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Videos: Lil Wayne Arrives To Court + Clinton Sparks At “The Carter” Documentary Premier

Thu, Dec 17, 2009 by

Here is a video of Lil Wayne who is getting surrounded by paparazzi walking to court with Birdman yesterday morning. Props to The Source, and you can view lots of pics from that day here.

Hit the jump to watch Clinton Sparks at Lil Wayne‘s The Carter Documentary premiere in L.A.! Director Adam Bhala Lough also talks about the Doc and some of the things which happened when following Weezy.

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  • S-Wayne


  • tgreen

    i was pretty stoked for that doc to come out .. comes in the mail, press play .. all i kept thinking was ..
    damn, this is a lot of youtube vids put together with a few extra thing’s ive never seen before, but heard wayne talk about in his songs? everyone knew before this came out that he was in the studio non stop, now its some big surprise haha? .. wayne you number one, come back to toronto soon, you killin it out there, feb9th tho, fingers crossed.

  • Collin

    The Paradice-song from Rebirth has leaked!! 😉

  • Omareezy

    2nd??? anyway… more important.
    tha carter documentary was amazing!
    but we really need to see much much more videos of lil wayne!

  • weezyfer

    yessss,,,FIRST!!!!!!MY FIRST TIME

  • FlyAsHell

    damn those jurnalist are like eagles:)))…..

  • weezyfer


  • nice video. and tha carter documentary was amazing!

  • Collin

    @ weezyfer!

    How’s that for lying???

  • weezyfer

    Collin thnx..XD..whaha downloading it right now!!u got american superstar??:P..or the rest can u send the link??????

  • Jon

    Paradice sounds amazing!!!!

  • Jon

    The bonus track “I’m So Over You” feat. Shanell also leaked and its a sick track! You can find it at the site Collin posted right above the download button

  • Collin

    Haha, no worries! Never call me a lier again ;D

    I just spotted it on another page, sorry mate! It’s dope tho’!!!

  • tim

    bare songs leaked on youtube :/ amazons fault tbf, theyre awesome anyway and defo gettin it in feb 🙂 weezyyyyy fuckin babyy

  • weezyfer

    u guys got knockout !!i got it!!!!it’s on youtube!!!

  • tim

    also ms. parker young money has leaked

  • Collin

    Everything is probably gonna leak now! Amazon is sooooo fucked cuz of this!!!

  • tim

    wayne must be pissed, cant be that many songs left now :/ oh well hopefully the fans will still buy it, lucky fucker who got it though ida been chuffed

  • weezyfer

    i hope wayne shooot them ni**as from amazon!!!!!!!!!!hahah btw cool songs no doubt

  • Collin

    Half of the album has leaked now.. only 6 songs left!!!
    They should def release it now, and not wait for 2 more months..

  • tim
  • tim

    its ALL leaked now lol well weve all been waiting long enough, poor wayne lol

  • Ronald Moore

    Paradise Has Leaked Bitch Link Hoe >>

  • weezyfer

    dude!!!!@ronald …je bent achter man!!!kyk hoeveel liederen al geleaked zyn:american superstar,knockout,on fire,da da da,prom queen,im so over u,paradice,drop the world…atleast thats what i got!!!

  • youngmoney15555

    where ya get it??

  • LeakRebirth



  • saintsfan19992

    lol yall mad dumb, Rebirth has been leaked for a day now, got all the songs on my iPod now, believe it or not i dont really care, either way im jammin Rebirth in my car.

    nd if yall jus watched the mo’nique show she had both albums in her hands and said that We Are Young Money and Rebirth will be in stores December!

  • dfsafaf

  • J Money

    lol, damn they was all upon wayne’s dick and shit

  • guys rebirth leaked alredy! dam it im still gonna buy it tho..
    even tho i already have it on my ipod
    over all i think they album is good:)

  • kon


  • Leaker1000

    I’ll leak the “Fuck One Time” song next week.

  • B.Jeff

    The studio version?!

  • B.Jeff

    Yo i been waiting for that..!