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Lil Twist & Fooly Faime Announce New Song “Nerve” With Lil Wayne

Mon, Nov 7, 2016 by

Lil Twist & Fooly Faime Announce New Song Nerve With Lil Wayne

Lil Twist took to his Snapchat in the week to reveal him and Fooly Faime have a new collaboration with Lil Wayne called “Nerve” coming soon.

“We got that ‘Nerve’ with Lil Tunechi on the way though”

If you don’t follow the Young Money artist on Snap, or you missed the 8-second clip, you can check it out after the jump below! Who is looking forward to hearing the track?

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  • Khosta

    London Roads is such a classic

    • Patrick H

      It’s an amazing song.

  • Dez Tunechi Ansah

    LA traffic was good. Wayne should let this kids outshine him on a track for once

    • fewcha

      twist ruined it tho lol

  • fewcha

    wayne and twist got some good songs well the wayne verses are good
    lets chill, the leak, la traffic
    i didnt really like flowerz tho

    • Blur

      Flowerz the best one what chuuuu mean

    • Nathaniel Diaz

      Always like “that’ll be cool” verse..”you ain’t talkin bout nothin, got ya girl leavin out my house walking all funny!”

  • Brand Johnny

    Need another Euro and Wayne song.. Euro > Cory Gunz tbh.

    • Patrick H

      Both are dope.

    • Gudda Gudda

      opinions everywhere

  • TooReal

    Sounds like it will be wack and a song Wayne won’t take seriously but I’ll wait until I hear it to judge

  • Gudda Gudda

    twist got dreads now

  • #1Stunna(Fuck Kush)

    #FreeC5 #D6

  • blunt
    • Justin Cayz

      Tbh that wasn’t really bad lol. I agree with him on that one.

    • blunt

      But when the media was attacking T.I he apologized so why his he talking shit abt tune besides tune apologized like the next day to the people that were offended the main BLM PEOPLE not T.I. T.I SHOULD EAT SHIT 💩

  • Sparks

    Who tf cares are a lil twist song. Why Wayne wasting his features tbh

    • CarterBoy

      Because it’s his artist

  • Justin Cayz

    Wayne removed his last post on IG because of all these idiots posting shit in his comments smh

    • CarterBoy

      What was his post?

  • Ak

    Dude like Wayne fucked up bad I didn’t know he would get so much hate after that interview it’s sad to see

    • Stefan David Tufis

      he probably still doesn’t give a fuck,he received so much hate all this years and that didn’t affect him. he in his world and he good there

      • Ak

        But some of his homies are turning their back on him it’s a shame man I know he probably don’t care but I feel for him you know he has enough shit to worry about

        • Stefan David Tufis

          if you talking about T.I,he just said those things to try to “lighten” his mind. ye he already has so much shit goin on but this is his last problem. i don’t want to say that what he said is right or wrong,but the only thing i know is that is his way to view the subject and he will not change it

          • Ak

            Yeah you right he will release C5 and everyone will forget and come back on the Wayne train but for some like myself I never got off

            • Ak

              I will reach my final destination when he retires

    • CarterBoy

      TI, is that you?

    • ThevintageWay

      Fk ya

  • CarterBoy

    Generation 2 for Pokemon Go coming real soon

  • N!gger Lover

    Fuck Lil Wayne punk ass sell out #KeepC5

  • A.

    i have the same Trukfit shirt

  • ThevintageWay

    Lol so.. I copped the Carter 2 Tee Cashmoney released this week.I plan on getting The Carter Tee aswell. Ain’t really tryna put money in birdfags bank account tho 👎🏽

    • Nathaniel Diaz

      Where at? Not jacking, just curious how it looks

  • Aye

    Somebody free lil tune
    He the greatest when it comes to the booth
    Give credit this is evident proof
    14 I was mimicking you
    -Ace Hood

    • Which song is this?

      • Aye

        That part on the body bag 4 mixtape


    HTown was stupid lit last night check my storys to see some dope footage of tune

    Snapchat oger17
    ig OgersOils

  • Wassup Kermit, wya ? I just emailed you brodie

  • Weezy F

    Announce? Mothafucka you hardly drop music, fuck an announcement drop t NOW!

  • Consumed

    Im sure i read “Nerd” or was i that tired?

  • SUPA M

    When he drop the song??

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