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Michael Phelps Praises Lil Wayne & Recalls Wayne Giving Him An iPod Full Of Unreleased Music [Video]

Michael Phelps Praises Lil Wayne, Recalls Wayne Giving Him An iPod Full Of Unreleased Music

American swimmer Michael Phelps recently sat down with journalist Ari Melber for an interview on his “The Beat With Ari Melber” news show on American television network MSNBC.

At the 10:00 mark of their conversation, which you can check out below, Michael discussed what music he listened to before working out and before his big races to which he replied with “old Wayne“.

The most decorated Olympian of all time also talked about first meeting Tunechi when they hosted “Saturday Night Live (SNL)” together back in 2009, which he called “epic” and a “dream come true”. Phelps even recalled around this time Tune gifting him with an iPod full of unreleased music that has since come out, such as “Ice Cream” off No Ceilings!

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LeBron James Gets Tipsy & Jams Out To Old Lil Wayne Songs [Video]

LeBron James Gets Tipsy & Jams Out To Old Lil Wayne Songs

LeBron James took to his Instagram Story in the week to show himself drinking expensive bottles of red wine while jamming out to old Lil Wayne songs.

Looking a bit tipsy, LeBron can be seen listening and rapping along to Tunechi‘s verses off Big Tymers’ “Millionaire Dream” and “Tear It Up“, as well as Tune‘s own “I Miss My Dawgs“.

You can check out the professional basketball player drinking wine and jamming out to old Weezy music on social media after the jump below!

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Karrine Steffans Explains Why Lil Wayne Is The Love Of Her Life, Says He Is Frustrated As An Artist

Karrine Steffans Explains Why Lil Wayne Is The Love Of Her Life, Says He Is Frustrated As An Artist

During a recent one on one interview with Vlad TV, Karrine “Superhead” Steffans spoke on her relationship with Lil Wayne and why he is the love of her life for nearly 13-minutes. You can watch this interview below.

Superhead went into detail about how her and Tunechi first met back in 2007, the tattoo that she has on her body of something he said to her, how she deals with the other men in her life because she will “never be getting rid of him”, meeting Birdman before Tune, and the current feud going on between them two.

The author, who was pretty emotional during the conversation, also mentioned that she prefers to listen to Weezy‘s earlier music than his newer work, which she thinks has been sub-par most-likely due to him being frustrated with his record label Cash Money Records!

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Lil Wayne Speaks On Birdman Feud, “The Free Weezy Album”, Retirement & More

Lil Wayne Speaks On Birdman Feud, The Free Weezy Album, Retirement & More

In a new interview, Lil Wayne has finally spoken on the current situation between himself, Birdman, and Cash Money Records. Weezy has confirmed that him and Baby are no longer on speaking terms and explained what he meant with his “I am a prisoner” tweet at the end of the last year.

Tunechi also revealed that his Tha Carter V album was finished “some time ago”, but he can’t drop that right now, so he has been working everyday on his The Free Weezy Album that he says will be released for free in March.

Before wrapping up the interview, Wayne mentioned that he is a fan of the younger rappers like Migos and Rae Sremmurd, but he is feeling old when listening to them, as well as if he still plans to retire.

You can read the full conversation after the jump below!

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50 Cent Speaks On People Comparing Lil Wayne’s New Songs To His Older Music

50 Cent Speaks On People Comparing Lil Waynes New Songs To His Older Music

XXL magazine recently interviewed 50 Cent and during the interview, 50 spoke on how even though Lil Wayne is still one of the best rappers in hip-hop today, so many people are just comparing all of his new music to his older songs off his Tha Carter albums.

On your last verse from “My Life” you say, “I haven’t been this fucking confused since I was a kid.” What did you mean by that?
It’s being in the position where you’re the happiest person in the world, because the general public is deciding to support you as an artist, and it’s almost a dream sequence for you as an artist. Everything’s going your way, right? And you’re successful long enough for the artist community to put a shadow of doubt over you. Meaning the guy that wants next, that wants to be the next artist, he wants his turn. So, if you stay in a position where you’re winning, he goes, “Damn, I won’t get a chance to be No. 1 as long as he’s around, because he’s No. 1.” For some reason, they think they gotta get rid of the guy that’s No. 1. It’s like, you reach a certain point in your career—right now, I believe Wayne is at that point. He’s had so many successful records that I hear people go, “Yeah, it’s cool, but it ain’t as good as it was when Tha Carter came out.” And that’s exactly what they did to me with Get Rich or Die Tryin’. So it feels like a cycle of things that artists experience.

So you think that kind of feeling is more a reflection of other people than the music itself, whether it’s you or Wayne or whoever?
Exactly. When you get talent out there and they making good music—I mean, music marks time, so you never really get a second chance. Wayne came in as an artist—when that Carter record worked, he had been working how long before he got to that point? That wasn’t a new artist. He was established, so he was ready for the attention and for the run that he actually got.

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