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Video: Young Money & Cash Money In Paris (Day 6 & 7) + No Ceilings Hosted By DJ Drama?

Sat, Oct 24, 2009 by

Here is day 6 and 7 of the Cash Money and Young Money Europe tour where they are in Paris, France. Birdman spends a whole $55,000 in a Louis Vuitton store, and you see the Young Money fam perform on stage where the crowd was going crazy.

Props to Derick G

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Also, according to AllHipHop and DJ Folk, Lil Wayne‘s “No Ceilings” mixtape is going to be hosted by DJ Drama. The bad news is that we don’t want DJ shouts over all the songs, but the good news is that this is another reason Tha Carter IV may come this year as Weezy did say in an interview with Drama that Dedication 4 will come before Tha Carter IV. Hmmmm….

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  • Dre

    Please don’t have Drama on the tape. I prefer this mictape to be no DJ like Drought 3.

  • Dre

    Mixtape* my bad, lol.

  • WeezyC

    I hope there will be No Dj tags @ the songs!;D

  • i can’t wait. i love the day 6 and 7 for young money and cashmoney video. and i can’t wait for the carter iv and the dedication 4

  • Richii

    True, i hate the DJ shoutouts so bad!

    But November/December is going to be like lil wayne month or something

    if what the say is true we are going to have

    No Ceilings
    Dedication 4
    Tha Carter III Rebirth
    Tha Carter IV
    Young Money album

    This is going to be crazy!

  • Lil W

    When Dj Drama is on a tape it only can make it hotter

  • fisforfranchise

    yeah, his shoutouts suck,
    but drama’s a good dj
    it won’t be so bad.

    didn’t they already make it clear, like in the FIRST interview
    that drama was gonna be on no ceilings/ and that no ceilings WASN’T D4?

  • L.I.L.’.W.A.Y.N.E

    what is the song called at the beginning of the day 7 part
    can someone tell me please???

  • Lil W

    Birdman is the man

  • Lil W


    maybe is it one of the instrumentals of off birdmans album? I don’t know but the beat is hot

  • tessa

    whats happening with the girl @ 12.05 ??

  • Lil W

    Birdman is so fly I might gonna buy his album

  • The song at the beginning is a Birdman and Triple C’s (Rick Ross) track

  • Weezy

    Is it me or is birdman fuckin annoying

  • Maybe No Ceilings is his version of D4 and he is surprising all of us with the Carter IV drop this year still? I just have a feeling Rebirth won’t necessarily flop, but Wayne won’t be happy wit da numbers….feel me folks?

  • D_weezy08

    Mane I Want Lil Weezy Ana Vol. 2 to come out

    that muthafucka be gettin off to hard

  • Diesel

    @weezy- I agree. we know he’s swagged out and has big money poppin! He doesn’t have to say it every fuckin time. I can understand why slim aint with him so much in these videos. He is embarrassing!

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  • willy

    what where those songs at the end???? they were sickk

  • What Gudda?

    This dude said his “White Purse” lol

  • jc.weezy

    Richii there’s no such thing as tha carter 3 rebirth anymore. It’s just rebirth!…. And I hate dramas voice.

  • the only reason that i look forward to the C4 album is cause he says it isn’t gonna be rock (and maybe also no autotune, don’t remember if he said that). he is gonna be rappin on that album, and i look forward to that, cause all his albums suck, and his mixtape are so fucking hard. i don’t understand that, how can mixtape be fucking harder than albums? anyway i look forward to the C4 album, also to rebirth, cause we gonna get the full tracks of the snippets we all heard. and to no ceilings, after hearing swag surfing and wasted!

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  • ttlly

    im birdman:
    money money money money, jewelry jewelry… soowoo, ima blood everyone soowoo…
    stfu, your success today is thanks to weezy. period

  • dickdrama

    weezy said it best, fuck mixtape djs. what do they do on tapes like this really? all the beats are from other rappers songs, and weezy is doing the vocals, soooo……yea…… why the fuck do we need some talentless dick rider to scream all over the tracks?

