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Lil Wayne & Jeff Goldblum Star In A Super Bowl Commercial With George Washington [Video]

Lil Wayne & Jeff Goldblum Star In A Super Bowl Commercial With George Washington

We have previously seen 3 teasers (here and here), and now Apartments.com have released their full official 1-minute Super Bowl commercial starring Lil Wayne, Jeff Goldbum, and an actor playing George Washington.

In the video, Jeff makes his way up to the roof of an apartment building while singing “Movin’ On Up” from The Jeffersons when he then meets Tunechi and George hanging out grilling burgers and beans (lol). Oh and don’t forget about Tune‘s signature apple pie!

You can watch the full hilarious commercial after the jump below. What do you think of it?

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Watch Teaser #2 & #3 Of Lil Wayne’s Super Bowl Commercial With George Washington

Teaser 2 & 3 Of Lil Wayne Super Bowl Commercial With George Washington

After receiving teaser #1 a few days ago, we can now watch 2 other teasers from Apartments.com and agency RPA‘s Super Bowl commercial called “MovinOnUp“.

Just like the first preview, these new clips both star Lil Wayne and an actor who plays George Washington.

In teaser #2, Weezy can be seen giving George a grill to replace his wooden teeth and in teaser #3, they both see if beans can be cooked on a grill.

Hit the jump to check out the new teasers! The full 1-minute commercial will be airing during the Super Bowl on February 7th!

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Lil Wayne’s Pre-Jail Video: “The Road To Rikers Part 4 & 5”

In the latest clip to come into MTV News from Wayne and his videographer DJ Scoob Doo, the Cash Money MC takes us on a trip to Miami, where he shot scenes for Diddy-Dirty Money’s new video “Strobe Lights.”

“I’m the hardest-working man in show business,” Wayne said on the way to the set. “Shout-out my nigga James Brown. Young Wayne Carter.

“Look at the attitude, though,” he continues with a buoyant swagger. “This is what you artists need to catch. Look at the attitude. No drugs, no nothing — I ain’t even get no pussy. I go away in two days, I ain’t even get no pussy.”

After Wayne goes in to shoot his video, we see him leave and go back to his Miami estate.

“There you have it. Nino. I don’t know how many videos we did,” he said. “But y’all saw it. Now I’m back where we started. I’m about to get my bottom grills and we party tonight. Nino! @liltunechi.”

Sunday night Wayne held a farewell party at Club Liv with his Cash Money/ Young Money family members such as Shanell, Mack Maine, Bow Wow and the #1 Stunna, Birdman.

Via MTV, and hit the jump to watch part five of Weezy‘s “Road To Rikers“:

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Video: Lil Wayne Back On uStream With Lil Twist


Last night, Lil Wayne was broadcasting live on uStream with Lil Twist and you can watch just over seven minutes of it in the video above. Weezy shows us his bottom teeth without a grill on, talks to some girl on the phone, tells some guy who mentioned something about Shanell on the chat: “I’ll knock your fucking head off”, and also goes crazy on some guy named Madden Champ. The video is a must-watch and will have you laughing, especially when Wayne starts calling Madden Champ and his Mama 😆

Previously: Video: Lil Wayne Says “See Me In The Streets” To Fan For Speaking About Shanell

Hit the jump to watch a Lloyd interview with DrJays.com were they speak on Lil Wayne a little bit:

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Lil Wayne Has A Bad Day At The Dentist By Having 8 Root Canals

Lil Wayne Has A Bad Day At The Dentist By Having 8 Root Canals

Lil Wayne just had one of the gnarliest oral surgeries in the history of dentistry. We’re told it was a marathon session that included a stomach-turning eight root canals at one time.

Our sources say Wayne went under the drill on Tuesday.

We’re told during the eight hour procedure, Wayne had his grill worked on, several tooth implants redone, more implants added and had the few real teeth he had left repaired.

This is the critical dental surgery that kept Wayne from being shipped off to the big house last week.

The judge allowed the rapper to put his sentence for felony attempted gun possession on hold until March 2 – enough time for Wayne to get his mouth prison-ready.

Via TMZ, and Lil Wayne must be really hurting right now because this sounds really, really painful.