• Puchii

    #1 YES! Free Weezy! Best Rapper Alive!

  • Roup aka jr weezzzyy

    firstt for da first fkngg timeee weeezzzyy you ma nigga you da bestt beat is sick!!

  • GREAT !


    “he’s a beast, he went back to that RAW rappin” -bridman UH OOHHHH RAP NIGGAZ IN TROUBLE!! LMAOOO “C4” BITCHEZ


    “He’s a beast; he went back to that raw rappin’. ” Birdman

    now i cant w8 for that EP and Carter IV damn! Mike Banger said on UStream that the EP is all Spitting so this shits gonna be greatt!

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  • grg

    damn i rememeber that verseeee

  • RikersIsland

    Anyone Have The Lyrics To This Song?. And This Song Is Old , Its From December 2009 !. But Its Still Good(:

  • moe

    He’s a beast; he went back to that raw rappin

    some carter 2 in this bitch yall

  • yea’ya.we r waiting for u weezy

  • Ooohhh

    WTF is a RL lol?

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  • vocker

    the only good thing in here is waynes verse lol

    i love when birdman said that wayne and ’em are real rappers 🙂

    i wonder why he said this, is birdman and eminem freinds now a days?

  • Khaled Weezy

    Yea It’s Wild Comparison, You Can’t Compare A Gay ( Micheal Jackson ) By A Beast ( Lil Wayne ), Am A Fan Of Micheal Jackson But He’s Really A Gay :S

  • yes. and i love the song. free lil weezy 🙂

  • EkaMan

    Dude vocker he didnt mean “em” as in eminem he ment “em” as in “them” he just dont pronouce it fully

  • Chazz

    damn nice track


  • yeedee

    shitty song lol

  • tee

    birdman needs to go away we know lil wayne is the best but not micheal best gtfohwtbs birdman damn mad annoying

  • K-Freshz

    dammm….its ova for the entire rap game when wayne gets out!!!! he went back to that raw rappin….shid!!! words cant even explain how dope carter 4 is gonna be!!!! and what if wayne would make a No Ceilings part 2 in the future???? that shit would be crazy…. theres a lot of hot beats out rite now, and wayne should go R.I.P. mode on all of them!!!!! lol

    FREE WEEZY!!!!!!!!!

  • YungNizzy14

    Man Tha Carter IV iz gonna be raw as hell cait wait, Wayne really put his foot in it this time. I guess its safe to say he iz officially a legend see ya soon bruh FREE TUNE/YOUNG MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • wayneJR

    I cant wait for tha carter IV! FREE WEEZY!

  • kevin

    wow birdman actually compared wayne to micheal jackson birdman just kill yourself right now just kill yourself mj is known world wide eveerybody across the world knows him mj broke the racial boundry on mtv his thriller album is the best selling album in history he influenced and changed peoples lives with his singing and dancing wayne will never in his life be anywere near talented as micheal jackson anybody who thinks otherwise is just fucking retarded

  • bfoRealdo88

    these lyrics maaaaaad old..nd this aint that raw shit. aint dissin wayne @ all but it the same shit he been puttin out!

  • Michael (Eazy-M)

    I like the song, great lyrics and all.
    Tha Carter 4 will boost us fans all up again, no doubt.
    Free Weezy, 2 months- 12 days, to long to keep up.

  • Aussie older girl

    luv you lil wayne i’m old but love u cant wait till yr FREE………..YAY 🙂

  • weezy fanatic

    kevin u a stupid biitch!!! fuck u