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Lil Wayne Earns A “Top Rock Song” Nomination At The 2017 Billboard Music Awards

Mon, Apr 10, 2017 by

Lil Wayne Earns A Top Rock Song Nomination At The 2017 Billboard Music Awards

The nominations for this year’s Billboard Music Awards have been revealed and Lil Wayne received a nod at the awards show.

Weezy was nominated in the “Top Rock Song” category for his “Sucker For Pain” collaboration with Wiz Khalifa, Imagine Dragons, Logic, Ty Dolla $ign, and X Ambassadors.

This year’s Billboard Music Awards show air on ABC next month on May 21st at 8PM. You can see who Tunechi‘s competition is to win the award after the jump below. Good luck Tune!

Top Rock Song:
Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa & Imagine Dragons with Logic & Ty Dolla $ign Featuring X Ambassadors, “Sucker For Pain”
Twenty One Pilots, “Heathens”
Twenty One Pilots, “Ride”
Twenty One Pilots, “Stressed Out”
X Ambassadors, “Unsteady”

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  • Get It

    Weezy f babyyyyy…. the motha fucking Carter… Finish the song

    • Raz!

      bishes on my stick and my name aint harry potter



  • 🌊†unedabigbro🎶.💰.🔥.💨

    congrats wayne

  • Raz!

    weezy being nominated for a rock award reminds me of the rebirth era



    • #1Stunna

      Chill, they currently run that genre of music. Stressed out will probably win.

  • fewcha

    i’m a sucker for pain
    you just fuckin complain

  • #1Stunna

    Such a dope song. Wayne clearly had the best verse on the song.

  • #1Stunna

    What’s everybody’s top 5 Wayne songs? I’m trying to see what songs I’m missing in my collection.

    • Raz!

      impossible to pick a top 5

      • #1Stunna

        Give me some of your top ones then

        • Raz!

          pray to the lord, never get it, i’m me, gossip, bm jr, hustler musik, etc

    • Turtis

      I’d almost say it changes day to day man. It’s hard to even remember all of my favourite Wayne songs at once. It’d be easier to name a top 5 from each project than to name a top 5 in general

    • Turtis

      I always liked the lyrics of My Heart Races On. I got “life is just a race against time so have a good time” tatted. Speaking of fwa, street chains is hard, probably my fav rap song from the album.
      I always loved songs like sure thing, rollin, man I can’t even remember the names but a lot of songs from S4TW are fun to rap along to cause he’s just killing jt

      • Raz!

        FWA such an underrated album shame it was released only through tidal

        • Turtis

          Yeah I agree 100%. Fwa would have charted decently too probably if it was released like any other album

      • Daniel Thapelo Jovis Phiri

        Street chains de best man af…:-D

    • Reptar 🐲

      I’m me, Sorry 4 The wait (Rollin in the deep remix), 30 minutes to New Orleans, Abortion, & Demolition

      • Raz!

        which demolition

      • Daniel Thapelo Jovis Phiri

        If u aint feelin him jst choose anothr artist ..coz these days all thr new rappers sing wats being seng …

    • Aye

      BM Jr, gossip, dear summer, hustler music, cannon, lalala, and nah this ain’t the remix. Couldn’t pick five

    • Amen (Lil weezy Ana)
      Weezy ambitions
      I’m me
      Playing with Fire
      Sports center (d2)
      This changes very frequently tho there’s so many goat songs

      • realone504

        Amen my #1 too….miss my dogs #2 playing with fire #3 Abortion #4 fuck the world #5 “,…but yeah it changes bmjr could be 5 the mobb could be 5

      • Weezy504

        Money on my mind
        Georgia Bush
        Bring in back
        Weezy Ambitions

    • Nino-Heffner

      Pray to the lord, rolling, playing with fire, mo fire, shoot me down… atleast that’s what it is this week lol

    • PrinceMula

      cant do top 5 songs i could do albums though

      1. 500 Degreez
      2. Tha Carter
      3. Tha Carter II
      4. FWA
      5. Tha Carter III

      • Weezy504

        Fo sheezy

      • JTLivinRight

        Damn son, you my nigga! 500 is my fav album! Bloodline is my fav song off there. If only he could have a song like that on C5

