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B.G. Talks About A Possible Cash Money Reunion & Lil Wayne Going To Prison + 40 Glocc Says Baby & Weezy Pay In L.A.

Sat, Dec 12, 2009 by

B.G. speaks to Vlad TV about a possible Cash Money reunion, and Lil Wayne going to prison in the video above. Also, check out what 40 Glocc Cock is saying about Lil Wayne and Birdman in the audio below:

Oh, and the episode where Young Money make an appearance on The Mo’Nique show will air this Wednesday (December 16th).

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  • EastSide

    Waaaah New Orleansss where you att??

    kenner citty

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  • Samser

    Cash Money reunion, what about the Hot Boys reunion???

  • Jamie Foxx’s Penis

    40 Cock 😆

  • muzik1718

    fuck 40 cock lol

  • hello123

    danny i thought u said rebirth will leak by the end of the week?

  • EastSide

    oviously danny is a liar just like birdman haha

  • ollxar

    man let 40 cock say what the fuck he wants to say… does anyone know him??
    does he make good music??

    well no wonder he’s going at wayne hahaha…

  • j-trill213

    who is 40 cock ??????

    the man talks like he got 40 cocks in his mouth

    i dnt kno but i say FUCK 40!!!!!

  • :)

    40 glock is more hood than lil wayne, noobody can argue that, but weezy makes better music, there aint no comparecin’ ….. but 40 glock is the real gangster and weezy is just a mainstream music “gangsta”.

  • ollxar

    ^^ because he talks alot of bullshit it makes him a gangster… what happened to “wayne aint gonna enter l.a anymore”… wayne made 2 or 3 concerts after that hahahah… he paid 40 cock ??? gtfoh ….

    man don’t forget that jay rock and the game are from l.a and they always be holding wayne down there.. fuck that nigga

  • EastSide

    if you think lil wayne is’nt a gangster, you must have not watched
    the carter documentary yet.. personally i think he is a gangstaaa

    he speakss the truthh, 40 glock is just talkin shit because waynes going
    to jail in feb. just like 50 and everyother hattin rapper will do once lil wayne
    goess in prisonnn….

  • EastSide

    ollxar, you right brooooo.

  • zubera

    hahaha BG!!! damn… he was toasted lol

  • FREE willy YM/CMB

    who is 40 cock this nigga dumb oh yah eastside for the comment on last post fuck you

  • ollxar

    i dont give a fuck if wayne is a gangsta or not… but personally i think he is..
    that nigga talks alot of shit and nobody says anythiinnnnnnnng… in 40 cock’s position hes trying to get his name up…

    ima gangsta miss katie.. u gotta be a gangsta to say that shit on abc news hahaha..

  • EastSide

    internet banginnn nigga^^^

    get off my dick bitch

  • FREE willy YM/CMB

    hmmmmmmm im not but you know thats cool that you want me that way and you picture that well i mean im all for people expressing thier feelings but leave me out of your fantasies

  • LakeShow

    for all who dont know who 40 glocc is….THATS EXACTLY WHY YOUR A WAYNE FAN…..LMAO……. come to LA…..

  • FREE willy YM/CMB

    will do lakeshow

  • EastSide

    Wow seriously nigga shut the fuck up ,

    Yurr shitt isss whackk.

  • FREE willy YM/CMB

    my talking or do you have some mental disability(besides fantasizing about people youve never met) where everything you hear is music?????????????????????????????

  • EastSide


  • Nolakid

    @free willy
    woooww dude seriously he justt demolished you , maybe you should
    go shoot yourself?

    i say you do

  • FREE willy YM/CMB

    good waste your life ill just sit here no wait imma do something productive

  • FREE willy YM/CMB

    hey nolaakid wat u talking about all hes said is fuck this that and you

  • sweet great interview. and danny seriously you said that rebirth will leak end of this week.. and can’t wait for the young money appearance show. cash money reunion? what about the hot boys reunion?

