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Birdman Says “Rebirth” Is Coming In September-October

Sat, Jul 25, 2009 by

Birdman Says Rebirth Is Coming In September-October

Recently in an interview with, Birdman mentioned that around six Young Money/Cash Money albums will be coming out in the space of two months including Lil Wayne‘s “Rebirth“, Young Money’s Compilation, Birdman’s “Always Strapped”, Drake’s “Thank Me Later” and more.

“We’re putting out five albums, we gonna do a blow out,” Bryan “Baby” Williams told “Drake album, my album, Young Money, Wayne album. We gon’ put ‘em all out in one month, September going into October. G. Malone and 2 Pistol probably come out in between all of that.”

He also said that he was not certain if “Rebirth” was dropping the same day as the Young Money Compilation album.

You can read the full interview here and what do you all think about this ❓ I think this is crazy, but brilliant and it will definitely be a Young Money/Cash Money takeover between September and October 😀

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  • jmb

    it explains the delays
    and i actually quite like it
    al the best music coming in one!
    i like it
    or just an accident
    i don’t care

  • I was also thinking maybe the Hot Boys reunion might come out and surprise us all

    Now how awesome would that be 😛

    But I doubt it 🙁

  • i am only lookin out for drake’s album

  • jmb

    damn that would be great yeah
    well i don’t expect it but IF and only if it does it would me a great year even with all the crap from rebirth!

  • AllLilWayne

    can’t wait very smart move from young money

  • TheOne

    just waitin on rebirth an thank me later an the young money album

  • Imaging

    just drop tha damn album already

  • yorled

    yow ive been wait for this album like a minute now so i just say when it drop it drop and i just go cop it

  • carteryeah

    DAN: I don’t know what happened to the shanell post you just had but as I said, I’m new to the forums and had no clue what i was doing and didn’t even know about warnings? Is there any way you could allow me back on and let me know what i was doing wrong? thanks!

  • that’s amazing. can’t wait.

  • i’m only looking for the drake album and young money album thats it.

  • young money baby

  • weezy is all i want to hear no homo

  • YoUnCaRteR

    weezy gonna kill wit REBIRTH!.but i think that i know why ther r gonna drop all those albums in sep. cuz 50 AND Kanye West also r gonna drops his album in sep! lest see who sells more???!..MY NIGGA WEEZY OF CORSE!!

  • luiseezy


  • birdman is trash. so i’m not lookin for his album.

  • jminor01

    yea ill prolly only listen to the songs that feature weezy lol but now i cant wait til sept.

  • cheese-pol

    omg if this is true……. wow i just dont know what to say lol

  • NOT sure wether to believe this, i think it will come for december at christmas

  • Wow =o

    Drake, Wayne and YM =] =]

  • dc

    I just wanna hear rebirth thats all

  • Ethan

    If this happens Young Money Ent. is taking over the music scene for good

  • Brrrrr!

  • Bazelle

    But we haven’t had many leaks from these albums, so they can’t be coming anytime soon!

  • ABC

    Baby said hot boys reunion is coming in march 2010

  • me

    fantastic this is great news! thanks for posting



  • Kadafi_213

    i remember this bloody sh!t hope it stopped there

  • marshunna davis

    I love young money theyy thaa best…_.illy…#YMCMB forevaa.