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Lil Wayne’s Gun Charge Sentencing Has Been Pushed Back

Lil Wayne Gun Charge Sentencing Has Been Pushed Back

It looks like Lil Wayne will have to wait a couple of months before he is sentenced for illegally carrying a gun on his private jet at the end of 2019.

According to AllHipHop, Wayne‘s attorney Howard Srebnick has claimed the January 28th sentencing date given at the virtual court hearing just over a week ago was too ambitious.

The lawyer has been successful in submitting a new request to the United States District Court for the Southern District Of Florida asking for Tunechi‘s sentencing date to be pushed back to early March.

Tune could face up to 10-years behind bars for his gun possession by a convicted felon charge, but there is a possibility of a reduced sentence, due to him pleading guilty.

Even though there has not been a date confirmed by the judge as of right now, Howard has suggested that Weezy should be sentenced on the afternoon of either March 2nd, 4th, 9th, or the 11th. I will update this post when the date gets confirmed! The new sentence date is March 4th!


Lil Wayne Sells His Masters For More Than $100 Million

Lil Wayne Sold His Masters For More Than 100 Million

According to TMZ, Lil Wayne‘s former manager Ronald Sweeney has filed a lawsuit against the New Orleans rapper for over $20 million.

Ronald says Wayne hired him back in 2005 to help renegotiate his deal with Cash Money Records, which we know was also another lawsuit that finally got settled in 2018. However, the attorney claims he only got a few payments for his work and is now suing Weezy for the full cut.

In the suit that was filed by lawyer Ed McPherson, Ronald Sweeney also mentions he was asked by Lil Wayne to fire Cortez Bryant in 2018 over a conflict of interest in a legal dispute about who Drake was signed to. After doing so, Sweeney claims Tez and Mack Maine then conspired to cause a disagreement and anger between himself and Tunechi in which it ended with Tune firing the attorney.

The craziest part of this lawsuit is that Wayne sold his masters to Universal Music Group in June of this year for more than $100 million. Ronald Sweeney is using this to say Mr. Carter does have the money to pay him what he is owed.

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Lil Wayne Charged With Gun Possession, Faces A 10-Year Sentence If Convicted

Lil Wayne Charged With Gun Possession, Faces A 10 Year Sentence If Convicted

Bad news! Remember at the end of 2019 when Lil Wayne got caught with a gold-plated pistol in his luggage on board a private jet that he said was a Father’s Day gift?

Well according to TMZ, Tunechi has just been charged by the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District Of Florida for gun possession and ammunition by a convicted felon.

Wayne could face serious prison time if he gets convicted; up to 10 years. He is scheduled to appear in court next month. You can read what Weezy‘s attorney, Howard Srebnick, had to say below:

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Lil Wayne Wants His Old Lyric Book Back, Sends Legal Threats To The Auction Company

Lil Wayne Wants His Old Lyric Book Back, Sends Legal Threats To The Auction Company

Just over a few weeks ago, we found out that an old notebook containing some of Lil Wayne‘s raps from the Hot Boys era is on the market for $250,000.00. The book, which includes lyrics written by Wayne from when he was 17-years-old, was found in a car that once belonged to Cash Money and it is now being auctioned off through Moments In Time.

According to TMZ, Tunechi has got his attorneys to file a warning letter to the auction company stating the fact that he is the rightful owner of the notepad and he has never agreed to the sale of his pad. In this letter, Tune‘s attorneys say he “never abandoned his notebook”, but just lost it, and even though he is glad it has now been found, he is not happy about it being sold. Weezy claims that the person who found it kept it a secret for all this time, because he wanted to wait for the right opportunity to make money from it.

The founder of Moments In Time, Gary Zimet, reveals that Lil Wayne will have to purchase the notepad from them if he does want it back. Wayne is reportedly fine with doing this, but he’s still threatening legal action if they don’t stop the sale to the public!

Pic credit: MIA Nights.


Lil Wayne Sues His Former Attorney For $20 Million

Lil Wayne Sues His Former Attorney For 20 Million

According to TMZ, Lil Wayne is suing his former lawyer Ronald Sweeney, who has been representing him all the way from 2005 to September last year. Wayne has filed a $20 million lawsuit against his former attorney by claiming he has been overcharged during these past 13 years.

In the court documents, Tunechi says Ronald has charged him 10% of every deal he helped close without informing him that the industry standard is only 5%. He went on to say that Sweeney has made $20 million off him alone.

The Young Money CEO added that Ron brought in help from another law firm to help in his huge lawsuit against Birdman and Cash Money Records over Tha Carter V. Weezy says this firm got 23% from the Cash Money settlement money and 15% of the Universal Music Group settlement. This made him unhappy as this was also on top of Sweeney‘s 10%!