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Lil Wayne Bogey Blunts In Stores Now x CMB Updates

Sat, Aug 7, 2010 by

Lil Wayne Bogey Blunts In Stores Now

Over a year ago on LWHQ, we created a post saying Lil Wayne will be endorsing a new range of cigars, specially made for smoking marijuana. Now the day has finally come where they are being sold in stores! The cigars are called Bogey Blunts and have officially been added to over 400 7-Eleven stores in California. Shouts to Karen, and you can also purchase them online here.

In other news related to CMB, producers Cool & Dre have officially signed with the Cash Money label. This deal will allow them to produce lots of tracks for both Cash Money and Young Money. You can also watch a video of Birdman in LA (part 6) with Jay Sean and Nicki Minaj after the jump below:

Shouts to DG and you can watch part 5 here!

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  • gippio


  • loooooooooooool

  • Adrian

    First! ha
    the site isnt very established yet though

  • Ooohhh

    LOL at Baby calling Jae Millz “Lego” and saying Shanell twice

  • young nas

    i been smokin these for a min

    they expensive tho

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  • Samser

    Congrats 2 Cool and Dre they are some of the best producers in the game today

  • Yep!

    Must be nice to have nothing to do all day except shop and get high. Yep!

  • Remix baby

    Right at the end when birdman and jay sean are talking, does anyone know the name of that song? Sounds amazing and its t-pain and birdman. Maybe from birdmans bigger than life album?

  • G.Malone – Sun Come Up (Feat. Birdman, Rick Ross & T-Pain)

    From G.Malone Beach Cruiser Album

    (Was supposed to be released on Birdman & Rick Ross the H Album)

  • K-Freshz

    wow….cool and dre be makin some dope ass beats too!!!!!!! i could see wayne hoppin on a cool and dre beat!!! and drake too

  • korie

    they been out in west haven connecticut. they sell them right next to my job.. they str8.. but i stay with them dutches

  • Stunna dont keep it hood at all anymore!!!!

    Somebody get jay sean out of cash money, he is gay!!!!!

  • Akillees

    he also need to sign kane beatz

  • weezyiswayne21

    man those blunts are fuckin massive, I picked one up abou t a year ago at a smoke shop in minnesota and we cudda fit like 2.5 grams in that bitch!

  • dammmn right ! weeezay right above it <3
    free Weezy

  • iGot5onit

    They sell those bogey blunts at the local BP here but they’re aight, doesn’t beat an old fashion Dutch Master -_-

  • Ahem
    Tonight’s the night
    I’m high as height
    Uh, I’m young and restless
    I shines my guiding light
    And umm, I’m living right
    Yeah, my health alright
    Huh, my money good
    And, my girl a dike, shit
    Let’s live it up
    No dying down
    Yeah, let’s shoot the bar
    I’ll buy the rounds
    Hey, I’ll take the shots
    I’m bulletproof
    Yeah, Nike just do it
    I, do what it do
    I was drinking before I came
    When I got here I did the same
    I don’t like beer I like Champagne, so
    Cheers to Lil Wayne
    And if she think she get my number
    Just know my number don’t change
    G-g-g-g-girl stop playing
    I got that pussy on a string
    Now let’s do it

  • FREEEE WAYNEE!!!! thiss is CArlos&Diana,the thoooedest Runts In SAN ANTONIO(: PEACEEEE SUKKA FOO’S Hidie likes to get fukkd up too,Shes not here at the moment but she says “I LOVE ME SOME WEEEZYY F.BABYY & THE F. IS FOR (FRAME)

  • I LOVE YOU L.A(:



  • shoe

    dem blunts been out fur months yu tripen . thay fatt as fuk

  • imma get me some of dem bogie blunt ya smell me

  • fer

    nicki sound stupid as fuck at 6:35

  • liltunechi

    BOGEY BLUNTS R WACK! i bought em b4 DUTCH MASTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • vocker

    i love these ppl cm/ym
    they just love life 🙂

  • youngcarter24

    RANDOM! where tha fuck is t-streets! lol..where is that nigga¿

  • J

    I saw the blunts available in Massachusetts in the Spring. I smoked my first one in April of 2010.

  • wayneJR

    Damn! Nicki is sooo prtty! 🙂

  • weezly


  • jonathan wayne welch

    The best blunts ever they leave ya mouth with a grape tasteing experience FREE WEEZY

  • The Source

    Ive had these blunts for over a year now

  • #TeamMinajeTWA

    *BIRDCALLSS* Birdman daddY!!
    shoutouts to birdman for always doin these videos
    i fucks wit birdman fuck ya if you hatin
    eitha you in or out
    IM IN!!! bwhahah

  • can som one tell me wat is the name of the red kicks jay sean hav on

  • liam

    niggers are ignorant,uneducated,lazy ignorant Crime Apes..Niggers are all a buncha Downlow Dick Suckers..Wayne suck lotsa dick at Rikers..