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Lil Wayne Admits To Owning Gold Pistol Found On His Private Jet, Says It Was A Father’s Day Gift

Lil Wayne Admits To Owning Gold Pistol Found On His Private Jet, Says It Was A Fathers Day Gift

According to court documents obtained by the Miami Herald, Lil Wayne has admitted to owning a gold-plated pistol that was found in his luggage on his private jet that got raided at Miami International Airport on December 23rd by federal agents.

After numerous drugs including heroin, ecstasy, cocaine and marijuana, a gold-plated .45 caliber handgun along with bullets and $25,938 in cash was found, Weezy has told the FBI agents and ATF officers that the gun was given to him as a Father’s Day gift.

Tunechi was never charged in the case and the feds allowed him to leave after their search, but if the case ever makes it to a large federal grand jury, then it could cause serious issues for him especially with the fact that Tune is a convicted felon from a weapons case over 10 years ago!


Lil Wayne Sues His Former Attorney For $20 Million

Lil Wayne Sues His Former Attorney For 20 Million

According to TMZ, Lil Wayne is suing his former lawyer Ronald Sweeney, who has been representing him all the way from 2005 to September last year. Wayne has filed a $20 million lawsuit against his former attorney by claiming he has been overcharged during these past 13 years.

In the court documents, Tunechi says Ronald has charged him 10% of every deal he helped close without informing him that the industry standard is only 5%. He went on to say that Sweeney has made $20 million off him alone.

The Young Money CEO added that Ron brought in help from another law firm to help in his huge lawsuit against Birdman and Cash Money Records over Tha Carter V. Weezy says this firm got 23% from the Cash Money settlement money and 15% of the Universal Music Group settlement. This made him unhappy as this was also on top of Sweeney‘s 10%!


Lil Wayne Wants Cash Money’s Lawsuit Against His Company Aspire Music Group Thrown Out

Lil Wayne Wants Cash Money Lawsuit Against His Company Aspire Music Group Thrown Out

According to The Blast, Lil Wayne and his music company Aspire Music Group filed documents at the end of October to the court requesting them to dismiss Cash Money Records‘ countersuit.

Aspire, which was co-founded by Tunechi and his former manager Cortez Bryant, have told the court that Cash Money only filed this lawsuit after Tune won his lawsuit against Birdman earlier this year even though the alleged fraud took place years ago. They even pointed out that the accusations from CM don’t make any sense as Wayne would have to participate in more acts that would end up harming him financially.

This lawsuit all began last year when Aspire Music Group sued Cash Money and Universal for not paying them their earnings owed from Drake‘s royalties. CM then counter-sued AMG and accused Weezy and Tez of creating this record label as a way to get richer by receiving a bigger share of Drizzy‘s royalties, as well as claimed the company has never conducted in any business other than helping the Canadian rapper get signed!


A Settlement Has Been Reached For Lil Wayne Refusing To Go Through Security At A South Carolina Concert

A Settlement Has Been Reached In The Lawsuit For Lil Wayne Refusing To Go Through Security At A South Carolina Concert

Remember when Lil Wayne was due to headline the 2nd annual Fall Ball at the Colonial Life Arena in Columbia, South Carolina last year and he ended up not performing because he didn’t want to be searched or go through a metal detector to enter the arena?

Well, the court battle between Wayne and the concert promoters All For One is finally over after a settlement was reached, which cannot be released to the public. According to The Post and Courier newspaper, the promoters wanted Weezy to pay back the $65,000 advance he was given out of his $110,000 payment to perform for 40 minutes and to pay their legal costs.

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Birdman Claims Lil Wayne & Cortez Bryant Have Been Plotting With Their Lawyer To Earn A Bigger Share Of Drake’s Profits

Birdman Claims Lil Wayne & Cortez Bryant Have Been Arranging A Way To Earn A Bigger Share Of Drake Royalties

Even though it seemed like everything was getting back to normal between Lil Wayne and Birdman, it looks like their feud is still ongoing.

According to The Blast, Baby is accusing Wayne and his manager/best friend Cortez Bryant of taking part in an elaborate plan to earn more money from Drake‘s music.

Last year, Aspire Music Group, which is a record label co-founded by Tez Poe, sued Cash Money Records and Universal Music Group for not paying the revenue that they owed from Drizzy‘s royalties.

After looking at the documents, Aspire are claiming that they discovered the 6 God and have a deal in place with Young Money Entertainment and Cash Money permitting them to a 1/3 share of the net profits from Drake‘s first six projects.

Birdman and CM counter-sued Aspire Music Group‘s lawsuit on Friday (August 17th) by accusing Weezy and Tez for plotting with their lawyer Ronald Sweeney to get richer off a bigger share of Drizzy Drake‘s royalties:

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