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KSI Talks About Bringing “Rebirth Lil Wayne” Back On His “Lose” Single [Video]

KSI Talks About Bringing Rebirth Lil Wayne Back On His Lose Single

Last month, KSI chopped it up with Kyle Meredith over the phone for an interview on his “Kyle Meredith With…” podcast on Consequence Podcast Network.

At the 4:50 mark of their conversation, JJ Olatunji discussed his Lose” collaboration with Lil Wayne, bringing “Rebirth Weezy” back, how dope it is to have something that not many people would expect from Wayne, and how “insane” it is to be able to work with him.

The British YouTuber, rapper and boxer also revealed how the single came together, which is from KSI sending Tunechi the song and him loving it, as well as how Tune recorded more than what he was meant to. KSI even spoke about the concept of the Lose” music video at the 13:20 mark. Check out the full convo below!

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Calboy Talks Lil Wayne Sending His “Miseducation” Verse Back In 1 Hour, Concept Behind The Video & More

Calboy Talks Lil Wayne Sending His Miseducation Verse Back In 1 Hour, Concept Of The Video & More

Calboy sat down with DGB for an “Off The Porch” interview last month, which you can check out below.

At the 25:00 mark of their conversation, the Chicago rapper spoke on how his “Miseducation” collaboration with Lil Wayne came about, Wayne sending his verse back in 1 hour, being a big fan of Weezy, the concept behind the “Miseducation” music video, and more.

Also below, you can check out another Calboy interview; this time with Gabe Pabon from On The Radar Radio. The two of them discussed the story behind “Miseducation“, how powerful the visual is, and originally missing Tunechi‘s DM on Instagram!

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Cortez Bryant Recalls The First Lil Wayne Show He Attended & The First Rap Wayne Spat For Him [Video]

Cortez Bryant Recalls The First Lil Wayne Show He Attended & The First Rap Wayne Spat For Him

Cortez Bryant recently chopped it up with Brian “B.Dot” Miller on his “Art Of Facts” series on Instagram Live.

During their 40-minute interview, Tez revealed what the first Lil Wayne show was that he went to, his favorite tour of all time is the “Drake vs. Wayne” one, and how Drizzy came up with the “Street Fighter” concept for it.

Tunechi‘s longtime best friend also recalled that the very first rap Tune spat for him was about fast food restaurants and discussed the “Lil Weezyana Fest“. You can check out the full conversation after the jump below!

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Lil Wayne Says He Has 20 More Albums Ready To Be Released & Reveals “Funeral” Is Related To His “Rebirth” Album [Video]

Lil Wayne Says He Has 20 More Albums Ready To Be Released & How Funeral Is Related To His Rebirth Album

Carrying on with promo for his brand new album, Funeral, Lil Wayne recently called into Zane Lowe‘s Beats 1 radio show on Apple Music over Skype, which you can check out below.

During their interview, Tunechi spoke about how beautiful it is to look back at his albums when he has finished recording them and to see the rewarding results. However, Tune did say that when the projects have been released to the world, he has already began to move on and he even has 20 more albums in his back pocket ready to drop.

Weezy also discussed the concept of his Funeral cover, who came up with the design, “Bastard (Satan’s Kid)“, how he chooses songs for his projects, always rapping in the moment due to never writing anything down, collaborations being done now via text messages, how the “Funeral” name comes from his “Rebirth” album, his relationship with 2 Chainz, “Ball Hard“, features on Funeral, how his “Bing James” collabo with Jay Rock came about, the recent tour with Blink-182, working with Travis Barker, and more!

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Wale Has A Song Featuring Lil Wayne On His “SHINE” Album & They Plan To Shoot A Music Video For It

Wale Has A Collaboration With Lil Wayne On His SHINE Album & They Plan To Shoot A Music Video For It

At the end of June, Wale and Lil Wayne had a studio session to record a track for the Maybach Music Group rapper’s forthcoming SHINE (Still Here, Ignoring Negative Energy) album, due to be released later this year.

The studio session took place at the Record Plant studio in Los Angeles, California on June 27th and The FADER were invited into it. The magazine confirmed that Wale and Weezy recorded a collaboration that night.

Also in the story, which you can read in full here, The FADER mentioned that Wale and Tunechi brainstormed some concepts for a music video, so I think they are planning to make the song a single! Who is looking forward to hearing it?