Lil Wayne Says He Has 20 More Albums Ready To Be Released & Reveals “Funeral” Is Related To His “Rebirth” Album [Video]

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Lil Wayne Says He Has 20 More Albums Ready To Be Released & How Funeral Is Related To His Rebirth Album

Carrying on with promo for his brand new album, Funeral, Lil Wayne recently called into Zane Lowe‘s Beats 1 radio show on Apple Music over Skype, which you can check out below.

During their interview, Tunechi spoke about how beautiful it is to look back at his albums when he has finished recording them and to see the rewarding results. However, Tune did say that when the projects have been released to the world, he has already began to move on and he even has 20 more albums in his back pocket ready to drop.

Weezy also discussed the concept of his Funeral cover, who came up with the design, “Bastard (Satan’s Kid)“, how he chooses songs for his projects, always rapping in the moment due to never writing anything down, collaborations being done now via text messages, how the “Funeral” name comes from his “Rebirth” album, his relationship with 2 Chainz, “Ball Hard“, features on Funeral, how his “Bing James” collabo with Jay Rock came about, the recent tour with Blink-182, working with Travis Barker, and more!

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  • A.

    Akon – Lonely (Offiical Video)

  • A.

    dark alien
    he got dat android song.

  • Dabulls10

    Bro there is a hook in mahogany

  • 138k first week ya’ll

    • Dabulls10

      Where these stats at?

      • articles out now, type lil wayne funeral first week on google, then click “news” tab

        • Dabulls10

          That’s not legit. It’s some shitty blog. Wait until billboard post it


    It’s crazy how wayne let his dreads get so bad when he used to have the best dreads in the game

    • Dabulls10

      It’s called aging. Some peoples hair goes early bro.

  • NOAH 40 Shebib

    Funeral is meh

  • NOAH 40 Shebib

    Not much replay value at all

  • OxRisverxO

    Ey y’all think wayne look and dress the way he does cuz so many other artists took his swag. Just so he could separate himself

    • LEF – THE RE-UP 5/25

      No. He just wastes his money on shit he thinks look cool just cause they are expensive

  • OxRisverxO

    I stopped wearing Versace because I was wearing Versace when pac was wearing Versace!

    That was one of the most ultimate flex lines

    • LEF – THE RE-UP 5/25

      Ok, T-Twitch

  • KarTune2.0

    Without a strong single/video trending the second week numbers gonna dip big time