownTown YA heard

        yu be on this bitch daily huh gudda

    • BEE

      so u jus decided compare eminem n wayne out of a whim

  • melt in yo mouth

    Haha y’all something else


    moola baby it aint no moment till i make it

  • Linoh Locc

    Wayne has always been my favorite rapper, since i was like 10 , im aboutta be 20 already bro lol

  • Brent

    She runs through my head Chris Johnson ima tackle her get in back of her bust it open suck that pussy like the Dracula

  • My Nigga

    Who interviewed this guy, why’s Wayne the subject? Lol putting him on the spot about Lil Wayne and music.

    Anyways Go DJ on midnight club 2 and stunting like mah daddy hah. 2Pac and Eminem, rap game is lame as fuck 3rd spot is for the next man to take the spot.

  • [Original] Gudda Gudda

    good read

  • BEE

    Still listening to squad up, that shit fvckin dope! Wayne jus d greatest, no one i swear has even put out half the total number of dope verses by wayne.

  • Skenny

    I think that nigga didn’t want to say “No homo”

  • come on

    Hope to see some c5 news this week

  • Thank me now

    “I swear sports and music are so synonymous
    Cause we wanna be them and they wanna be us”

  • Anti

    Chris Johnson need to work as hard as Wayne and get back to CJ2K form

  • gregg

    Wayne recorded 93 songs and there just sittin on the laptop…c’mon Weezy throw some of them tracks on a mixtape or sumtin, fuck I don’t care if it’s a 10 track mixtape I need some new Weezy music

  • T.D.E

    Wayne was my favorite rapper when i was 9-17

    • Skenny

      Who cares …

  • Tyty

    Weezy d.0.a.. BARZ NIGGAH ON BARZ NIGGAH! one of the sickest songs of all time #noceilings

  • Drilon_G

    Tunechi in this bitch everybody should be worried

  • YMCorey

    Y’all a few years late

  • Dwight Smith

    I can tell he love you it makes sitting up there looking like brothers.

  • Kinghandlez

    She run through my head chris Johnson. #weezy

  • Dwight Smith

    I sorry I love you don’t feel that way to day for give me I talk shit all the time not to hurt no one just playing a lot .thankful