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Lil Wayne – No Ceilings Mixtape Alternate Covers

Fri, Nov 13, 2009 by

Lil Wayne - No Ceilings Official Front Cover

Above is an alternate cover for Lil Wayne‘s “No Ceilings” mixtape, and this is the cover that is used when you buy the tape in shops. You can also view the official back cover with a tracklist on, and Jay Sean’s and Birdman’s live performance of “Down” and “Written On Her” on Lopez Tonight below:

Lil Wayne - No Ceilings Official Back Cover

Download No Ceilings here –

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  • Samser

    They look better

  • young nas

    who da fuck is zipp……. wasnt it shanell



  • carter yeahhh

    Isn’t there a CDQ download of it? I heard that a newer version with cdq 320 kbps came out instead of the 256kbps….maybe you have a link for it??

    & I saw birdman and jay sean’s album on cd in that video, does that mean they are already done and actually coming out soon??

  • donnie

    lmao this shit been out forever hahahahahaaa this site sux dix

  • richii

    @ Donnie you idiot!
    Cant you read, it said its the alternate cover, if you buy the mixtape in stores!
    No ceilins was on this website the second it released on 31oct./1nov. So you better check you’re info before you say something sucks, ’cause your the one thats sucking dick right now probably!

    Ps. I love Wayne, but why would you buy a mixtape of wayne,. He said its free if you buy it your jacked!,. and if you do buy it, does he get money or just the record stores you buy it from??

  • aarom

    ok, im confused by this tape, who is lucci lou? its not the actress on the track, its t-streets why is he called lucci lou :S and like young nas said its chanell not zipp…who’s zipp? :S

  • Chazz

    i like the 1st one way better,
    the writing looks shit on this one
    btw jay sean kinda sucks live

  • Cli-City

    aarom …..dude that wasnt t-Streets who told u that…that dont even sound like t -streets…its not shanell either..they sound similar but mack maine said on twitter that it was one of their good friends just spitting..

  • yungnitto

    oooo jay sean what happened on this performance u sick or somethin….?



  • Jason

    Does anyone know where you can buy it online? I have it downloaded on cd but would rather buy one.


    dat shit was gud

  • hellraiser
  • brahmwatson

    i like the font on the other one better

  • carter yeahhh

    DANNY is there a CDQ download now??

  • thats really dopee ♥

  • hot covers

  • LarcenyOfM$P

    I like the other cover better…NO CEILINGS is the best mixtape of 09…So Far Gone is a close 2nd…Weezy is the greatest rapper alive…YMCMB take over

  • cookie

    this mixtape is by far one of the bests from lil wayne. i think this even better than the carter three.everyday i have to listen to these songs at least once. i cant wait to hear more mixtapes from him.he still spitting fire

  • cookie

    This mixtape is by far one of the bests from lil wayne. I think this even better than the Carter three. Everyday I have to listen to these songs at least once. I can’t wait to hear more mixtapes from him. He still spitting fire.

  • bobby

    he should have made no ceilings his new debut album and rebirth his free mixtape cause lets face it lil wayne is a beast but rebirth was nasty but if he would of put no ceilings on shelves it would have made alot of cashmoney

  • Leaker1000

    I’ll leak the “Fuck One Time” song next week.

  • pls guzy jst give me a website that i can afford to download no ceiling mixtape

  • trukfit813

    wayne is the mixtape king im his biggest fan ever idc if yall hate him hes the best to me hes better than any rapper

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