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Lil Wayne & Drake Bring Out 50 Cent In Hartford, Connecticut On Their Joint Tour

Wed, Aug 13, 2014 by

Lil Wayne & Drake Bring Out 50 Cent In Hartford, Connecticut On Their Joint Tour

Tonight in Hartford, Connecticut at the XFINITY Theatre, Lil Wayne and Drake brought out G-Unit‘s 50 Cent, Kidd Kidd and Young Buck. The winner of tonight’s show was Drizzy, which makes the total score 3-2 to Wayne.

You can watch some backstage footage and a few Instagram clips of Fiddy performing “In Da Club” live on stage with Weezy F Baby and Drizzy Drake after the jump below!

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  • Some real nigga shit right thur!!



    • Giraffe Boy

      cant believe they are friends now and still dont have a track together
      50 must be the only artist wayne aint worked with in the music industry

      • TRUKFIT


        • jpeewee bond

          fuck them

        • fewcha

          no1 care about pop singers

      • ukno

        naw wayne remixed a song with him in 08

    • corbin wells

      Drake is on 50 cents next album i bet wayne will be to.


      “Nigga real quick” lol

  • Scoob Doo

    No weezy Wednesdays?

    • jpeewee bond

      i think he done with that …

      • Giraffe Boy

        yea i think that is finished with now the tour has started

    • Tyler Jenkins®

      its up its was the ice bucket challenge

  • David D

    “all about a dollar, fuck 2 quarters, bitch i pour syrup in that vitamin water”

    • Bang

      Damn, what song is that?

      • Louisianimal

        • Bang


        • Khosta

          Fiend ft Lil Wayne – Gangsta music lyrics???

      • fewcha

        you really never heard weezy’s 50 diss before? smfh

        • Bang

          Nigga , im a fan of the nigga , but I have not heard every song

          • fewcha

            oh so u one of them fake fans, i see

            • blahhh

              You haven’t heard every song either

            • U a dick ridin fan

    • Best diss line ever. Period.

      • YMCorey

        You must haven’t heard ether by nas or stay strapped by jeezy

    • Luigy thone

      All About A Dollar, F*** Two Quarters
      Bitch I’ll pour Pour syrup in that vitamin water
      I hope you die ugly, and tonight will be gorgeous
      -Lil Wayne

      best diss line indeed

    • Tuned

      “Bullet leave a hole in ya face not a dimple straight from the N.O it’s no problemo to put a nigga brains on the motherfuckin window”

  • G-UNOT

    I love how 50 was dissing Wayne years ago and now he needs him for promotion and get relevancy

    • 954AUTHENTIC

      Real shyt. fuc 50 he dnt really fuc wit wayne like dat he jus a OPPORTUNIST.

    • corbin wells

      he called D5 dope tho. most rappers would say otherwise.

    • Tyler Jenkins®

      yo what the fuck. i love wayne more than any rapper but 50 is one of the best ever dont even say he needs wayne. he came out cause they asked him to. foh with that shit

  • Giraffe Boy

    good to see the original young money member kidd kidd back with the new young money

  • smh

    that battle score thing ain’t legit, no way an app can send the answer to whoever runs the show backstage

    • Tf you mean?

      Please explain to me why it can’t

      • fewcha

        you stupid if you believe that works…..there is a winner already announced right now for the rest of the upcoming shows

        no way there will be real winner overall… will end even and then on the last stop of the tour they will have no winner

        there really is some idiots in this world

        • Khosta

          It could work

        • Dwayne

          You’ll be the biggest idiot if you’re wrong doe

        • Fuck tha Fame

          Its a simple app its not complicated to count how many power ups they got in the show

  • I’m waiting to see Wayne perform “D’usse”

    • Malik

      He performed D’usse in buffalo.

  • Nijee

    50 & Wayne Need Do Song Together

    • Khosta

      nigga tell me something I don’t know


    wayne fuk 50 all that shyt he said about u.He seems like a snake to me,he always coming around when he see the next nigga stock goin up.

  • Lil Tune

    Carter V album cover tomorrow

    • Nijee

      How You Know

      • Lil Tune

        Wayne is going on sportcenter tomorrow. Sportcenter released a video of wayne talking and he says it

  • Khosta

    Yo Danny you forgot to put up the lyrics of the song called “Gangsta Music” by Fiend ft Lil Wayne

  • Pillpoppinanimal

    Maybe 50 will hop on a track for D6 since they out there

  • Da Ref


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  • weezyftunechi

    Carter 5 album tomorrow!! Sportscenters twitter page just released a video of wayne saying he’s releasing the cover tomorrow morning at 9am! Might be coming sooner than we think?! #CarterVSeason

    • weezyftunechi

      Album cover** my bad yall lmao

    • weezyftunechi

      Album cover** my bad y’all lmao

  • beazy

    Man shut the fuck up


    Farrari F 50 and wezzy F baby!!!!! together always epic my two fav rappers I hope they make a song soon!!!!!

  • donnie22

    ok im lost I thought 50 had beef with wayne can anyone help me with this?

    • Fuck tha Fame

      They both over it .

  • Tyler Jenkins®

    i was there last night this was the craziest shit seeing my two favorite rappers ever on stage together.

  • Moe

    I’ve been a fan of Wayne since I can remember. His music has taught me so much, I can connect with his music in a way that makes me feel like we know each other. Yes, I’m only a starving artist but my hunger is what drives me to make incredible music. Wayne taught me how to rap, growing up he’s all I listened to. His influence can be heard in my music. My debut mixtape is out now! God gave me a gift to share with you, lets make the most of it! Support the future!
    Follow me on Instagram and Twitter @moe_ctc to stay up to date with my music!

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  • StevieD

    Love weezy. I fucking hate 50 cent

  • MrMotherLoving

    F. 50. I hope neither Drake or Wayne do a song with that hating-ass bitch-ass who-give-a-fuck-about-50cent-ass!! Actually they should do a diss track. And for the record, F 50 stands for Fuck 50 cent. Im about a dollar wtf is 50cent ??

  • ABDOURAHAMANE koulibaly

    One love l’île Wayne and Drake 50 cent
    World unity time RASTAFARI
    Young money