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Young Money – Bed Rock (Feat Lloyd) [CDQ]

Thu, Sep 24, 2009 by

Young Money - Bed Rock Feat Lloyd

Here is the full, official version of the new Young Money single called “Bed Rock“. The song features Lloyd, and the artists from Young Mula on this record are Lil Wayne, Gudda Gudda, Nicki Minaj, Drake, Tyga and Jae Millz. You can download this song below:

Enjoy and like Lloyd says: “It’s Young Muullaaa baaabbyyyyy” 8)

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  • yo this song is sick
    way better then girl you know.

  • thacarter4


  • JMB

    finally full version
    some lyrics are different now but inna good way

  • nana


    it is a really likable song i love it ihad it this morning and 1 my kids was like “what song is that mommy”? i said LIL WAYNE’S ……..”BEDROCK” …BUT OF COURSE clean out the “P” word NICKY says….but nicky sound cute always

  • baby

    every girl > this song

  • Hozie

    But this > the Omarion version

  • looking forward to the video


  • mike

    every girl = sacrifice > bed rock

  • songs is insane, been bumpin it all day since it came out, but lloyd, is a crazy crazy singer, i just cant wait 2 her the offical, lloyd in young money, because we all know its gonna happen, why would they change all of it, the whole hook, if omarion left, and get someone else whos not in young money? 2 do the hook. this track is gonna tear up the radios.

  • ILiveInWaynesWorld

    it not my fav tbh but i like it – some people stood up i actaully liked nicki in that song, drake wayne of corseee

  • Ooohhh

    Why doesn’t Lil Wayne say Lil Chuckee or Lil Twist at the end

  • james roby

    lol at lloyd saying young moula baby

  • young money 8

    this song is wayyyy better than the original with omarion. lloyd kills it in da chorus , wayne and drake have killer verses… this will be a hit.. but not as much as every girl.. then again u nvr know songs can turn out to be hugee !!

  • yezzir

    Lloyd is offficial YM now

  • W. Fuckin’ Baby

    Fuck rebirth !

  • Freshh

    Lloyd Should Siqn To Younq Money . He Left Tha Inc .


  • sdwsds

    this one stupid lloyd dont sound good n the hook..omarion sound wayyyy better on the hook

  • Tee Tee Boo

    I love Lloyd on here…personally i like lloyd better on the hook because he had a better flow than omarion…but as 4 da song itself…its a guaranteed no. 1 hit

  • weezy

    this better than evergirl

  • irockslims

    Travis porter rapped on this beat too..
    on their song Adidas…
    but youngmoney shit harder..

  • Cal

    girl you know>bedrock

    but omarion was smart to break away from young money. they dont fit his style, but he did mess up puttin gucci on his new single haha

  • Tyga’s part was wack. That’s all i gotta say. lol

    Promo CDS needs to come soon so i can spin this at
    parties & ish.

  • Thiis Sonq Is Hot, I Fxckinq Love Eht.
    Im So Addicted && For Yhew Lil Wayne.Hit Mhe Up At;443-447-7404
    && Tu Them Sinqle Boy’s Out There

  • Hollie

    Does anyone know when it hits Itunes???

  • tmama


  • keykey

    i love diz fuckin song every time ii listen too it ii thnk of my bhaby,jabaree

  • kendra hallett

    i love this song!!!!!!!!!!!! yezzzzzzzzzz baby yezzzzzzzz!

  • i luv dis fuckin song itz so fye

  • this song is sooooooooooooo fukin hard nikis part was the best she make niggas go crazy then you got all dem fine niggas in the video its ridickulous…lol

  • mayne i love this songg ♥ ($-mula records are the bestes-$]

  • aniya

    i dont like none of yall in that group only nikki minaj i hate u lil wayne



  • wale

    i love the song guys, keep it up!!!

  • tasty

    i love that song you can get a party crackin and nikki is a bad azz rapper i see u and somalia chicks love ya

  • eboni

    nikkiis the best out the girl rappers

  • LILI


  • LILI

    tyga , my life and my love ♥

  • mikequesha

    dis shit is so fuckin dumb and dat boii wit dha mohack you ugly ass fuck wat was yo momma thinkin when she had u i woulda threw you in da garbage {dhatt}

  • lil wayne i like that song it is a go songs with i like and young money and nicki minaj and Lloyd and the boy from balitmore maryland that i like

  • hey young weezle wayne carter junior u da beast
    never see a nigga like u spitin dis rapp like da way u drink verse
    man u da best better den da rest no body else even makaveli pack or jay-z
    anyway dat nigga suck any way look im dien for you lil wayne no body talk shit to u when im arround keep ur back safe u feel i wanna be a rapper and i wanna get trained by you i already got lot of rapper ritin right just savin it
    hit me up on ma email
    i knw u got no time to check but when ever did please don’t forget me
    im all for you ma nigga god bless ya i get happy evrytime i see u on tv or ur pictures so please don’t forgot get at me

  • Love this song

    Btw for anyone looking I was able to grab the ringtone from here–looks like they’re giving it away for free at the moment.

    Ringtone Download: Young Money – Bedrock

  • A buddy encoraged me to read this site, great post, interesting read… keep up the nice work!

  • elijah

    nice see ya soon

  • hey i love your music =]bedrock[=

  • manny pookyaw

    putangina nio lahat

  • tiara davis

    i luv that song cuz some time my bed be rockin:) lol

  • (:Ms.Sexi Betch

    dis song is gross but i luv it and i can sound just like nikki monaj on tat part.(:
    ~My bed be rockin like oh lol~

  • (:Ms.Sexi Betch

    and my friend be sayin “Nikki did you buy your boobs or did ya get em free” datz so mean lol shes pretty….

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