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Lil Wayne’s Sentencing Delay Is A Blessing Tyga Says

Thu, Feb 11, 2010 by

“That’s still a blessing, man,” Tyga said. “He could spend more time with his family, get what he needs to get done.

“We talk about it all the time,” Tyga said of Wayne’s upcoming time in prison. “It’s not really a subject that’s gonna hurt us [Young Money artists] as much. We’re used to being around Wayne all day, every day, and his work ethic, so we just look at it like we need to work harder. Even though we work very hard, we need to work harder. This man shot six videos in one day in, like, five hours. That was motivation — that was a lot of inspiration right there to see somebody do that.”

“We just shot a video for my single featuring Wayne, called ‘I’m On It,’ ” Tyga explained. “That’ll be coming out real soon. We got cameos from Drake, Juelz Santana was there — we did that. We did another song of mine that’s on Birdman’s album as well as my album — that’s called ‘Leave Home.’ It’s me and Wayne, featuring Birdman. That one’s crazy too. Look for ‘I’m On It,’ that one’s coming real soon. Wayne did a lot of videos in one day. We did what we needed to get done.”


I’m looking forward to this Birdman, Tyga and Weezy song (could be this?), and it looks like Drizzy and Juelz were not actually featured on the “I’m On It” record.

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