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Two Members From The LilWayneHQ Forum Meet Lil Wayne

Two Members From The LilWayneHQ Forum Meet Lil Wayne

Two members from the LilWayneHQ message board met Lil Wayne backstage after his concert in Amsterdam, Netherlands on October 21st. Tune invited Olly Tas and Abidul aka RomanReloaded onto his tour bus for a meet and greet session after they created the artwork for his latest mixtape, Dedication 5.

Olly and Abidul also met Mack Maine and Cortez Bryant, as well as got interviewed by ABC – who have been following Weezy F Baby around on his European tour and filming him, so hopefully they are working on a documentary that will drop soon.

While backstage, they asked Wayne if he will tour England any time soon and if they can design the artwork for his upcoming Devol project. Tunechi answered that he will be touring the UK next year and he likes the idea of them creating a cover for Devol.

It’s always good to see big fans of Lil Wayne meeting their idol, so congratulations to both Olly and RomanReloaded. You can check out some more photos from their meet and greet below!

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Lil Wayne Explains What Happened Between Him & The Cameraman At Celebrity Beach Bowl

After DIRECTV’s 7th Annual Celebrity Beach Bowl game in New Orleans yesterday, E! chopped it up with Lil Wayne to discuss the situation between him and a cameraman.

Still angry at the cameraman, Weezy F Baby explains that he does not like to be touched by people who he tells not to touch him. He also added he is going to get straight out of the building, because if he touches the cameraman back, he would be going straight back to jail.

“I don’t like to be touched by people I don’t tell to touch me. So I’m gonna get out of the building, because if I touch somebody I go to jail.”

“They not the same color I am, so you know how that go. But to them – fuck you!”


Lil Wayne Fights With Cameraman At Celebrity Beach Bowl [Pictures & Video]

Lil Wayne Fights With Cameraman At Celebrity Beach Bowl

Yesterday, Lil Wayne took part in DIRECTV’s 7th Annual Celebrity Beach Bowl during Super Bowl weekend at the DTV SuperFan Stadium in New Orleans, Louisiana.

After the game had finished, Weezy F Baby got into an argument with a cameraman and had to be pulled away from him by his teammate Desmond Howard.

You can view a short clip of Tunechi telling the cameraman to “look at me when you apologize” after the jump below, as well as a photo of them both arguing.

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Lil Wayne Threatens Cameraman While Skating x Takes Part In Basketball Game [Videos]

In the video above, you can see Lil Wayne was skateboarding on his own early morning in the streets of Los Angeles when a cameraman approached him trying to get some footage. Weezy did not want to be filmed and told the guy that he was going to get shot if he carried on. Then Wayne walks over to his bodyguard and shouts to the cameraman: “I told you”.

After the jump, you can watch some footage of Tunechi playing basketball in the Celebrity Court of Dreams Game at the American Airlines Arena in Miami, Florida with his YMCMB family that took place on April 21st.

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