NBA Player James Young Is A Lil Wayne Fan, Talks Attending The “Drake vs. Lil Wayne” Tour

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NBA Player James Young Is A Lil Wayne Fan, Talks Attending The Drake vs Lil Wayne Tour

Did you know that American basketball player James Young, who currently plays for the Boston Celtics, is a Lil Wayne fan?

Emily Austen recently sat down with Young for an interview and during this sit-down, he mentioned that his favorite type of music is hip-hop and R&B, his favorite artists are Lil Wayne, Drake and Jay-Z, and going to a show on the Drake vs. Lil Wayne” tour with his teammates.

You can watch the conversation in the clip below. Thanks Amritpal Uppal for the heads up!

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  • First


  • Tuned

    My nigga young. Wayne is yo favorite basketball players favorite rapper and yo favorite rappers favorite rapper.

  • Patrick H

    Ain’t weezy a Boston celtics fan too?

    • CarterBoy

      Big Bs

    • nah

      No hes a lakers fan he likes the boston red sox tho

    • Whaddup 5!

      Boston is the city of champions

  • That lady interviewing him is a certified MILF.

    • CarterBoy


  • CarterBoy

    Everyone a fan of that boy Tunechi

  • Been rappin flow still tight like aerobics clothes

    • Deontre Lewis

      Lighter in my pocket , like a sky rockets

  • guest

    1 month 8 day cant wait

    • Kendrick

      I can wait

    • mortimerr2014

      Damn only a little over a month until c5 gets pushed back?! Ah shit this is going fast!

      • Time


  • triggacity_813

    C5 gonna put everything to rest

    • Tech N9ne

      Except Kendrick album

      • mortimerr2014

        I’m actually hype for Kendrick album but it won’t be better than c5. Wayne’s never worker this hard on an album c5 will be amazing. I’m hype for kendricks new album too but think…gkmc was kendricks classic? Well ianahb2 arguably waymes worst album sold like double what kendricks did. C5 over kendricks album any day

        • LuvCoolJ

          Think about Wayne’s career over Kendrick’s. Of course he’s gonna sell more smh. I guarantee you Kendrick’s album will be miles ahead of C5. That’s a bet

          • triggacity_813

            We’ll see

          • jayreeves

            lets bet bruh you and k dot look so go damn sad for spending all day on this site talking shit. Gtfoh

          • mortimerr2014

            Exactly. Look at Wayne’s career compared to kendricks lol enough said

      • triggacity_813

        Especially Kendricks album.. This gonna make ppl take Wayne seriously again

      • C

        Kendrick single dropping Tuesday

      • RJ Brunson

        U dickriding Kendrick like he a GOAT just stfu

  • SeattleAtHome

    New Wayne single featuring kendrick called Venom coming soon, I seem the artwork came out already

    • Tuned

      You a lie

    • SeattleAtHome

      FAKEseattle ^^^

    • RJ Brunson

      Stfu bruh. Nobody knows shit about C5. And nobody gives three fuks about Kendrick and his overrated raps

  • Tuned

    7 days from now is weezy birthday

    • Time

      Are we getting him a gift?

      • Tuned

        We make him money everyday

  • Drilon_G

    Man I be telling my friends that c5 is gonna be dope but they always doubting me and on Oct. 28th ima look at em like this and tell em

    • Lil Tunechi Or Young Tunafish

      Maybe you will but not on 28th Oct, most likely on 5/5/15, it was the plan along for it to be released on that date.
      P.S all the tracks that have been released so far from Tha Carter V session are not going to be on the album believe me, we’re still waiting for the 1st official single with a music video that will fire up the charts untill then don’t get your hopes up too high

      • Spiderman

        Believe me is on the album .. In irvine wayne said ” I have an album coming out oct 28th called Tha Carter 5 matter fact Lemme do something off the album.. Believe me ” and he performed it with Drake

    • Time

      I wouldnt be mad if they put Told Yall on C5. The song is too good to not be on an album

      • YoungJT1092

        And Terrorists. That song is just floating out in space…

  • Drilon_G

    Shoutout to James young for being a fan

  • jayreeves

    wheres that pussy aint no niggas tryna hear kendricks lame ass stories that never happened. He aint no real g he fuckin nerdy ass nigga that little hipsters like you love. danny needs to ban your gay ass why dont you go on kendricks fan site that has 388k followers..oh wait.. there is none. Hype kendricks album all you want and watch it sell 250 k max. Quit bitchin you lil girl k dot will never be a hip hop king. weezy tha goat you delusional fuck watch c5 win aoty. Cant wait to laugh at you for bein so stupid

  • Anonymous

    If you believe.C5 is coming in October your got to be an real retard all Wayne albums get pushed back even his latest mixtapes got pushed back and those were free.C5 doesn’t have a big hit yet believe me was a hit but it fizzled out like a month later and krazy and grindin are terrible tracks for an album no one is talking about those tracks.

    • Tuned

      Grindin is a promo, krazy is good the beat just throws it off.

  • RockLikeAfuqinFossil

    This is a wayne site and everyone is talkin bout kendrick. . If there was a kendrick site nobody would Talk about wayne. .

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