Lil Wayne, Drake & Mack Maine Perform “Every Girl”

Fri, Jun 19, 2009 by

Below is a video of Lil Wayne, Drake and Mack Maine performing “Every Girl” live at Michael Jordan’s son’s birthday in Chicago.

Enjoy 8)

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  • Mrs Carter

    who was the lady tha came on stage?? Cudnt c her face properly

  • Ooohhh

    The audio is horrible 🙁 and I think the girl was either Shanell or D-Woods

  • Yep!

    Um…honestly, Lil Wayne has done enough f*cking for everybody on stage, and in the crowd. He need to sit his nappy headed, extension wearing ass down, and start wearing some of them rubbers he promoting.

    When niggas get money, they start doing stupid ass sh!t. Just because you CAN f*ck alot of girls, doesn’t mean that you should. Especially with these disease infested ass hoes running around. They’ll suck anything for a red nickel. Weezy done smoked his last brain cell out. Drake look like a high yellow ass poser, on stage with Mack and Wayne, fresh off the set of “Degrassi”. He need to go sign with whoever signed the Jonas Brothers and gave Nick Cannon a deal. That’s how I look at him. Lol! As far as the female that walked out on stage, it had to be either Shannell (that artist of Wayne’s, that he’s been screwing behind closed doors), or Nikki Menage old dyke ass. Either or, they both untalented and won’t get far either. Shannell think that f*cking Wayne will keep her in the money. You actually have to sell some records honey. And as far as Nikki, I’m just not feeling the whole “Lil Kim from back in the day swag”. We don’t need that sh!t resurrected. Let it die, along with Kim’s career and go dance with stars or something. I’d also like to add, that Wayne need his ass kicked for signing them Lil kids, and taking them around the world with them on tour, f*cking hoes, doing drugs, and exposing them to all that grown nigga sh!t. They need to go back to before they catch contact or some sh!t. Alright I’m done. F*ck anybody who don’t agree. Yep!

  • Yep!

    I was referring to Lil Twist and Lil Chuckie preschool asses.

  • ha

    ole jealous ass nigga steady wantin to run his mouth cuz he aint shit and will never be close. if you dont like lil wayne then why the fuck you on a lil wayne website? comin on here leavin you a lil story about your opionin on some ppl. but i guess we need niggas like you to make blogs like this interesting huh
    anyway look at 1:40 and the girl to the left of drake flashes her tits lol

  • cheese-pol

    wayne knows what he is doing… not you Yep!

    and know way that was nicki minaj lol




  • if any of ya’ll know who the hell is Yep! is thell her that i said (SHUT THE FUCK UP) and Yep! i dont agree

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  • lil wayne looked so hot ther and Yep! that was SHANELL WITCH IS D-WOOD’S SISTER

  • Yep!

    Never said I wasn’t a Wayne fan (musically). I love his lyrics, creativity, and his swag is the truth! Obviously, if I wasn’t a fan of his in some form or fashion, I wouldn’t be here. And for all you asses out there, I’m not a man, I’m a female.

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and I am allowed to have mine, when it comes to Lil Wayne, Young Money, Your Mother, and anybody else I decide to talk about. Yep!

  • jmb

    aahh you know what Yep!… i think you just can’t get layd en you jealous of all the girl wayne fucked..
    it’s oke you find someone onde day
    in the future… faaaaaaaaaar in the future
    lil wayne has it’s own life and i don’t think he gon listen to a jealous smart ass person who thinks she knows everything but probably don’t know shit
    so goodbye

  • Mr Heard

    Lol the girl poppin out ha titties and bouncing damn wayne got that damn autotune in his mic

  • PlaYBoY

    Damn!! Yep! gotta lot of time in his hands lol

  • KharliMichele

    They are amazing!

  • tha illest

    haha yep! fuckin clown. why would you even post that? its not like twist and chuckee are doin drugs. your just jealous that they’re kids and they’re more famous than your dumb ass.

    but anyways ha wayne got that autotune in his mic. sounds tight.

  • yeah the audio isn’t that great. but the party looked great. and young money/ weezy sang a great song

  • Diamantee

    i love his hair

  • Sh4d0w

    I guess yall didnt see the bitch showing her titties when drake started rappin? at 1:39.. smh

  • Shannell think that Wayne will keep her in the money. You actually have to sell some records honey. And as far as Nikki,I’m just not feeling the whole “Lil Kim from back in the day swag”. We don’t need that resurrected.

  • me

    i actually agree with one thing yep! said.
    about shannell.
    shes talentless and has done nothing since
    she got signed.
    she had one verse in my weezy then what?
    except making out with wayne on prom queen.
    ok that got you some publicity didnt it?
    i dont like her.
    she either needs to come out with some REAL
    good shit.
    or wayne needs to drop her ass from the label.
    and fuck her ugly ass some other time.
    he mad trippin for that one.

  • weezy f aka godzilla

    performance was sick…quality of this video, not so hot lol

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