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Lil Wayne’s Sentencing Delay Is A Blessing Tyga Says

Thu, Feb 11, 2010 by

“That’s still a blessing, man,” Tyga said. “He could spend more time with his family, get what he needs to get done.

“We talk about it all the time,” Tyga said of Wayne’s upcoming time in prison. “It’s not really a subject that’s gonna hurt us [Young Money artists] as much. We’re used to being around Wayne all day, every day, and his work ethic, so we just look at it like we need to work harder. Even though we work very hard, we need to work harder. This man shot six videos in one day in, like, five hours. That was motivation — that was a lot of inspiration right there to see somebody do that.”

“We just shot a video for my single featuring Wayne, called ‘I’m On It,’ ” Tyga explained. “That’ll be coming out real soon. We got cameos from Drake, Juelz Santana was there — we did that. We did another song of mine that’s on Birdman’s album as well as my album — that’s called ‘Leave Home.’ It’s me and Wayne, featuring Birdman. That one’s crazy too. Look for ‘I’m On It,’ that one’s coming real soon. Wayne did a lot of videos in one day. We did what we needed to get done.”


I’m looking forward to this Birdman, Tyga and Weezy song (could be this?), and it looks like Drizzy and Juelz were not actually featured on the “I’m On It” record.

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  • MO


  • First to be useless yup.

  • ijefftac

    sekond….juss got suspened from work …dumb bitch….yuh that was rondom huh

  • Veronika

    Weezy is unstoppable!!!

  • miggity

    Damn that “Leave Home” track is gonna be fuckin dooooppppe as shit to hear wayne spit on. Tyga already goin hard on the snippet. I wish everything would just get released. I feel like CM/YM is sittin on a thouasand ton pile of tracks/footage with Wayne being in 60% of it all.

    It’s gonna be a good year for Young Money fans, that’s for damn sure, regardless if Wayne locked up.

  • jemmaaa

    i feel sorry for his daughter
    but its good that his sentence has been delayded

  • sixth bitches!!!!!!!

  • W.Fuckin’Baby

    That song “leave Home” is sick..I heard a snippet on Younmoneyhq !

  • W.Fuckin’Baby
  • MO

    where can i listen tu that snippet?

  • MO


  • Matheo

    I’m so happy too one more month tha’s awesome ! Thank You God

  • Mahdy F Baby

    hey i saw an interesting thing in wikipeadia:

    Collaboration Albums
    2006: Like Father, Like Son (with Birdman)
    2009: We Are Young Money (with Young Money Entertainment)
    TBA: I Can’t Feel My Face (with Juelz Santana)
    TBA: Hot Boyz Reunion (with Juvenile, B.G. & Turk)
    TBA: Like Father, Like Son 2 (with Birdman)

    so there will be another like father like son
    shit i like that
    can’t wait for da carter IV and like father like son

  • Mahdy F Baby

    oh shit i didnt see the interview with Tim Westwood

  • i fuckin love yu lil wayne u r unstopable keep ya head up ans stay strong young money got u i love u babe

  • i fuckin love u lil wayne can u make my bed rock lol keep ya head up and stay strong young money got ya n ima always be here for you i love you babe

  • ampjackson94

    shawdy lo song WTF cumin out 2morrow be prepared young money!!!

  • Guddaville2

    NEWS: Dentist Speaks On Lil Wayne’s Mystery Tooth Ailment ”



  • J Sax

    He aint lyin….

    but ay peoples check me out at tell me what u think…add me…I WOULD APPRECIATE IT

  • Wayne hard point blank period. Young Money hard too. I fucks with the youngmoney squad.