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Lil Wayne Wows ‘Em In The Rain At New York [Review + Pictures]

Fri, Jul 31, 2009 by

Lil Wayne Wows Em In The Rain At New York Pictures

A lot of rain actually.

It didn’t dampen attendance (or enthusiasm) one bit, as 17,000 demonstrative fans came out and were on their feet and dancing the entire night. Though the music reflected black culture, there were scant few African-Americans in the audience; it was mainly screaming, young, white girls.

New Orleans rapper Lil Wayne has been making waves with his melodic rock- infused rap, and though he’s not blazing any new ground, he is putting an unmistakable stamp on it.

From his long dreadlocks to his tattooed tears, Wayne is not your cliché rapper. At SPAC, in red cap, camouflage pants and toothy grin, Wayne walked out to adoring high-pitched screams unlike you’ve ever heard here. A slick set used a high-tech screen and pyro like a big rock band.

A Milli” was rap with a reggae lilt in the vocal delivery, albeit nasally and quite processed by electronic effects — there’s a fine line between coloring the tone, and helping prop up a vocal. “Go DJ” just roared, making the floor rattle and the hairs on your arm stand up and vibrate.

Even though Lil Wayne could do no wrong for this enamored crowd, the show wasn’t perfect. The giant video screen planted center stage was supposed to go up after the first few numbers, but remained stuck in place, obscuring the band, and limiting Wayne‘s movement.

The guitar-riff-driven “Prom Queen” was a slow grind whine about a heartbreaker, and the crowd went crazy. Soon rapper Birdman came out for some intense give and take; young Tyga got in his face as well.

For “Every Girl“, all the openers and guests were on stage for a wicked finale; by then even the video screen complied and rose up to its proper position.

Shouts to TimesUnion and if you would like to see more pictures from the concert, click the more tag below:

Also, in case you missed it, we had the chance to release the Gudda GuddaGuddaville” mixtape cover earlier, so you can check that out here and major shout outs to @Gudda1, @DeeJayIllWill and @RealDJRockstar!

Lil Wayne Wows Em In The Rain At New York Pictures

Lil Wayne Wows Em In The Rain At New York Pictures

Lil Wayne Wows Em In The Rain At New York Pictures

Lil Wayne Wows Em In The Rain At New York Pictures

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    oh good stuff

  • yungnitto

    greatest concert of my lifee…..lawn seats in the rain where illlll….Yung mooolahhh baby!

  • will he look hot

  • Quitaqwee

    he looks so cute in that first pic:)

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  • lil wayne iz da shyyyyt

    man lil wayne iz sik son aint no one like em

  • cool wayne is 4ever ya’ll

  • D-mac

    Love Wayne but why is he always wearin camoflouge pants.

  • good stuff. love the pictures.

  • Yep!

    Wayne and those camouflage pants. The concert looked live, but he need to retire them damn shorts. Yep!

  • hmm. he gets fitter by the day :).

  • Richie


  • YoUnCaRteR

    man my nigga wayne always killin live shows!!..YOUNG MOULAHHHHH BABYYYYYYYY!!!! till i die!!

  • J

    does any1 know like the set times for each artist? let me know. thanks.

  • WeezyBabe

    omg he was in new york i live in new york i wish i was theree

  • those pants weezy wears is his swagga….yep quit hatin….STFU!!!!….like i sed those pants is weezy’s swagga….thats jus weezy….he aint gotta quit wearin em if he dont wanna….

  • youngmoney816

    he do love them pants lmao the hole fit was tite though

  • karen (:

    i love him! so hot!

  • mattymaz

    this shit was off the hook wayne killed it. it was pouring rain everyone outside was soaked no one seemed to mind thou everytime someone opened an umbrella someone yelled to put it down it was blocking there view of weezy as wayne was singing my boy rick said wouldnt it be sweet if birdman was here i said fuck yea it would before i said would he walked on stage thats no lie .bling bling

  • wayne is a beastie dog u my idol bi bro

  • lil wayne is the beast

  • Christian

    where does he get his camo pants from!!!!