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Jay Sean – Down (Feat Lil Wayne) [Music Video]

Thu, Jul 23, 2009 by

Jay Sean Down Feat Lil Wayne Official Music Video

Here is the official music video for Jay Sean‘s “Down” single featuring Lil Wayne.

The visual includes cameos from Birdman, Chipmunk and Tinie Tempah. You can also find the song on Jay’s “My Own Way (U.S. Edition)” album.

Be sure to leave a comment below with your thoughts on the video!

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  • nope!

    1st. nope!

  • jmb


  • jmb

    hahaha i love it btw that he has a shirt with: communist

  • weezy f aka godzilla

    HAHA…that “communist” shirt is fly

  • Eminem

    where can i buy lil weezys jacket and glasses from plz? thx

  • Bazelle

    Great video! Prefer So Sharp though…

  • ABC

    Weezy and jay look super fresh in the vid and naw bazelle

    This video > So sharp

  • Tight Video. i love it. and lil wayne and jay sean both look good. thanks for posting this dan.

  • You can tell this video wasn’t cheap with all the effects they used lol, but that is what I love about the video. Great video and great song 🙂

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  • we been waiting ages for this video…. thank god its finally here

  • and i know you all seen that diamond ipod at 0:19 😮

  • the video is hot wayne look sexy in that so as jay



  • Ooohhh

    Nice song, dope video

  • LOL did you all see Lil wayne’s little joke at 3:23 =]

  • weezy fer

    uhm..hhey guys u know were i can download this video??

  • Ant2411

    Fly azz video…!

  • karen (:

    really thsi guy is so hot !! right? whos’s with me?? (:

  • Havoc

    Great song, horrible video. Makes sense though with the decline of the music video these days. Choreography is weak and poorly executed. And wtf is it about when Wayne saying “now she’s my Miss America” and then a British flag in the background with him…saluting? I know Jay is British, but wtf does that have to do with what’s going on lyrically at that point? Whatever, mad respect for Wayne regardless.

  • Weezy Fan

    The vid is boring in the start but it gets so Amazing when weezy comes 😀

  • T-Wayne09

    Wayne looked extremely sober in this video. I’ve noticed when he isn’t stoned out of his mind, he likes to act extremely silly… Pretty funny

    LMAO @ Weezy wearing a shirt that [i think] had the word “communist” written on it.

  • dope video!

  • Mrs Carter

    Oh gosh Lil waynes glasses are sexcii i want sum lool tha video was sik 😀

  • dc

    haha lil wayne is goofy as shit.

  • ILiveInWaynesWorld

    THAT IS SICKK loe the song and video. i love the freeze bit at 2:45 Waynes face is priceless.

    And to Havoc – he saying his girl from overseas – now she his miss america. that why theres a british flag =P

  • weezyfreak


    he is saying “overfreeze, I got that girl from overseas, now she’s NOT miss america but can i be her soldier please.

    soooo… dont be stupid.

    weezy fucking baby
    F is for ferocious murder your associates.

  • weezystorm

    sharp music video!
    Weezy F. Crazy

  • dmgdawg

    Wayne killed it and jay didnt do half bad! music video was killer!!

  • Havoc

    ILiveInWaynesWorld: That makes sense, I guess. You would think they’d mate up the British flag part with him saying the girl from overseas instead of when he was talking about Miss America, but w/e.

    weezyfreak: Pretty sure you’re wrong. I’m about 99% positive he’s saying “overfreeze, I got that girl from overseas, Now she my miss America, now can i be her soldier please.” Not what you’re saying. So instead of flaming, RTFM. Thanks.

    Respect for the Martian.

  • youngmoneyent

    he says
    now she my miss america, now can i be her soldier please

  • ilove that song+video that little joke at 3:23 that wayne did was cute

  • me

    i agree with havoc i thought this video was quite bad.

  • Finally some positive Wayne news, video seems on point, nothing special.

  • Amazing! Not clear for me, how offen you updating your

  • Waynefan


    From Denmark

    He is "The best rapper alive"

  • WeezyF.Baby

    jay sean is the asian version of justint timberlake or should i said “cash money’s justin timberlake” :p

    but very good video, the song is just soo amazing best !

  • Chloe

    OMG! my two fave, love jay sean he’s so hot!

  • Raveena

    Jay Sean and Lil Wayne are my favourites, love em! Jay Sean’s absolutely gorgeous, love DOWN lil wayne makes it even better! You can really tell how much efforts been put into the video, as always what you can expect from jays videos!

  • Yep!

    I thought it was kinda corny, but that’s just my opinion.

  • wayne-bow

    OKAY, Jay Sean HOT! annnnnd Weezy of course always makes the video. CMB

  • carteryeah

    DAN: I don’t know what happened to the shanell post you just had but as I said, I’m new to the forums and had no clue what i was doing and didn’t even know about warnings? Is there any way you could allow me back on and let me know what i was doing wrong? thanks!

  • chrisbrazil2

    lil wayne needs to stop wearin those hats they look retarded lol

  • nope!

    video is dope but on another note why is the site being so slow?? theres like one post every 3 days or somethin, we need some new shit from weezy and not the bad stuff thats happening..nope!

  • youngmilionaire

    ya i hate those hats

  • Lil Zly


  • lolz at 3:23 when wayne sees that chicks skirt he sticks his toungue out lolz, looks like he wants to give her sum head

  • Thomas

    Ver i nice video!
    I love it! 😀

  • Thomas

    Is it possible to download it??

  • yari :}

    the video was pretty qoood :]
    love waynes part 😀

  • cj

    what jackit is lil wayne have on in this video

  • divii xxxx v

    whats da download link?????….i need dat videoooooooo

  • divii xxxx v

    give me ittt noww……thanx if you can

  • kayliiii

    Im in love with this songgg(: I sing it everytime its on i cant helpp ittt!! haha!!!(:

  • Kelly

    Well im sorry to say but this video would be shit without Lil Wayne he makes it BEAST!!!!!

  • MST

    lil waynes part is awesome nice vido

  • yo dats so awsome

  • lil wayne fan #1


    i’ve seen better ones……….

  • I found your blog via Google while searching for ride it jay sean download mp3, thank you for posting n – Down (Feat Lil Wayne) [Official Music Video] | Lil Wayne HQ!

  • yo i heart dat vid so much. it be comin off da top asbestest!!!! LOL:-)

  • mahir


  • JOE


  • fro_twizz

    hit the lights…is a better song !

  • Kadafi_213

    @fro_twizz Down is the better joint bra fck that other sh!t

  • hey every body