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Lil Wayne Wins Two “MTV2 Sucker Free Summit” Awards

Sun, Jul 25, 2010 by

Lil Wayne Wins Two MTV2 Sucker Free Summit Awards

Lil Wayne won two awards at the very first MTV2 Sucker Free Summit, which was held earlier today (July 25). Weezy won an award for The People’s Crown which was for his “Drop The World” single featuring Eminem, and an award for Mixtape Of The Year which was for his No Ceilings tape. Birdman picked up Tune‘s first award and Drizzy who was dressed up as Wayne wearing dreads picked up his second with Marley G, Lil Twist and NO Capo in the back. You can view all of the award winners here and as we previously reported, Weezy was nominated for a total of seven awards. You can watch the whole show after the jump too in case you missed it.

Shouts to Yardie

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  • Drizzy

    First! Wayne is Hard!

  • FlyAsHell

    go wayne:D

  • Ooohhh

    Congratulations Tunechi

  • Young P Weezy

    Weezy the best!!!
    Cant wait for his albums in future
    Free Weezy!!!

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  • Chazz

    sure he deserved more
    anyways congratz wayne


  • u deserve it boy.

  • kidmaze

    wezzy f. baby to the death of it lol

    and fat joes is a hater !

  • Teneisha Mitchell from da Bay

    Thats right Weezy deserves all the awards hes ever gotten and some that have yet to b invented!!! Much support Tune…….MUAH

  • A-Bjerg

    Hmm … Hoped for mo’, but it’s better than nuthin’.. GO/FREE/NO.1.CAN.BE WEEZY!

  • Woocky

    good shit,

  • Tony

    movies are deleted..

  • its clear that weezy is the beat in the game. no 1 can fuck wit him im gone.

  • weezyf

    Can we have the videos back up? Dying to see these!

  • Google


  • weezyf

    Come on WayneHQ, I really wana see Drizzy as weezy, he has a great Weezy impression!
    Wheres your videos at?!

  • Bryan

    Lil’Wayne diserve it! Congratulations!

    PS: The videos are not working.

  • that is sick baby. go lil weezy πŸ™‚

  • ViiLLAiiN

    The videos been removed!

  • ViiLLAiiN

    the videos have been removed! gotta repost the vidz!


    dude wat up with the vids

  • Marrium

    I love lil wayne so much! he completes me in every way! Congrats on both awards! The No ceilings Mixtape is my favorite mixtape of all time!! <3 i love you weezy!!

  • B-Cloud

    Re-up the video clips please πŸ™

  • 4 ever weezy

    please fix the video!
    congratulation to weezy he really diserve both of them!
    free weezy<33

  • danny u stupid?

    thats NOT marley. thats his twin brother CAPO dumb fuck

    get ur shit straight if ur gonna have a website dick riding

    • @danny u stupid? – U mad?

      That’s why I said Marley G as well πŸ˜† Capo is behind Twist you dumb fuck

  • ImissTune

    Go Weezy Go Weezy Go ! πŸ˜€

    I knew that he would win these two awards for sure.
    Drop the world is one of his bests and no ceilings goes HARD!

    Tune til i die!

  • Updated video as well.

  • Kym Mok


  • RehANa. .

    Weezy the BEST !!! Congratz to him. .

  • wayneJR

    Nicee! πŸ™‚ go wayne! πŸ™‚ FREE WEEZY!!! πŸ™‚

  • danny u stupid?

    oops my bad danny, sorry

  • Eminem hands down, but it should have tied with waynes roger that verse….that shit was ill!

  • wellz

    what kind of shirt is weezy wearing in the pic?????? the blue and white (whats the name of that kind of shirt??)

  • Stephi

    Sweet! GO WEEZY!

  • Can’t wait for the C4. Wayne is the best. FREE WEEZY.

  • .No way “RanSom” the Roger that verse was Dope, but Em shouldn’t hav tied with kanye West….. FREE WEEZY

  • FreeWeezy

    Congratulations Weezy!!!

    Free Tune!!!

  • vocker

    wow wayne is soo great
    he gets awards even tho he is in jail…………. wow
    weezy is the best rapper alive!

  • lol

    i wanna watch the video it wont work its deleted πŸ™

  • Lil Wayne is fucking best

  • weezyB@bY

    Heads up weezy.
    Weezy F b@by …. Please Say the B@bY
    Cant wait for C4 nd also some songs with Hot BoyZZZZ
    Free WeezY

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