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Lil Wayne – Untitled Snippet + More

Tue, Jan 5, 2010 by

Lil Wayne Untitled Snippet

Here is a short snippet of a Lil Wayne verse over Gucci Mane’s and Nicki Minaj’s “A Failure” record. Nicki even says “I’m Minaj, that’s Gucci, that’s Wayne” on her verse here

Download: Lil Wayne – Untitled Snippet

Shouts to TS

Hit the jump to read about Lil Wayne’s tours coming the 26th spot for the highest grossing North American series of 2009 and Jay Sean wanting Kim Kardashian:

Dominated by veteran acts such as U2, AC/DC and Elton John, Cash Money/Young Money’s headliner Lil Wayne was the only Hip Hop act to grace’s Highest Grossing Tours list for 2009.

Wayne, who was out on the road for almost nine months of last year, took the #26 spot, with amassed tickets sales of $42 million. According to, Weezy’s tour attracted over 800,000 fans at 78 various venues throughout North America and Canada.

Shouts to HHDX, and Cash Money’s Jay Sean wants one-on-one time with his crush Kim Kardashian:


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  • youlyce


  • vikramindia

    who cares if you are first or second or at last ……. its all abt weezy’s hot stuff this web site is for no body carin a damm about ya what do u all say fans

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  • Toonchie

    youlyce nobody gives a shit about u being first nigga, just listen to weezy and dont write bs. im out, 5*6, young mula crazy, brrrrrat

  • martijnjwz

    volgens mij ben zowat de enigste op deze site die een hollander is:D

  • Ooohhh

    Bbrrraaapppp haha

    Jay Sean is a joker

  • young nas

    damn wayne looks stoned in that pic lol

  • JMB

    hahahahaa FUCK FDL
    he said this was a carter 4 snippet
    goddamnit i knew i knew the beat
    you a failure ft nicki minaj
    god damn im stupid

  • JMB

    @ martijnjwz
    hell no ik ben er al sinds t begin ik was wel de enige haha

  • Ashwin

    Helemaal niet.

  • Lil Wes

    @ al die motherfuckers die denken dat ze de enigste nl’er zijn

    ik ben er ook hoor

  • Remix baby

    I heard this was from Carter IV… and why da fuck is everyone speaking german or whatever

  • grand buzz

    48 mill wwwwwooooowwwwwww

  • cheese-pol

    jay sean seems funny but fuckin weird

  • JMB

    @ remix baby
    fuck no we aint german never call us that cause we hate them
    @ nederlanders
    ja we zijn ook lang niet alleen allemaal niet maar ik bedoel dat int begin van de site ergens in mei haast alleen maar fransen waren en HAAST geen nederlanders naast mij
    ik heb t tenminste niet gemerkt….

  • Lil Wes

    @ we are speaking dutch motherfucker

  • “Brapadatratadatratadatb”

  • Lil Wes

    JMB nee dat merk je ook niet als mensen geen vericht achterlaten

  • Kandy

    wow wat happen to lil wayne’s fans chill

  • Jlsundftd

    Fucck u dutch muthafuckers… Austin powers dont lik u neithet do i.. Hah

  • WeezyC

    haha Jay Sean!
    hee nederlanders! hier nog een landgenoot!:D

  • weezy f crazy


  • weezyfer2

    wie woont in suriname….laat my niet de enigste zyn:P…hahaha weezy


  • brahmwatson

    thats the pussy nigga beat! with nicki minaj

  • Fouad

    Go Weezy!:)

    nog een in nederland gevestigde met hoeveel zijn we nu

  • Young_BS

    This IS tht Pussy Nigga/You a Failure Beat!!!!
    Shit Goes Hard, Zay Always makes the BEST Beats

  • izzi32

    doe maar +1
    ben er hier sinds het beign jode
    maar ben wel eige turk hier oowh shit:$

  • izzi32

    damn nigga playin?

  • JayR

    If Wayne is doin the C4 mixtape style and using other peoples beats on it(which im sure he is not) then this might be on there. This is Gucci Mane’s “What Kind of a King(TI Diss)” beat. So im sure this will be on an upcoming mixtape.

  • GhostKillah!

    he always say dat brap brap shit and now yall hating yall are waste… it went pretty hard to me id like to hear the FULL Track he da best

  • WeezyC

    ik kom uit op 7 Nederlanders uit tot nu toe!;)

  • W!LL

    Hieer ook een nederlander martijn!

    Big up to Wayne! Album is taking to long tho!

  • darren

    that snippit was horrible i think that was very old!!

  • Ronsonagga

    fucking fat ass filthy american,
    go eat some fucking hamburgers
    drop dead, weezy cash money young money stay alive

    agga parraat

  • Jason


  • nice news. wayne looks sick

  • John Doe

    This is an ENGLISH site.
    Go find some Dutch Lil Wayne fan site!

    Wayne’s Snippet was fresh and the ending was funny lol.
    And Jay Sean cool, lol seems like a goof ball.

