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Lil Wayne Performs Live At STORY Nightclub In Miami, Shouts Out YMROC [Video]

Lil Wayne Performs Live At STORY Nightclub In Miami, Shouts Out YMROC

Back on January 26th earlier this year, Lil Wayne hosted a birthday bash for DJ Stevie J at STORY Nightclub in Miami, Florida.

During the party, Weezy also got on stage and performed “A Milli“, “Lollipop“, “Steady Mobbin’“, “Truffle Butter, and “Bitches Love Me” live, as well as jammed out to Stevie J and Migos’ “Heard Ah That” single.

You can check out some footage of Tunechi performing at STORY Nightclub and shouting out “Young Mula, R-O-C, fuck Cash Money” after the jump below!

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Lil Wayne Confirms He Is A Member Of Jay Z’s Roc Nation Team [Video]

Lil Wayne Confirms He Is A Member Of Jay Z Roc Nation Team

Since the end of 2016, Lil Wayne has basically been hinting and his people have been confirming that he will be signing a deal with Jay Z and Roc Nation after he leaves Cash Money Records.

Now during a concert at the Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania in Butler County on April 10th, Wayne revealed once again that he is a member of the ROC team before throwing up the ROC hand sign.

I wasn’t going to post this clip (see below) straight away as I will be posting footage from all of the “Kampus Krash Tour” shows once it ends tonight, but so many people have hit me up asking me to post it like it’s new news even though Weezy has been saying he has signed to the ROC numerous times in the past and at every show.

However, for whatever reason Tunechi is not ready to announce the deal yet, so we will have to keep being patient for that news to surface. He even says in the video “we’ll talk about that later though” after saying “you know I’m a member of that team now”. So please don’t be shocked if you see Tune say things about being signed to Roc Nation during his live shows as like I mentioned earlier, he has been doing this since 2016.

PS: If you listen to Lil Twist‘s new mixtape Young Carter, you can hear him rap “Cash Money, see you later, hello Roc-A-Fella” on a song titled “Misfits“!

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Watch Lil Wayne’s Full Live Performance At The Ayva Center In Houston For His Pre-Super Bowl 51 Party

Lil Wayne Full Live Performance At The Ayva Center In Houston For His Pre Super Bowl 51 Party

On February 4th, Lil Wayne hosted a 2017 Pre-Super Bowl 51 party and put on a live show at the Ayva Center in Houston, Texas.

During the event, Weezy performed “A Milli“, “Rick As Fuck“, “Bitches Love Me“, “HYFR (Hell Ya Fuckin’ Right)“, “Rollin’“, “The Motto“, “Loyal“, “No Problem“, “Steady Mobbin’“, and “No Worries” live.

Hit the jump to check out all of Tunechi‘s live performance. You can also hear Tune say “YMROC boy” instead of “YMCMB boy” on his “Rollin’” freestyle!

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Is Lil Wayne Planning To Release “Velvet” This Month?

Lil Wayne Planning To Release Velvet This Month

Young Money affiliate Petey, who can be seen on the right in the picture above (or his left), filmed an Instagram Live session last Sunday while he was in Houston for Super Bowl Weekend with Lil Wayne.

During this session, Petey mentioned a few things to do with Wayne, such as he will be dropping Velvet in about 2 weeks, he will be going on a national tour this year (maybe this was what Drake was talking about here), and confirmed Young Mula have signed a deal on paper with Jay Z’s ROC (HoodyBaby also confirmed this news on his own Instagram Live session last month).

As this was all on Instagram Live 8 days ago, could this mean we are about to hear Weezy‘s forthcoming Velvet project next week? With a title like Velvet, you would think it would make sense to release it tomorrow for Valentine’s Day. Let’s wait and see if we will finally get a new project from Tunechi this month!


Lil Wayne Raps “When You See Me It’s YMROC” & Throws Up The Triangle Sign To His “Burn” Freestyle [Video]

Lil Wayne Raps When You See Me Its YMROC & Throws Up The Triangle Sign To His Burn Freestyle

It can’t be long now until we get the announcement that Lil Wayne has signed to Roc Nation as Wayne has hinted at the deal once again while he was bringing in the New Year at LIV nightclub in Miami, Florida on January 1st.

During his appearance at the first “LIV on Sunday’s” of 2017, Tunechi was spotted jamming out to his “Burn” freestyle off Dedication 4 (I forgot how dope this song is) and throwing up the ROC sign.

Weezy also got on the mic to shout “when you see me it’s Y-M-R-O-C” and “triangle”, which I would presume is for the ROC hand sign. You can check out some footage of it all below!

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