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Lil Wayne & Drake Party At Club Cameo In Cincinnati With Deelishis [Photos & Videos]

Sun, Aug 17, 2014 by

Lil Wayne & Drake Party At Club Cameo In Cincinnati With Deelishis

Lil Wayne and Drake attended Cameo nightclub in Cincinnati, Ohio for their official tour after-party on August 15th. They both partied in VIP with Lil Twist, Fee Banks, Noah “40” Shebib, Majid Al Maskati, Sirr Bandcamp Wooda, and model Deelishis.

You can view some photos and Instagram clips of Weezy F Baby inside the club jamming out to Bobby Shmurda’s “Hot Nigga” (again), T.I. and Young Thug’s “About The Money“, and Young Thug’s “Some More” after the jump below!

Lil Wayne & Drake Party At Club Cameo In Cincinnati With Deelishis

Lil Wayne & Drake Party At Club Cameo In Cincinnati With Deelishis

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  • YMCMB_Nigga

    There’s been mad updates on this site since they been on tour

  • bsk_rich

    the concert in detroit was crazy. it ended in a draw. when he did the no ceilings records the place went fucking nuts

    • fewcha

      out of all them people there the show ends in a draw lmaooooooo

      i feel sorry for anyone who thinks it aint fixed

      • bsk_rich

        idk bout that whole fixed thing, maybe it is, maybe it aint. but you don’t actually vote on the app for the winner like i thought you did. thats just for the power ups and to see who starts. i think they pick the winner based on who had the crowd more hype and it was genuinely hype as fuck for both of them. i got some videos on my phone, some are pretty good. i would submit them and see if danny wants to use them but idk how lol.

        • LOL it’s clearly a fix, how can it end in a tie? That’s way too much of a coincidence.

          And how many did you see on the app while the show was on?

          • bsk_rich

            when it was time to vote everybody around me was on the app. & it might be influenced by management but we get some kind of say. cause if one of them clearly has the better performance and rocks the crowd better they’ll win. so it might be fixed in some ways but i don’t think they already have the winner of each date picked out or no shit like that ya feel me?

            • Well I do lol. I don’t know how you could think otherwise.

              Ending a draw? SMH

              • bsk_rich

                idk, i don’t really care cause the concert was one of the best nights I’ve had. imagine being there and you hear steady mobbin and john then drake does we made it and the language then wayne does swag surfing and wasted and sky is the limit then drake comes back out with versace. i mean I’m pretty sure we all watch the videos of them live. but its nothing like being there and feeling the energy they bring and just hit after hit. when he did money on my mind niggas was jumping and singing every word with him. its an experience that everyone should have if you’re a wayne fan. shit music fan period.

        • Shooter

          Just email them him

      • fuckfewcha

        stop being so rude, u always do.

    • Jay weezle

      What no Ceilings tracks he did?

      • YMCMB

        Swag surfin and wasted

    • Brick Cannon

      Bro I was there last night too. Honestly it was a draw that bitch was so hype for both no way they could choose a winner

      • bsk_rich

        thats what im saying. i don’t think its fixed cause it was honestly a draw. i mean I’m a diehard wayne fan so i give him the edge just cause i like the songs better and he is a better performer but that night, the crowd was hype for both of them

  • fewcha

    i want deelishis to sit on my face

    • TRIPPY_94

      Deelishis and nicki in yo bed at the same damn time would be pure heaven….

      • Trey

        stop fappin boi

  • Dayne

    Going to the Pittsburgh show today. I’ve been waiting for this day for about 6 yrs and it’s finally coming true.

    Turn the fuck up!!!!

  • bsk_rich

    it was also cool to see the dialogue exchanged between him and drake. like when he told drake it was a difference between good and great. then came back out and straight told him like, “i take that back because you one of the greatest, but its a difference between great and the motherfucking yes”. niggas got quiet and a few seconds later you heard oohs and awes through the crowd. best concert i ever been to man hands down

  • President Carter

    Guess who’s promoting the next single…..

    • Who


      • President Carter

        i fucking hate u

    • Who?

      • President Carter

        can anyone see the pic otherwise refresh

        • Nas

          That pic is old you butt licker

    • Jay weezle

      Aaron Rodgers

      • President Carter

        my nigga

      • How you know, did you see on Twitter?

