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NLE Choppa Announces Release Date For “Ain’t Gonna Answer” Single Feat. Lil Wayne

Sat, Feb 18, 2023 by

NLE Choppa Announces Release Date For Aint Gonna Answer Single Feat Lil Wayne

NLE Choppa has revealed on social media when he plans to release his new single called “Ain’t Gonna Answer” featuring Lil Wayne.

We already know that the two of them have filmed a music video for this collaboration by seeing pictures a few days ago (and with the red MSCHF boots going viral), and now Choppa has announced “Ain’t Gonna Answer” will be released next Friday on February 24th.

While on set of the video shoot, NLE also presented Weezy with some flowers for Valentine’s Day, as well as a handwritten note and a customized skateboard to thank him in person for inspiring his life. Tune responded to the camera by saying: “Be like this guy, this is a good guy, for real. I do this a lot, I’m on video sets a lot… new artists, old artists, this doesn’t happen. This is a great guy.” You can check out footage and read what the handwritten note said below:

NLE Choppa Announces Release Date For Aint Gonna Answer Single Feat Lil Wayne

“Dear Wayne, I simply wanted to physically gift you these flowers to symbolize my appreciation for you as a artist, icon, and more importantly a inspiration. Growing up I had 3 favorites – Kobe, 2Pac, and the one and only Dwayne Carter!!! I pray this is just the beginning to a big brother, lil’ brother relationship. With that being said I want to say THANK YOU, wholeheartedly! Awards couldn’t even amount to how many lives you have changed and inspired. I am proud to be a part of both, forever grateful. Sincerely, NLE Choppa!
Favorite song: God Bless America”

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