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A Recap Of Drake’s Private 39th Birthday Bash For Lil Wayne [Pictures & Videos]

Recap Of Drake Private 39th Birthday Bash For Lil Wayne

Drake booked and paid for the evening at Swan restaurant in Miami, Florida on September 29th to host a private birthday celebration party for Lil Wayne, who turned 39 a couple of days prior.

Guests at the event other than Weezy and Drizzy included: Capito aka N.O. Capo, Marley G, Preme, Cortez Bryant, Niko, Chubbs, Fee Banks, Mellow Rackz, Gudda Gudda, T@, Quavo, Ray J, and many more. There were also customized bandanas at the party that the 6 God had made for Wayne.

You can check out a recap from the birthday bash after the jump below, courtesy of Ivan Eremin, as well as Young Angel‘s full 2-minute toast to Young Lion with Ciroc vodka shots that included Drizzy Drake admitting he still gets “nervous” speaking about his “mentor” and “idol” Tunechi!

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Throwback Thursday: Lil Wayne Reveals How He Picks The People To Be Around Him [Video]

Lil Wayne Reveals How He Picks The People To Be Around Him

For #ThrowbackThursday today, here is a rare video of a Lil Wayne interview from back in 2005.

In the sit-down conversation, Weezy talked all about his current team at the time and how he chooses the people around him.

The individuals Tunechi spoke on are: Marley G, NO Capo aka Capito, Curren$y, Reel, Melissa Philipian, Mack Maine, and Cortez Bryant. Check out the rare clip below!

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Baron Davis Recalls Lil Wayne Hanging Around Him & His Brother Term [Video]

Baron Davis Recalls Lil Wayne Hanging Around Him & His Brother Term

For episode 88 of Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson‘s “All The Smoke” podcast, they chopped it up with special guest Baron Davis to reflect on his NBA career, Kobe Bryant, activism, cannabis in sports, and much more.

During their interview at 44:45, Davis recalled how Lil Wayne used to hang around him and his brother Term (El Jefe) all of the time back in the day, and soak all of their stories up. He also called Wayne his “brother still to this day”, as well as revealed he tried to get Weezy and The Game to create a joint The Black Wall Street Records South record label.

If you didn’t already know, Term is reportedly the guy who certified Tunechi as a M.O.B. Piru Blood gang member (Tune has actually shouted him out in songs before and been in videos with him). You can check out Baron‘s full conversation after the jump below!

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Lil Wayne Re-Releases His “Free Weezy Album” On Streaming Platforms

Lil Wayne Re-Releases His Free Weezy Album On Streaming Platforms

What a surprise! For the 5-year anniversary, Lil Wayne has re-released his Free Weezy Album with some beat changes on all music streaming services after it was only originally available on TIDAL.

The good news is that Tunechi has added the previously leaked “We Livin’ Like That” to the tracklist and more people will get to hear this amazing album as it seemed to be the only real Tune fans who had heard it. However, the bad news is that a few of the songs have been removed – “He’s Dead“, “I Feel Good“, “Thinking About You“, and “Without You” featuring Bibi Bourelly.

You can stream the full FWA project that includes features from Jake Troth, HoodyBaby, Cory Gunz, N.O. Capo, Junior Reid, Euro, Wiz Khalifa, and Jeezy below. We can be looking forward to the music video for “Glory (which also has a new beat) premiering soon. I wonder why Weezy is still claiming the white cop who saved him, Uncle Bob, is dead at the end of “London Roads” when he is actually alive?

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Lil Wayne Watches The Boston Red Sox Win The 2018 World Series With His Son Cameron & Capito [Video]

Lil Wayne Watches The Boston Red Sox Win The 2018 World Series With His Son Cameron & Capito

Over the weekend on October 28th, the Boston Red Sox beat the Los Angeles Dodgers to win the 2018 World Series in baseball.

Lil Wayne attended Game 5 with his son Cameron Carter and homey Capito aka N.O. Capo at the Dodger Stadium in L.A., California. You can check out some footage of them arriving below.

“Boston Red Sox cap, I get baseball money”

After the win, Weezy celebrated by going on Twitter to tweet he can now tick watching the Red Sox win the World Series in person off his bucket list, as well as to also make sure the New York Yankees fans know about this victory:

“I witnessed the Red Sox win the World Series live!! [Tick] that off the bukket list!!! But the best part abt it was having 1 of my kids there with me. Unforgettable for us both. Oh yea & YANKEES SUKK!!!!! Big Bz”

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