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Lil Wayne’s “Tha Carter V” Album Has Been Pushed Back From October 28th

Mon, Oct 27, 2014 by

Lil Wayne Tha Carter 5 Album Has Been Pushed Back From October 28th

As most of us all expected, Lil Wayne‘s forthcoming Tha Carter V album has been pushed back from the October 28th release date.

Mack Maine confirmed to Karen Civil that the project will not be dropping tomorrow and they are currently working on getting a new release date for it.

Well that sucks! I will be sure to update this post when a new release date for C5 is announced.

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  • Kai Balduin

    NBA tonight ?!

  • arth

    lil wayne shoulda signed to jay-z record label since the first time, ymcmb sucks, if there were an award for the worst and most stupid manager in the world, tez, stunna and Maine would win it, Wayne is way too good to fuck with those bastards

  • KheyKheyLuvTunechi

    Sum ppl jus dnt get it! It takes time tu drop n release music. My Boo alwayz took his tyme which is wat it shud b. Critiquing n switching lyrics n stuff takes awhile. The artist has tu make sure that they r pleased with how the song sounds n wat is said in the song. It’s all important, so ppl needa stop getting angry n shyt!

    • ThaCarterV

      Yeah but don’t you think they figured that it wasn’t coming out more than 12 hours prior? Why have a release party in New Orleans

      • shadow

        better forget about c5…these people are making us fools,,,///

  • Griffey914

    Mack just tweeted…”PSA from @liltunechi comin soon……stay tuned!!!”
    What does PSA stand for??

    • Griffey914

      Oh….Public Service Announcement. Oh geeesh! Here we go, a dumb fuckin excuse

  • StillHope

    Mack Maine tweeted
    “PSA from @LilTunechi comin soon….Stay tuned!!”
    Hopefully this is something good.

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  • Ogloc

    Fuk young mula I’m done they lost me as a fan

    • shadow

      better forget about c5…these people are making us fools,,,

  • Razor

    damn 3301 comments

    • shadow

      better forget about c5…these people are making us fools,,,

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  • shadow

    expected lot but got nthing,,really disappointed..,,i dont wanna hang as a hard core fan of a celebrity who making fun on his fan…better they wanna respect there fans,,fuck u all cheaters,,,i never buy cv…

  • got a Lil’ Wayne in me no homo

    “Sorry 4 Tha Wait” was good. Hope we get something like that. I ain’t even got a CD player and I went to Best Buy. Fucked up my day just a little, but I still fucks wit my boy, and if you fuck with my boy, I’ll fuck up a boy, no homo, Birdman, we luv ya.