    • Reward Lema

      1 gossip
      2. 6 fot 7 fot
      3 3 peat
      4 romance
      5 hustle music

    • JerseyBoyE

      I’m me
      Run this town
      I like the view
      Hit em up

      • Daniel Thapelo Jovis Phiri

        Dope tracks of all tyms n!gga

    • Pizza & Love

      I actually just made a Top 15 most underrated weezy songs, search for ” the best of “mixtape weezy” pizza&love ” on youtube #FREEC5

    • JTLivinRight

      1. Scarface
      2. You Got Jokes
      3. Living Right
      4. Ambitionz
      5. HollyWeezy

  • Thatbitchneedhermoneyback

    Been on this forever and just never joined. But Wayne the 🐐 fuck birdman and you fake ass bitch ass hatin ass niggas

    • Turtis

      Haha word

    • Pizza & Love

      haha Me too, like 7 years

  • ⁶𓅓ºᵛº ᵃⁿᵗ𓅓⁶
    • Raz!

      oh shit them shots hahahaha

    • Jbadd504

      Looks like those emojis mean no more cash money

    • Well damn lol

    • milo

      it means the reason Wayne’s vocals sound so awful is because Mike Banger stopped mixing his shit…Sad stuff, kinda makes sense tho. Someone needs to slap wayne and tell him to get a new mixer/sound engineer etc

    • LondonB

      Oh shit he basically saying wayne aint been on his prime since no ceilings one. I remember seeing mike in those scoob doo nino brown vids working the protools

  • Anxiety K.O.D

    All these non autotune Wayne tracks are trash

    Thank God he invented the correct use of autotune to create art.

    That man is Picasso on the mic with autotune

    • Reptar 🐲


    • Daniel Thapelo Jovis Phiri


    • Weezy504

      The he’ll with Auto-Tune, D.O.A

  • soulja got that sack

    Shout out to everyone throwing dirt on Banger because you can’t afford the skills. Even bigger shout out to their yes-men – Mike Banger

    • Daniel Thapelo Jovis Phiri

      Dey ar sick af man…tel em

  • 1017BLOOD

    Rock song? Really?

    • Lmao idk why I thought niggas dug up Rebirth for some bullshit award 😂

      • Khaos

        I did to😂

      • logan k 32

        Rite best rap rock album in the last 10 years lol

  • TooReal

    One of my favorite lil Wayne hooks I tried a lil story telling with this

    https://soundcloud. com/ymob-koolaid/my-life-remix-feat-lil-wayne-hook

    Needs editing but I ain’t feel like doing all that so fuck it the lyrics dope

  • Wayne killed this verse tho. Crazy ever since that tweet about not getting no awards this nigga been nominated for some shit every year since. Weezy workin

    • Daniel Thapelo Jovis Phiri

      Alot dnt realize dey busy pokin on him..f em

  • Tunde

    Dang collegrove is so slept on, listening to rolls Royce weather rn.

    • Daniel Thapelo Jovis Phiri

      Dats dope

  • King Slime Thugger

    Lol as if this is gnna be counted as a wayne accomplishment..He’s the least popping out of all them niggas on that song

    • MuddyCupSavage (Untouchable)

      Why are you here??😂

    • Khosta The God

      Grow up its not working

    • 1017BLOOD

      Lmao least popping but still considered to have the best part on the track ¯_(ツ)_/¯

    • Weezy504

      Really I thought he killed that shit.

  • Weezy The GOAT

    Love Wayne’s verse on this he smashed it

  • T-Chubbs

    Shoot u in yo thorax leave u lookin like a kotex

    • DeMarcus


  • E dog

    Ill be so hype if Wayne do Mask Off

  • Weezy504

    All Amerikkkan Bada$$ 🔥

  • Khosta The God

    Go weezy go

  • Weezy4prez

    Damn dedication 4 is alot better than I remembered it to be.

    Maybe it’s just good in comparison to whst hes doing now

    • Lil Mk vert 🖕🙄🖕

      Stfu hoee hoe shut the fuck up hoe hoe

  • yobezzal901

    I know my clique tough as tusk thats on a hippopotamus
    #Get a gat

  • yobezzal901

    Eating peanut butter and jelly fishes on toast and if i get stung i get stoaked

    • Daniel Thapelo Jovis Phiri

      Sucker for pain

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