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Tyga Reveals He Has “A Few Unreleased Songs With Lil Wayne”

Wed, Apr 27, 2022 by

Tyga Reveals He Has A Few Unreleased Songs With Lil Wayne

Tyga was the cover artist for the April, 2022 issue of Galore magazine to promote his “Wavy Baby” sneaker with MSCHF, upcoming eighth studio album that is slated for a summer release, and more.

Inside his cover story with Shirley Reynozo, T-Raww mentioned that he has “a few unreleased songs with [Lil] Wayne” and he is not sure yet if he will be adding any of them on his forthcoming album.

You can check out exactly what Tygaman had to say after the jump below. If you recall back to end of 2020, he previewed a collaboration with Wayne called “Crazy” that has still not had an official release!

We could not close out this interview without asking about your relationship with fellow Young Money artists, Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj. Are they featured on this album? Anything in the works with them in the future and anything you want to say about them?

Tyga: I have a few unreleased songs with Wayne. I don’t know if I’m going to put it on the album, but we have a few that are new. I have something I do want to get Nicki on. I haven’t gotten it to her yet because I would just want to make sure it’s the right track. I mean, I’m always down to collab with them. Young Money is just always going to be family.

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