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Feature Friday #60: Chamillionaire – Rock Star (Feat Lil Wayne)

Fri, Jan 1, 2016 by

Chamillionaire Rock Star Feat Lil Wayne

And here is the first post on LilWayneHQ.com in 2016! As it’s a Friday today, I have decided to do a new “Feature Friday” installment and chosen Chamillionaire‘s “Rock Star” featuring a verse from Lil Wayne.

The Beat Bullies-produced song appears on King Koopa‘s Ultimate Victory album, which was released back in 2007. You can listen to “Rock Star” below. Happy New Year’s Wayniacs!

“Step into the line of fire, jalapeno toes; Compared to Bigfoot, you just twinkle toes; I get ya girlfriend wet like wrinkled clothes; Rock star life – money, drugs, freaky hoes; World tours, walk-throughs, and TV shows”

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  • Heroshe_tunechi

    I just saw birdman and Wayne in same pic in drakes party. Fuck the world with a long dick. Very disappointed

    • Giraffe Boy

      publicity stunt

  • Giraffe Boy

    so c5 really dropping this year

  • He went into technology

  • Happy New Years LWHQ

    • David D

      you too

  • David D

    dope song but cant believe ymcmb are back together

  • Davonsticks

    Danny pretending he aint seen Weezy and Birdman together at Drake’s party……

  • Don pepperoni

    Wayne won the lawsuit dont get it fucked up, Drake post this new year party cuz he know him nd wayne got their money. This year wayne is Richer than birdman. Now that they good financially they can drop C5, we get c5 this year and then views too. There is 4th quarter per year.

    • WeezyLEF

      How are you so sure about all that? Maybe he didnt win, maybe they just reached an agreement, maybe they made up again, I doubt Birdman actually gave 51 mil. If he did, its great, but I doubt it

      • Mech_Engr_09

        Yeah they need to say exactly what happened or I won’t know what to think. If it’s all been fake, then all of wayne’s music the past months have been bullshit and I will never respect him again. If it was all true and they settled and wayne can leave cash money and got his money he was owed then i’m happy. I would just be happy if he doesn’t fuck with birdman anymore. He’s a shady ass dude and I don’t think wayne is very smart for trusting him all these years.

        • WeezyLEF

          I dont think that was a publicity stunt tho. If they are good again, well, I understand that. Dont want it, but I understand. I mean Wayne has known Birdman since 9 yrs old, he changed his life, still made a lotta money because of Birdman, he may see him as a father figure really. But I dont think Wayne would ever cheat us fans like that man, that would be really messed up tbh

          • Mech_Engr_09

            Yeah I know but that’s why I’m saying we need to know the truth because if nothing is ever said about it. I’ll consider them both to be shady imo. I don’t want it either. I think he really has been fucking Wayne over and I sincerely hope Wayne is done with cm and moves on.

  • Heroshe_tunechi

    You’re selfish aren’t you. It’s good for us but not for Wayne.

  • Best

    Nice song, never heard it before

  • Femal_Weezy

    3 baptou et un ranoi

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