        • Jay weezle

          I’m guessing lol

    • nfs444

      “Aaron Rogers, MVP award. This is Green Bay, bitch we go hard”

      -Weezy F Krazy

      btw has anybody ever wondered why Lil Wayne spells everything with a K instead of a C??? Like “Amerika”

      • Danny M

        Or Krazy

        • Daniel Mousdell

          Stop stealing my name fuckboy

          • Tune Up ©

            you aint even Danny

          • guest

            Dude you aren’t the real Danny. You faker then some titties, you’ll get titty fucked.

            • Young Hitta

              lol I thought that really was danny lowkey cause of the avatar lol

      • Glenn

        He is a blood they cant use the letter c because of crips

      • Brick Cannon

        Fake fan exposed

    • Anonymous

      Dafuq you postin old ass pics for?

  • F baby

    I don’t know why but hot nigga is so hard especially in the club

  • Tune Up

    Turn Up!

  • Young Thug killing it, every song he puts out is played in the club.

    Shame that doesn’t happen that much with Wayne anymore.

    • ashley

      man stfu you ALWAYS tryna find a negative thing to troll about . hoe ass

      • I’m just telling it how it is.

        Sometimes the truth hurts.

        • ashley

          & bullshit stinks!!
          nah gtfoh cuz wen cv drops you’ll be the first sucking his dick through comment’s . you hoe ass nigga

        • ashley

          what kinda LAME likes his own comment lmaooooo

          • Khosta


    • Freck

      Young Thug is gay asf, nobody fuck wit that nigga, theyonly like his beats and that’s it.

    • Play

      Smh Wayne just ain’t that nigga no more, wayne hasn’t had a song play consistently in the club since 6 foot 7 foot. Wayne needs a banger and he keeps putting out these lame songs. D’usse was the first banger I heard from wayne for a while but it can’t be a single because of all the talkin and shit smh, the truth is Wayne’s carrer is about to die…

      • Brick Cannon

        U sound dumb. Last summer Bitches love me was all was playin in the club

      • triggacity_813

        Bitches love me & no worries controlled 2013 what you mean ?

      • Godo Zilla

        You I just seen on his last post on (face down) saying “Wayne’s back ain’t no body fkn wit wayne” and 3 days later now u saying wayne ain’t dat nigga lol u a fake ass nigga

      • Khosta

        love me

    • Paparapapapa

      Lol bad troll, trying get people mad, lmfao trying again, you fail this time 0/10. You need to improve but just a bit don’t worry

  • Poor Homie Quann

    Rainbow hat guy is like what’s a dentist?

  • YMplex

    what is the song called in the third video ?

    • It’s mentioned in the post. T.I. and Young Thug’s “About The Money”.

      • YMplex

        oh sorry. Thanks Danny

  • D6 Bitch

    Danny wayne has a new single called sasaraf it sounds like a freestyle so it must be for d6!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so fuckin excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Trey


      • D6 Bitch

        you stfu I didn’t know, and yes i’m actually a new fan, I became a wayne fan after D4

        • block

          Wow didnt know wayne was still getting new fans

        • CMB_

          damn, but 2 years late?

        • Khosta

          welcome bro

    • jpeewee bond

      where u been at ?u late it came 2012

      • Trey

        lol he must be a new fan or something lol

    • Trey

      …………………..Just stfu

    • Daniel Mousdell

      Actually Rebirth 2 is coming out first.

    • Brick Cannon

      Fake fan exposed

    • Godo Zilla

      Nigga u late that song has been released 2 years ago GTFO lol

      • block


    • Khosta

      lol in which world have you been living in

  • Daniel Mousdell

    Rip Rip!!! #BelieveMe

  • kfreshh

    wayne AND drake need to do a hot nigga remix

    • PM

      Wayne needs to do on d6 for sure

      • kfreshh

        hell yea

  • Tuned

    What’s everyone’s top 5 Lil Wayne songs?
    Mines are; Million Dollar Baby, I’m Raw, Pray To The Lord, LaLaLa (Light up my), and Renegade or Tha Mobb
    The last 2 are a tie for me

  • Jay weezle

    I just listened to that Bad Bitches interlude on flow mixtape lmfao I didn’t remember that it was that funny

  • jaleel bell

    Lil Wayne gets all da baddest bitchez

  • Real Wayniac

    Dat hat

  • triggacity_813
    • Tuned

      Anyone can go?



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