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Lil Wayne To Perform Live In Paris, France This Summer

Thu, Apr 6, 2017 by

Lil Wayne To Perform Live In Paris France This Summer

We already know Lil Wayne will be performing live in Germany, Denmark, Portugal, and Netherlands in August, and now it has been announced that Wayne will be putting on another show in a European country this summer.

On August 16th, Weezy will perform live at L’Olympia (Olympia Bruno Coquatrix) in Paris, France from 8:00PM for a stop on his “World Wide Weezy Tour“.

If you wish to attend the concert and see Tunechi live in France, click here to order your tickets online!

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  • T-Chubbs

    Nigga where da cookies n shyt 🚬
    Oh I keep it on me

  • Raz!

    wayne will be like….

    “bonjour paris, let me tell you 3 things about me, i believe in god, i aint shit with you, and most importantly i aint shit without you” and then go into performing a milli

    • SUPA M

      No if he performs just his old song i don’t get in olympia for this…. I want c5 perform or nothin’

      • Dr Carter

        Comme s’il venait tous les ans

        • SUPA M

          Non mais si c pour ecouté des vieux sons je pense que c mieux d’ecouter les nouvelles et les anciennes dans sa bagnole…

          • Dr Carter

            Ouais je vois mais tant que je le vois mon coeur est serein mdr

            • SUPA M

              J’espere qu’il va venir avec young thug et qu’il va posé le sons et pas avec sa voix de 2016 mais plutôt celle de 2008 a 2014 je trouve qu’il monte un peu trop dans les aigu après si je le rate c’est pas très grave je pense qu’il y aura bien un Carter tour après C5

              • Dr Carter

                Nan avec Young Thug c’est carrément impossible :/. Ouais on verra bien hein même si je pense que ça va être la dernière fois qu’il viendra

                • SUPA M

                  Nn c obligé qui repasse pour C5

    • Justin Cayz

      And he will probably pull an “excuse my french” joke

    • Dr Carter

      He gon take my 55 euros I dont care ahaha



    • Lmao

    • Reward Lema

      still we have some problems from 4 years ago, fans we nt helping him

  • David D

    0 fucks

  • YungJackBauer

    Wayne is performing 19 august in blockfest, Finland. Migos is also there

    • fewcha

      amazing amy

  • fewcha

    i hope the french are ready for a milli and rich as fuck

    • Dr Carter

      Ahahah lollipop

  • Fonz Bentley

    Nigga doing everything but releasing new music like he ain’t got fans fr.

    • Blur

      sports appearances
      book releases
      Hulu movie
      launching YM radio
      New YM merchandise

      literally everything except releasing new music

  • Reward Lema

    if we comments n post tings, our thirsty nobody will know, we must tak action as true fans to free weezy, base n more albums, I SAY PROTEST OTHERS WILL FOLLOW , IF THIS IS TRUE FANS HQ WE MUST DO SOMETHING

  • Dr Carter

    My nigga

  • ⚜️BATMAN🛡

    I can make Wayne a sick ass set list for his concerts, where he can literally have 100 fire songs in rotation. But his management team chooses to let him perform the same fucking songs every single time…shit is infuriating

  • Reptar 🐲

    Vanilla Ice > Little Wayne

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