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Lil Wayne Hits Up LIV Nightclub In Miami With O.T. Genasis & Nelly [Videos]

Tue, Aug 8, 2017 by

Lil Wayne Hits Up LIV Nightclub In Miami With OT Genasis & Nelly

Last month on July 2nd, Lil Wayne made an appearance at LIV nightclub in Miami, Florida for “LIV on Sunday’s”.

During his appearance, Weezy performed “Steady Mobbin’“, “Pop That“, “Bitches Love Me“, “Back That Azz Up“, and more songs live.

Tunechi was also joined at the nightclub by O.T. Genasis, Nelly, DJ Stevie J, Sosamann, HoodyBaby, and others. Hit the jump to check out some footage!

Photo credit: Dylan Rives.

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  • Deysean Cortner


    • SUPA M

      welcome but you isn’t on YT here so don’t put “first” or other words like this on your comments

      • Torianbadass


  • Young

    Aye Khosta where that beat at and who on it?

  • Raz!

    steady mobbin is classic


  • fewcha

    like a man > every song on ITWT

    • Playboi Drizzy


    • A.T

      Verse on loyalty kinda wavy though?? I fck with it 🔥

    • Sicoe

      Never forget Magnolia, wayne snapped on it and made it his song like he does on every freestyle or remix

  • JTOnHisCarter5Shit

    No double cup..? Hopefully Wayne is cutting back on the lean..but probably not becauss this lawsuit shit still- STILL-going on..smfh

    • Gudda Gudda

      He never has lean in his cup anyway it’s just an image

      • #1Stunna


      • Kunechi

        i agree

      • Time


        If he was really on lean he would have a bigger gut like Gucci did and chief keef does

        Too many gullible Wayne fans think he still does that

        • Nathaniel Diaz

          That’s all genetics, I sipped at least 4-5x per week for 3 years straight (2010-2013) and I lost weight. Wayne don’t hold that cup for nothing, when he has it theres sip in there. Lemme guess he puts food dye in that “water” too, to make it look purple or pink? Yall just almost hurt to believe that he sips when he does.

      • Nathaniel Diaz

        Lenme guess, he dyes that other “liquid” too to make it look purple for the image uh? If it were for the image why he not holding it now or in a couple other pics? Or why don’t he make sure it’s always front n center for the pic to market that “image”? Wayne not the type to be that corny to stay with that cup just for the image, it’s like tall get hurt to think he still sips

  • Gudda Gudda

    Why do all pretty girls have such stuck up attitudes

    I can’t find a humble down to earth pretty girl who I can ask out 😥

  • You Know I aint Scared

    Wayne killed this better be on D6 🔥🔥🔥 went back to his old self for us

    • TooReal

      Lmao that’s not wayne

    • Playboi Drake

      Lmaooooo nice try. That was definitely a fuckin Wayne Clone

    • Time

      Was that you smh

    • 💰FreeTune🖤

      Lmao I seen that last night I was so hurt

    • SUPA M

      😂 😂 😂 😂. i see that today

  • Man Man

    Mann all I got is hunneds, I ain’t even stuntin, stuck to the benjis like Benjamin button

    • Time


  • Playboi Drizzy

    We used to be so lit on this bitch, Yo what happened to that guy Rawhide? Lol

    • Kunechi

      He got arrested for possession of marijuana

    • Time

      Passed away I think

      • Kunechi

        yeah overdosed on marijuana

  • Kunechi

    If you are interested in writing for your favorite NFL team as a hobby, let me know. I got a new website going.

    thehalftimebreak .com

  • Time

    LIV on Sunday’s KOD Monday

  • Weezy4prez

    I think waynes preparing to drop an album or something. Could be a reach. But he officially dropped “like a man” yesterday & the loyalty video. Butttt i dont wanna get my hopes up cause he most likely wont drop shit.

    • DC

      Hopefully! A Wayne News instagram account said he (Wayne) has an interview coming up to let us know where he’s at.

      • Torianbadass

        Lmao yeah I know that guy who u taking a about

        • DC

          I don’t think he’s bullshitting

  • TooReal

    Anybody here has EA UFC 2 on ps4?

  • Never thought I’d see a fuckin free me sign nigggga

    • YungJackBauer

      Young carter niggas know Im blood

    • YungJackBauer

      Everything red is classic hip hop shit

  • 💰RichGangBaby💰

    Is that Wayne’s Riker uniform?

    • Torianbadass

      Rich gang trash

  • 💰RichGangBaby💰

    Lil Beetlejuice

  • DC

    Am I the only one who remembers weak ass YM radio lol. After Hoody’s trash ass mixtape dropped that shit been quiet as fuck

  • ⁶𓅓ºᵛºᵏᵘˢʰ⁶𓅓

    Wayne the only relevant rapper in all these pictures lmao

  • Weezy