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Lil Wayne Threatens Cameraman While Skating x Takes Part In Basketball Game [Videos]

Wed, Jul 4, 2012 by

In the video above, you can see Lil Wayne was skateboarding on his own early morning in the streets of Los Angeles when a cameraman approached him trying to get some footage. Weezy did not want to be filmed and told the guy that he was going to get shot if he carried on. Then Wayne walks over to his bodyguard and shouts to the cameraman: “I told you”.

After the jump, you can watch some footage of Tunechi playing basketball in the Celebrity Court of Dreams Game at the American Airlines Arena in Miami, Florida with his YMCMB family that took place on April 21st.

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  • RyRy

    i told you. RIP camera man

  • devin


  • haha , dude ballin.

  • $tunna

    When he said I TOLD YOU…..hahahahahaha

  • 5star

    that boy tunechi a real blood
    what did the camera person expect??

  • THE G.O.A.T.

    “dont do that, you’re gonna get shot”

    “i told you”


  • my name is unimportant

    lol weezy looked funny when he was running in the bottom video

  • Outta Town

    Doesn’t Lil Wayne have Marley G to do the shooting for him:-
    “Marley dont shoot em”
    “I got the money so I ain’t the one with the gun”

  • what it is

    why was weezy sk8ing on his own anyway? he normally has all his homies with him at all times

  • AdamX

    Wayne a blood and he riding around on a skateboard in the streets of LA on his own, thats G

  • YCsep27

    calm down

  • melato

    Ma n**a Tunechi a blood like a bloodclot dat shit crazy:dats y dat G alwyz hs em blood n**as around,fuck dem ada hoeS 4 trippin’ with Lil Tunechi-south africa,YMCMB all day long!’I told you’

  • Peter

    He’s 5’5 but he can 6’9


    The camera man probally pissed his pants

  • Ibrotunechi @nigeria

    Lmao… Weezy told yhu


    LOL “i told you!!” LOL funny guy


    “i told you ” next time shoot

  • Solomonwiz france

    Can i join cash money.i love cash money so much.

  • Leah J

    lmfao that was cute!

  • weezy ” i told u ” hahaha hes fuck amazing

  • bkche

    lol that nigga saw his mans and put that camera down hella quick see if he would have came up with no camera and gave hime a pound n kept it pushing but dont drive behind a nigga and get fucked up lol u see them other niggas getting bothered in la by paparazzi but not rappers lol

  • k.o.d.j

    LMFAOOOOOOO, my nigga say “i told you”

  • Real Talk

    Fuck Wayne!!!! Bitch ass deserted 50000 fans at summer jam over what a bitch ass deejay said use to like wayne totally lost all respect

  • What an idiot!