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Hodgy Has A Collaboration With Lil Wayne Called “Tape Beat” Dropping In December

Fri, Nov 18, 2016 by

Hodgy Has A Collaboration With Lil Wayne Called Tape Beat Dropping In December

After calling Lil Wayne his favorite rapper a few months back and seeing a photo of them working together in the studio back in 2014, Hodgy has now revealed when we will be hearing his collaboration with Wayne.

The Odd Future artist has added his forthcoming Fireplace: TheNotTheOtherSide to iTunes for pre-order and on track 10, there is a song called “Tape Beat” featuring Weezy.

Hodgy will be releasing his project on December 9th, so we will be hearing this collabo in less than a month! Who’s excited to hear it?

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  • Ye’

    I like hodgy

    • Patrick H

      Who even is he?

  • Swaggy g

    C5 or d6 wtf should I get excited about a feature fwa last dope project shit getting sad when these new wack mumble rappers dropping shit left and right tho that lawsuit don’t mean he can’t drop a mixtape or at least some fucking solo songs smfh👎👎👎


    wasn’t wayne suppose to be featured on an episode of loiter squad a few years ago?

    • Patrick H

      That probably ended up being his part on the cherry doc.

      • OGER’S OILS

        truuu I think its dope when he hangs out with OF

  • Patrick H

    Who is this guy?

    • fewcha

      he on odd future

  • Gudda Gudda

    so this is from 2014? wasn’t that a bad year for weezy verses?


      it depends who your asking

    • fewcha

      no 2014 – 2016 has been good
      2012 – 2013 was the bad one

    • dharma

      2014 was a great year with the CV singles and tracks like d’usse.

  • Kollegiate Kermit
    • fewcha


    • dharma

      Need that extended version tho


    Weezy F, Kinda nice with the Glock
    But I’m better than that with the rock
    Tyna land me a spot at the ROC

  • fewcha

    the year is nearly over and no wayne project is announced 🙁

  • ⚜️BATMAN🛡

    Wayne need a new series

  • Figure Of Me

    Saw Wayne last night at ODU for the first time ever.. fucking legendary

  • 🐐Wattblt🙏🏾😈ROCShit🖖🏽👁

    Wayne got a new ft out

  • Young Boruto ♏

    Who? But that’s to far away 😩 I lowkey will take a NC3 or Ianahb3 rn even if its bad cause Wayne bad still decent/listenable compared to these young niggas

  • TooReal

    If we get nothing this year hopefully we get something in early 2017 I’m talking either January or February

  • Consumed

    I want Tha Carter V in December

  • Tunefan1234

    I’m off the ball im off the mothafuckin wall y’all, I put a bitch through hell with gasoline drawers on, it’s like my minds a Parkin lot but all the cars gone, it’s said pussy get shot give me a hard on, u can’t tell that to this nose, got the world on the end of my fish pole, bad bitches at my dispose, fuck u talking bout bitch I’m ain’t cold I’m that king cold, I unload then I reload, put the gun to your earloab, I rob anybody shit I Robert De Niro 🔥🔥

    What y’all think?

    • Official Birdman #Respek

      That’s one of my favorite snippetts, the best to me is the “Welcome to the Jungle” one. I hope they are really C5 material

    • CarterBoy


  • CarterBoy

    New post