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Lil Wayne Laughs At Ex-Wife Toya’s Rapping x More

Sun, May 23, 2010 by

Lil Wayne Laughs At Ex-Wife Toyas Rapping

Rasheeda’s sorority-styled “Bed Rock Remix” featuring Kandi, Diamond, Lola Monroe and Antonia “Toya” Johnson caught many people off guard after its late April release. For one, it was an unlikely adaptation, but more so, the song debuted Lil Wayne‘s famed-ex-wife-turned-reality-star, Toya rhyming a decent 16. Expect more where that came from.

“I’mma try it and test it out. A mixtape or album depends on how this one goes by myself,” says Toya. “I always had a little urge to rap, but never really wanted to because sometimes it doesn’t come off lady like. Then of course Wayne is a rapper so I thought people would be like, ‘Oh she’s trying to rap because Wayne rap.’ So I was like let me just play around with something.”

“It’s crazy because now that I did a little bit of that song everybody’s been coming to me like, ‘Oh can we hear something else? Your accent is so cute. You sound so cute rapping.’ I’m like wow.”

As a platinum-selling rapper, Wayne found his ex’s flow a bit more amusing than impressive. “Wayne laughed at me on the “Bed Rock Remix”. That’s what men do. They’re never going to tell you you’re good or to keep going with it. You know their slick side.”

Toya also explains that her and Wayne rarely if ever, discuss music. They’re relationship revolves strictly around shared 11-year-old daughter, Reginae. The newfound rapper cleared the air about reports stating that an mp3 player had been found within Rikers Island, intended for Wayne.

“All of that stuff about MP3s and cell phones… that’s not true. I don’t know where that stuff comes from,” says Toya. “Yes, I did confirm with him. He doesn’t know where any of this is coming from. Wayne doesn’t entertain that. But he’s doing great.” – VIBE

I don’t know why Toya is saying that Riker’s Island authorities never found an MP3 Player in Wayne‘s cell when Weezy has admitted that it is true 🙄

Hit the jump to read what a few of the Young Money members have said about Tunechi, “Spit In Your Face” being on Kevin Rudolf‘s upcoming album, and to watch episode six of Tiny and Toya:

Kevin Rudolf To The Sky Album Cover

Kevin Rudolf‘s upcoming album To The Sky will be hitting stores the same day as Drake’s debut album Thank Me Later – June 15th! We have already heard the first single from the album, “I Made It” aka “Cash Money Heroes”, and now I have found out that Weezy‘s and Kevin‘s collaboration record “Spit In Your Face“, will be featured on his album too. I’m not sure what has gone on with this track, because I thought it was going to be on Wayne‘s Rebirth album… so I’m guessing there will be some changes to the final version when it drops!

You can also read what some of the YME artists have been saying about Lil Wayne (if you haven’t read these articles before) while he is in prison below at YMHQ:

Lil Twist Speaks On Life Without Lil Wayne | Gudda Gudda Talks About Lil Wayne’s Incarceration | Tyga Says: “Lil Wayne Is Holding His Head Up In Prison” | Lil Chuckee Speaks On Last Experience With Lil Wayne & More

Tiny & Toya Episode 6 From Season 2 Of Their Reality TV Show:

Previous: Tiny & Toya Season 2 Episode 5

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  • Jake

    something new finally lol

  • lovalle

    i would’ve like to see a new song instead of an old one on his album.

  • princess

    i wouldnt listen 2 her no more she the same one who said he dnt got a JOB next thing u no he got a JOB

  • Luiseezy F. Crazy

    FIRST bitchess haha yes yes yes bitches first in your faces lmao

  • Jamie Foxx’s Penis

    I agree ^ She seems to make stories up just to make out like she is Wayne’s best friend lol and he tells her everything

    And WTF was that bed rock remix, terrible smh

  • cheese-pol

    fuck toya !!! i cant stand that bitch !!!

    she a nobody with out wayne !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    my ears are bleeding from listenin to that remix……she should never rap again

  • YMKidd

    Either Wayne is lying to Toya or she’s trying to protect him, idk why tho lol

  • Ooohhh

    I hope there are some changes to the Spit song, that is one of my fav songs from Wayne

    “You suck dick, I suck seed (suceed)”




  • grand buzz

    Ooohhh Says:
    May 23rd, 2010 at 8:42 pm
    I hope there are some changes to the Spit song, that is one of my fav songs from Wayne

    “You suck dick, I suck seed (suceed)”

    kevin will probably have a verse or two

  • that’s good to hear. and can’t wait for kevins new album to drop. and i want spit in your face to be the 2nd single of kevins new album.

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  • Young Money

    i think kevin is a great artist and his album will be great



  • Void

    aw man Kevin dont come out the same day as drake!!… Unless they are part of the same package.. That actually sounds llike a good Idea.. Make alot of money and hit 2 genres at the same time. eh but hwo am I but a die hard fan that has all his business prequistes out the way. Lol


  • Jake

    Will Lil wayne really be release on november 4

  • twist wifey

    some of yall hating on toya..go suckk a BIG D*** !!!!!!

  • I’ll Deff Cop Kevin’s Album. He’s Talented 🙂

  • Preezy

    Def gonna get kevin rudolf’s album….YESS!

  • Tae Babi

    wayne getting out on november 4th
    & four day b4 my b-day lol

  • @cheese-pol how u gone not like toya she’s doin her thing man u on the other hand are very unknown hate people who talk shit behind a keyboard damn stop hatin dat lil time u used hatin u could have used it 2 go love sumbody hell toya is one of da sexiest black females on tv right now toya wateva u do rap tv show hell u can do porn dats wats da fuk u wanna do like wayne said da world would be a better place if people stopped hatin and minded their bizness damn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Didnt Toya also deny that wayne was working pin prison?

  • Kaee_ym

    Lmfao i love toyaa 🙂 & her accent she a real bitch dnt hate #freeweezy cnt wait 04 kevin album .

  • jessestone

    always talking on subjects she dont know shit about. you know once she heard that phone convo with wayne when he talked about it she gotta feel stupid as hell.

    and people actually like kevin rudolph? that shit is n sync with a guitar. pop rock garbage.

  • Nice website you have, the information here are very helpful.

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  • joachim0512

    Do “Love Letter” include Kevin’s upcoming album?

  • frega bao

    finally the dream has come true hope Regy will be the best up coming yrs tich her and Tunechi will never lough bt support yo,in fact we don’t know y he laughed may be she surprise him who knows?

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