  • Kush

    “Dropped like 60 racks at tha louis store JUST cuz we got money to blow, blalalaa”

    ahaaa bird got a geekd out vocab

    AND WHY THE FUCK U NEED DRAMA, he aint make no beats on no ceilings.. damn dickrida!!

  • Who cares if DJ drama is on it. I just don’t want a million features…except Drake, and maybe Tyga.

    and what do you think of Lil Wayne’s new tattoo..too far?

  • izzi32

    soo woo im gonna blood everyone, swaged out, just cause we got money to blow, uptown, we got the biggest joints, i just migt buy a car,

  • BloopBloop

    I Knew No Ceilings Wasnt Droppin This Week….

  • RSandhu

    Anyone knows when Cash Money Heroes is comin ?!

  • L.I.L.’.W.A.Y.N.E

    @danny no the song at the beginneng of the day 7 part not at the begining of the video , i heard it before but i forgot the name?

  • 3 peat

    Please tell me wich are the song at the beginning and at the 00:50 … They were both sick!!!

  • ME

    To everybody sayin drama shouldnt be on the mixtape. stfu. i personally dont care if he on it or not. stop trying to knock his hustle. cuz if you think about it they both wouldnt be where they are today without each other. Wayne made Drama and Drama “kinda” made Wayne. point blank period.

  • Dnice

    no one is suposed to be ft. on the tape….. and Dj drama is one of the only Dj that is offical and not a bitch like kalihd….. would you rather hear we the best, and all that gay shit from that fat dude who sounds like fegie!! dramas the only dj who will actually give a fuck about how it sounds… and prob giving wayne his honest opinion about what the streets are gonna eat up…. and we all know that with in a week or so after drop a no dj/cdq will be up and you will then find another reason to cry!!

  • Dnice

    sorry for the miss spellings!!!

  • brent f baby

    @hilkoo… dude you cant seriously think wayne got that tat on his forehead hahaha are you retarded? anyone can tell thats not a real picture… read the caption they werent being serious whenever they said that was his new tattoo.. wow.

  • straightcash

    What’s the name of the song at the very beginning of this video? I can’t remember nor find it.

  • dickdrama

    haha drama made wayne? that’s funny. what has drama done on this tape? answer that! every beat has been used by other rappers, (for those of you slow people, that means it has already been made). so why do why need someone screaming “YO NO CEILINGS, WHAT WHAT DRAMA….GANGSTA GRIZILLLES….” or whatever the fuck comes out of that worthless peice of shits mouth. fuck mixtape djs.

    the best djs have their own style. something that they put into a song like drumma boy. he doesnt need to scream all over his tracks but people know they are his songs. or the runnas. fuck khalid, drama, evil empire, 31 degrees, cannon, and all the other fuckers who ruin songs.

  • hahadrama

    all i have to say is you go ahead and blast dramas tapes in your car. and have fun learning the songs just to turn them down at red lights when his dumbfuck screams come out. not to mention that the screams are always louder than the music because he obviously got the track and added that shit with poor sound quality.

    fuck you drama

  • young moolah baby

    I hope that soo woop song (full version) make on tha mixtape

  • ME

    cant nobody deny drama made wayne… if the dedication mixtape series was with any other dj they wouldnt be considered classics. and why u hatin on drama. he gettin money and u gettin mad

  • jamahl

    what the name of the song at the start of the video???

  • jamahl

    what’s the name of the song at the start of the video???

  • jamahl

    what’s the name of the song at the start of the video??

  • jamahl

    what’s the name of the song at the start of the video????

  • WaynesWorld

    Birdman going crazy at the LV store Oo

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  • 69o69

    i like everyone from youngmoney/cashmoney besides birdman hes a fuckin faggit

  • HUGO94

    CAN YOU GIVE ME, THE SONG you hear in the 12.3

  • Rock LIfe

    The Show was AWESOME!!!!!! Maybe the Best Lil Wayne’s show of the year lol

  • Rock LIfe

    At 6: 24 what is the name of the song?

  • Rock LIfe

    Please Somebody help me what is this song?? who begining at 6: 24 please

  • Rock LIfe

    ok I find it…