  • luiseezy

    Wa wawa tu mai mai china kakabuka chivlchi aguao dise el perro kkk beaucoup lol yea wateva I said

  • weeziana

    shiitt we kunnen wel uit Nederland zijn mensen maar om nu de amerikanen hier uit te gaan schelden…benieuwd naar al deze TMF en lollipop fans hierr,de leeftijd zal al dan niet hoog liggen.

  • Nigger

    Yo whats up with all of these queer ass Dutch speaking to each other on this site? Get you lame asses out of here, no one knows who you faggets are or care. Stop with the Dutch, you guys are lame as hell. As for calling all of us fat, come here and Ill pop you across your stupid clogg stomping face.

  • vinz

    Oh what’s happen on this snippet, he die at the end ?!! good snippet I want the song !

    Sorry for my bad english, i’m french ….

  • All Lil Wayne

    na it’s not on tha carter IV. it’s really gunna be on his mixtape “Dedication IV”. that’s gunna be planned to drop in february when hes going to jail. which is the reason rebirth got pushed back so we get music while he’s in jail. trust me i got good sources.

  • rg

    man shut the fuck up they can speak whatever language they want.

  • PET



  • monster

    ik was er al vanaf 2008…

  • LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL C4 snippet πŸ˜› wayne fucking funny on this track πŸ˜› OH MAN THERE’S MORE DUTCH then english here πŸ˜›

  • dss

    you can tell this shit was recorded a long time ago like 2007, his voice sounds like syrup

  • dss

    and get this stupid mothafucka jay sean outta here man why is he even on cash money? cash money becomin a bitch ass nigga label now

  • weezy f crazy

    @dss yeah dude his voice likee syrup so yeah maybe recorded in 07 but hey still sick tho

  • brahmwatson

    and at the begining of that song gucci says “the boy lil wayne”

  • lilwayne im lil.corrupt u can no quitter go getter

  • fuck my hert lilwayne

  • im lil.corrupt Beastie Boys hood Classic

  • NewWhiz

    Ik BEn Niet Hollander Maar Ik Kan Wel Nederlands Prater Mofockass!!
    Ik Ben Van Curacao!

    I Speak Whatever u Want Motha Fucka LOL

    Wayne Is crazy On That Song LOL

  • NewWhiz

    Lil Wayne Ta Loko Ribe Beat
    Lil Wayne Is Crazy On The Beat
    Lil Wayne Is gek op die beat!

  • jminor01

    that snippet was crazy cant wait for the full

  • Ecko

    Hee hee hee, we spreken hier nederlands, geen duits!

  • Lil Wes

    jongen ik luister al 5 jaar lil wayne dus duidelijk niet zo’n belachelijke lollipop fan ik vind die mensen zo kaka die gaan opeens leuk doen met lil wayne maar weten niks meer dan she she likes me like a lollipop maar tog blijft het nummer goed

  • wtf is up with you lot man for real like.. “oh this has to be c4 omg y is it a mixtape style” “no this is d4”

    like wtf his just showing the track love like he did with fed up by khaled sheez

  • Lil Zly

    what’s that!? LOL
    bre di bre di bre bre

  • bitches if this is an english website, why da fuck all the americans on it?? turdheads
    nog een Nederlander jwZ

  • ak_wayne

    language is english. lol.

  • lol zoveel nederlands Ya dig We Taking Over MuthaFckers!

  • immortal technique

    hey everyone go onto youtube and search fon-z run this town, hes the new best thing in hip hop hes unsigned i think he should sign to young money

  • Chazz

    haha weezy looks high on that pic =D

  • Weezy F baby

    motherfuckers !! nog een nederlander hier!!!

  • Weezy F baby

    @monster kill jij bent echt een Balhaar xD

  • RB

    yea i been heard the song i just knew it wasnt completed when i heard nicki verse cause wayne wasnt on it but i guess there finally puttin it together.

  • edwinweezybaby

    Ik ben ook nederlands hoor:P

    weezy’s great!

  • edwinweezybaby

    Lil wes, helemaaal gelijk…

  • Weezy

    can someone write the last 15 seconds of the snippet lyrics πŸ˜›


  • McGee

    Hot song
    but when come the full song of this ?

  • real#1waynefan

    can I find dis on you tube and if so wat should I type in as da name

  • Tha B.G.’z

    @Weezy- Just like a poet I wear glasses and a hat/ but you don’t want me 2 go back 2 wearin masks and a gat/ I ain’t dancin in the back / cuz in my pants this is a mac/ so if u wanna dance with me/ u gon be dancin with the mac/ any move to a zombie/ brrrrattatatata/ brrratatatata/ brratatatata/ (choking sounds lol).

  • Tha B.G.’z

    Also @real#1waynefan- Type in “Lil Wayne Snippet” then go to search options and click on upload date.

  • Brenda_

    I Love Lil Wayne<33' Fuckkk Them Hatersz !!! Weezy is the best of the best (:

  • lilwaynefan


    Jay Sean is a comedian

  • I really think this is going to bigger than it is now, could be wrong though!