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Video: Play N Skillz Speak On Lil Wayne & More

Mon, Sep 21, 2009 by

Play N Skillz who produced Lil Wayne‘s single from Tha Carter III, “Got Money” spoke on the rumors around them suing Weezy for not paying them. They said: “Damn nearly every producer on that album hasn’t been paid”.

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    Hope He pays Them…..Had Lots Of HOT!!!!!! track…. n hopefully In Tha Carter IV Will bring the same heat As Some of the songs off III………YOUNG MULA BABY

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  • They also said that it’s almost finished up, that’s a pretty important part

  • eric

    carter 2 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> carter 3

  • albert pajotte

    I have the upmost respect for Mr. Wayne but business is business and these guys got him the good business so he should at least pay them for there business. I always keep a thought in the back of my head. “What would be the collapse of Lil Wayne?”
    I thought about, and came up with the conclusion of his money issues, the kids and the momma issues or maybe the pending Gun Charges. Who knows.
    Like Drake once said, “Cause an eager beaver
    Could be the collapse of a dam”.

  • MIB

    I think……, its just PR, or stupid bullshit…. THE CARTER III is good really good shit and now….. guys who got (not big) money, care about anything… and talked bullshit!!!!!!!! They not complacent!!!!! they want big piece of this famost cake.

  • Ooohhh

    It’s funny because we all know Wayne and his labels have the money to pay them, so I wonder why they ain’t paying up

  • none cares if their paidd, att leasttt he madee a great songg out offf itt ;D

  • luiseezy

    tu may may

  • shellz

    ii agree with yunqqmula…fuck dem fuck boyz

  • Quez95

    Shit I’m a major Wayne fan but he should pay them because originaly Got Money was actually supposed to be for a different rapper, but Play N Skills made an exception for Wayne and T-Pain.