  • yungtune33

    fuck 40 cock fuckin fag

  • weezyfer
  • Wats up all u fine single niggas gettn money n tha hood…wanna go 2 cloud 9 wit this dime ass spanish gal from florida???? Holla holla

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  • lj

    dont get me wrong im a big wayne fan but hes changed a lot
    i think this could be a good experience for him to be in jail for a while
    it does seem like hes getting back to old ways rap wise but im talkin about as the person he used to be in the dedications and the prefix/suffix all that.

    id also love to see BG come back to cash money to make wayne realize who he is as a person

  • weezyfer

    im fine wit dat girl..yea weezy hitting u up that P**&^..yea and im licking it off like i did it with lucy..and like lil wayne i get it out and get dat juicy..yea lemond or whatever it taste like gonna woop ur ass like a mountain bike…like my hair is full of spike,,and i fuck u how long i like:P…u let 2 woman fight because im the biggest man infront of the mic.bitch im rich i got the newest nike,,,yea got nothin 2 do guys just making up words whahah.

  • The_Artist

    Main first off forget what that nigga 40 cKocK got to say. He aint Bout nun so he cKan kicK them rocKs for real. 2nd off WAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHh Big B-Gizzle BacK in this motherlover to help Wayne show these no name rappers *cKough**cKough* 40 cKocK *cKough**cKough* (lol) how to really run the rap game ya heard me!

  • albert pajotte

    40 Gloc didn’t really say too much. It was almost neutral.

  • MiamiIsMine

    if u gotta go to LA found out who 40 glocc is then i guest he aint shit…..every city got they own gangstas…….he just do his gangsta shit on camera leavin evidence for them people to come get his ass…….Wayne money too long for him….Wayne filming documentaries and music videos. 40 filming youtube videos

  • dan32oo5

    fuck 40 cock, that nigga sucks dick to be in L.A.

  • BranDeezy

    Wayne’s kid is in LA, so he’s out there, im guessing every month and if 40 Cock was a real gangsta then he would show up to Lauren’s crib waiting for him every time he steps out there

  • weezy.f.b.

    ohh come on fuck 40 and 50 they need attention don’t give them any
    cuz I give a fuck about these numbers, the only number I listening to is the Nr. 1 Weezy Boy

  • John Michael

    Mane, 40 Glokk kan sukk a aids dikk. Nukka, B^ome fukk wit me homie. I’m in da 7th Ward, Downtown, New Orleans, Louisiana, 70116 like all day. Sex, Money, Murder. BLLLLLLAT

  • Gettnmunny09

    40 is weezy biggest fan! He got a couple videos on utube man he been at this for awhile. What a fucking lame. Get ur own movement, wat kinda dick rider wants to be known as the guy who’s dissin Wayne? It’s not gangster I’m n the hood n we don’t do utube videos

  • Danny

    preview the we are young money tracks, they sound so sick, when is this leakin???

  • lilweezyfan

    fuck 40 clocc

  • lilweezyfan

    ops i mean 40 glocc

  • beezyboyy

    @STILLCOMING! it says its already out? thts weird. and YM says dec. 21, someone try and cop it and see if its legit! it says its IN STOCK! try it.

  • weezyfer

    maybe it stilll leaks in december cause birdman love 2 lie..!!cause he’s fucking high!!!!like when he was high that he says bout carter 4!!!so lets wait till 21 december…:)

  • Ace

    40 Glocc is a nobody, obviously he sittn on a bunch of unpaid bills and debts, still livin wit mom & pops and the list can go on. This nigga jus trynna make some money. I understand that, but wen u constantly make remarks at the best rapper alive and gets no recognition what so evr. Tht means ur no threat and you need to SHUT THE FUCK UP “40 COCKS IN DA MOUTH” LMAO


    but ay peoples check me out at tell me what u think…add me…I WOULD APPRECIATE IT

  • Manner

    the nigga 40 a liar…i just saw wayne in LA for the americas most wanted tour in LA a few months ago…wayne killed it tooo!! haha…

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  • youngmoney

    lmaooo i love lil wayne’s music but he never been a gangsta!!!

    weezy been rapping since he was like 14 or 15 i dont remember

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