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Behind The Scenes Of Lil Wayne’s “Young Money Radio” Show With Apple Music’s Larry Jackson

Sat, Jun 13, 2020 by

Behind The Scenes Of Lil Wayne Young Money Radio Show With Apple Music Larry Jackson

Lil Wayne‘s “Young Money Radio” show, which airs every Friday afternoon at 4PM PST, is now eight episodes in and it’s getting stronger and stronger.

According to Apple Music’s global creative director, Larry Jackson, this radio show with Tunechi was always going to happen even before COVID-19 became a thing. “Young Money Radio” was originally going to be taped weekly at Culver City studios in Los Angeles, but due to the coronavirus, Larry set Tune up to broadcast from his private studio in Miami.

“We’re No. 1 in hip-hop. Artists like Wayne, Drake, Travis, Future, Post Malone, Kanye all do really well on the service. To be sure: Drake’s ‘Scorpion’ holds the biggest first-week streams tally of any album on Apple Music. In second place: Wayne’s ‘Carter V.’ It was a natural if I could work it out to get Wayne to deliver the show.”

To date, Weezy has chopped it up with guests such as Dr. Dre, Drake, Eminem, Jamie Foxx, Kevin Durant, Kevin Hart, LaToya Cantrell, Mike Tyson, Muriel Bowser, Nicki Minaj, Travis Scott, and plenty more on “Young Money Radio”. Jackson reveals to Variety that his dream guest was Dr. Anthony Fauci and his pitch to get the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases on the radio show went something like:

“I know you don’t know me, I know you haven’t even heard of this show, but it’s become a real roaring success for us on Apple Music. We’re the No. 1 streaming service in Black music, and our community needs to hear what you have to say. They’re not on CNN; they’re not on ‘Good Morning America’; they’re not on the ‘Today Show,’ but they are on Young Money Radio. I promise you if you come on the show, it’ll have true resonance with the community.”

Pic credit Julia Beverly

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  • Jbadd504

    Man I tune in to every episode of ym radio and I must say that I hate when wayne and another artist talk about releasing new music together…. like when he asks drake what’s up with them doing new music and he tells them all they have to do is send some tracks…. well this recent episode he asked t pain what happened with the t wayne album !!!! I thought we were about to get some answers but then t pain was prob just as confused as me ! T pain said nigga I was bout to ask u what happened to it ! Wayne then says again… “all u gotta do is send me some tracks” !! Wtf …. we already know u recording the shit ain’t the problem ! We want answers to why the shit never comes out straight from Wayne’s mouth !

    • Raz!

      its kinda cringe tbh

      • Jbadd504

        Yea man. I’m over it already lol

  • Jbadd504

    Every time I see the guest lineup for the next episode I think ohh shit we about to get some unanswered questions to some shit we been wanting to know for years…or we bout to have some crazy interview where we learn a bunch of shit…then we get this regular cut and dry conversation about some generic ass questions bruh…..the idea of ym radio was nice but they aren’t really using the platform to its fullest potential with the special guest that they bring !

    • Lil Burb

      Facts .Thats why Jamie was one of the best guest yet . Weezy was more talkative and sharing old stories and joking back . Nicki Was a good guest too

      • Jbadd504

        I think Jamie was the best so far 2

        • Giraffe Boy

          dr dre was a real one

    • I think he just be too cooked to even bother with a real convo on air. Cuz there’s been a few times where he’s told the guests he’ll call them after the show. But idk 🤷🏾‍♂️

      • Jbadd504

        Yea I think the real convos go down off air.

    • HeroinWayne

      Idk why u expect Wayne or his team to do anything right

    • MuddyCupSavage

      Allllways hatin

      • Jbadd504

        Never, I’m Wayne’s biggest fan. It just kills me that he only ask “safe questions” I hate charlemagne the god but that nigga gonna ask his guest sum shit the ppl wanna hear about and he not afraid to

  • A.

    i got hash, moon rocks

    just rolled a joint

    3,4 month thc sober

    And If you happen to get there before me
    Leave a message in the dust just for me
    If I don’t see it I’ll be waiting for you
    On the dark side of the moon (yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
    carter 5

    • Jbadd504

      Love that song

      • Raz!

        i think its the worst song on there lol

        • Jbadd504

          I had that shit on repeat lol

  • Raz!

    wayne a full time podcast host now lol

    • Time

      Best Podcast Host Alive

  • Time


  • Hop in the McLaaren please let’s just ride

  • Giraffe Boy

    this is amerikkka

  • Patrick H

    So basically Larry Jackson is the one getting all of the guests on the show and there was me thinking it was Wayne.

    • Dabulls10

      You a whole fool if you thought Wayne himself was getting most the guest. That’s what teams are for. Wayne just the light.

  • HeroinWayne

    Believe Me, is a klassic

  • King Slime Thugger



  • JC7

    Any of these sites got never heard before C4 leftovers for Sale?

  • JC7

    Wayne should’ve just stick to his signature style and innovated it rather than biting the new generation (the generation HE birthed)

    • He ain’t bite shit

    • RD4

      he just do the music he likes. and thats cool.

    • Tha Martian 👑

      what exactly is his signature style? He has so many styles , he is a group.

  • Jake Sharma #Khosta’sDad #4-0


    • iMont


    • Dr Carter

      Broooooooo i have the exact sentence stick in my head

  • David D

    If you out there in the street and been looking for me

  • Wisdom Dike

    Can’t get enough of big worm by lil Wayne, although happen to you keeps me asleep

  • RSB

    Back from the 80s forever 🔥

    • TrukFitNANCY


  • A.

    Lil Wayne – Break Up ft Gudda Gudda & Short Dawg

  • RktDaKid

    Shoutout Nore But Does Wayne Even Remember That He DESTROYED ‘Banned From Tv’ On No Ceilings?

    • A.


    • Tha Martian 👑

      He does not


    Damn if I hit 1k subscribers I’m going have to upload something I’m not even that good lol but I have a bigger fan base than some niggas who been doing it longer than me

  • Lil Burb

    Trolls #4 on apple music and supposedly #14 on spotify. may end being a bit of a flop charting wise . its coo tho his album still bout go gold in a week … maybe platinum if he has an actual hit or 2 on there.

  • Tha Martian 👑

    Wayne has told literally every guest on ym radio to send him music. From Em to snoop. From drake to a whole album with nicki. Dont forget T-wayne 2

    Think of all the amazing music we could potentially get. But deep down , i know we will only get a song with Dame dolla😔

    • Jbadd504

      Exactly !!!! This what I’m tryna say

  • SteveJobs

    I’ll jizz in ur hut

  • Armando Aka Kermit #Funeral

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    can always be an angel
    when everything goes wrong
    u see some bad
    but immmmm just a soul
    whose intentions are gooood
    oh lawd please dont let me be

  • SteveJobs

    Ima fuck kermits grandma in the ass with a brick

  • SteveJobs

    Fwmykigi off D5 >>

  • YMTRUkkeR

    completely unrelated, can someone pls give me a link to a good quality to that lil Wayne tha Carter Documentary, would be much appreciated i cant find it anywhere else

    • King Slime Thugger

      It’s on YouTube 🤡🤡🤡

  • Just dropped this lil EP .. hmu for the link

  • My friends and I been listening to the Carter albums from the first one today since the morning. We on Cartwr 4 now on the Outro and we all agree C4 the best Wayne album