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Lil Wayne Packaging Album With Rapstar Video Game

Tue, Oct 12, 2010 by

Lil Wayne Packaging Album With Rapstar Video Game

Everyone knows CD sales are down. The solution? Bundle it with a video game. That seems to be the trend these days, the latest example of it coming from Lil Wayne.

The rapper — who on November 4 will complete an eight-month jail term for a weapons conviction — has partnered with the makers of “Def Jam Rapstar” and Best Buy to give away his latest album, “I Am Not a Human Being,” to anyone buying the game.

There are limitations: The giveaway lasts from October 12 through October 19, and only in Best Buy locations.

The deal was struck between Rapstar creators Def Jam and 4mm Games, and Wayne’s label Cash Money Records. Wayne’s single “A Milli” is also featured in the game, which is a rap-centric karaoke game that lets users record and share video of themselves performing. – Yahoo

So basically if you buy the Def Jam Rapstar game, you will get Wayne‘s I Am Not A Human Being album for free with it. This offer is only available in Best Buy stores from October 12 to October 19.

Also, don’t forget to buy your hardcopy version of Weezy‘s I Am Not A Human Being album (includes three bonus tracks) which came out in stores today!

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  • nula


  • This is a hot idea. Marketing genius!

  • Woocky

    Good shit!

  • ogeezy210

    Nov 4th free tunechi

  • HellKey

    Is weezy in the game ? :p

  • free dhat niqqa lyk!
    fucq dha police cuz all dem proB
    MOB qanq only Bitchezzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!
    Blood qanq ONLY!!!!!!!!!!

  • yOuNgCarTer17


  • 4trtg

    Where is Im Single ft Drake? I bought the hard copy and its not there

  • YM is shit

    The discs sucks so much that even a game cant help it out. The only option in this game for you weezy fans is “quit”. You support every bullshit artist puts out

  • Weezy

    WTF single still doesnt have drake

  • liltunechi

    soooo i have to pay for the video game? or the cd? cuz a video game is $50+ -__-

  • yeedee

    I just ahte Lil Wayne sooooooo much that im going to come on his fan site every single hour of every day and hate hate hate!!!! lol you fuckin loser

  • derick

    for the HATER @ the above.. FUCK YOU AND YOUR MOTHER SUCKS DONKEY DICK BITCH!! this is a LIL WAYNE /YM/CMB ((FAN)) SITE y r u here?? go and KILL yourself PLEEEAAASSEE. that’ll make this world a better place! lol #C4 lets gooo (WEEZY VOICE)

  • derick

    LMAO I KNO RIGHT @YEEDEE fuckin lames… smh

  • waoh

    this is kinda old now ,but good
    and danny should do something about that hater,perhaps ban his id or something

  • every 1 support weezy lets make this album go platinum at least lil wayne needs to sell 600k first week lets do our best

  • Steveo

    i dont get it,
    i bought the album, but the drake verse isn’t on the “i’m single” song which say
    Lil wayne ft drake.

    ughh, can someone tell me why?

    this bulshit..

  • @anybody

    Wat r the three bonus tracks ???

  • this website isn’t offficial retards

    It’s made by a guy from United Kingdom.
    There’s no official YMCMB website

  • moe

    whats your point pussy nigga ? ^

  • 4trtg

    So nobody knows about Im Single ft Drake?

  • Whoever

    @yeedee was being sarcastic he was talking about the guy “y m is shit” and drake sings in the background

    P.S this site isn’t official but Is near has interview withYM and ym people to ask him not to put unofficial products on

  • Wayneandlink

    i love haters!!! because they are actually the people who give him attention!!

  • 4trtg

    Drake is NOT on Im Single at all, not in the background or nothing, its the same one that was on No Ceilings

  • *5Tunetunne

    If You Know Somebody Who Likes Wayne Tell Them To Buy His Album..
    Theres Always a First Time… Support Wayne + TELL PEOPLE +

  • @anybody

    Everybody keep talkin bout 30 min to no he can’t jus put that on a album cuz dats not his song it’s an artist from GA named Donus it’s called “gone’ n dat shyt hard but old I think donis version better tho

  • @anybody

    Donis-gone>>>>lil Wayne-30 min to NO

  • lil waynes 30 min to NO will be on the next D4 mixtape
    but whatz interrestes
    what is the third bonus track ????????

  • @yapoooo
    bonus tracks :

    1. YM bAnger
    2. YM Salute
    3. i dont like the look [ on gudda guddas mixtape]

  • Waitin fer weezy

    Drake is on I’m single he sings so damn light that I had to wear my beats by dre to his em… HeS there tho

  • 4trtg

    Drake is NOT on Single, Danny M can you comment on this?

  • ricardo laguna

    pero sera como una version de def jam ??icon osea se podra pelear con weeeeezyy deberian hacer una version de gta YMCMB weeezy tha fucking bomb from venezuela XD..

  • Luiseezy F. Crazy

    LMAO RETARDS HAHAHAHA shut up bitches damn #FREEWEEZY

  • They sholud of just kept ”IANAHB” as a mixtape or a ep like they first intended to instead of making it a album and putting pressure on the numbers

  • *5Tunetunne

    @Ricardo Laguna, Esta Version No Es De Pelea, Es De Cantar Al Ritmo. En El Juego Esta La Cansion De “A Mille” De Wayne.. Si Compras El Juego Te Daran El Album De Wayne Gratis!! Frree My Nigga Weezy..

    @jamalSpencer, This Album Has Original Beats The Producers Made.. They Have To Sell It. They Cant Put It All In A Mixtape.. They Can, But Producers Dont Like That Cuz They Dont Get Paid.. Or They Do ?? IDK

  • *5Tunetunne

    @Ricardo Laguna, Ya Tienes El Album “I Am Not A Human Being” ??

  • youngmoulaa9

    a mystikal track just dropped called papercuts ft. lil wayne “nigga got power like a fucking mighty morphin, get money more then often” lol and yall 30 minutes to N.o. is on macks mixtape not d4

  • Legit

    Danny why aint you put up paper cuts?

  • @anybody

    Dat boy said ‘make her giv me brain like harvard I don’t play at all ball like a small forward’ !!!!!! Don’t free weezy !!!!!!!!!

  • yeedee

    ^^ @ Derik : I was makin fun of YM is Shit. i love Weezy

  • yeedee

    it was sarcasm lol. ive learned i guess you cant type sarcasm

  • YungNizzy14

    Cant wait had to work gonna get tht ho tomorrow ASAP tho FREE TUNE/YOUNG MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • TmY

    Mystikal ft lil wayne . papercuts
    Petey Pablo ft lil wayne & Rick ross – Down here Full
    And a prieview of C4
    Free Weezy from German 😉
    sorry for my english ;D

  • snyder

    omg wayne goes ham on “papercuts”

  • itz weezy on the track called papercutz

  • lopaka

    LIl Wayne Worlds Best Rapper Alive

  • Ownixx

    Why They Put i Dont Like The Look …
    We Can get this song 4 free .. Come on ! & 4 All Of You Mack Post On Twitter In September that 30 Mins To No Is gonna Come With Somethin Special but whatever lets see if mack will put it on him next mixtape !!

  • Kuba17

    “I just ahte Lil Wayne sooooooo much that im going to come on his fan site every single hour of every day and hate hate hate!!!! lol you fuckin loser”

    Everyone who I’ve met that hates on wayne like that either can’t make art out of their own feces, or are dumb and don’t get half of what he says. Mostly white college kids too…most likely wayne fucked all their girls and they pissed

  • Kuba17

    and i dont mean the guy i quoted btw, not an idiot lol

  • yeedee

    free Weezy

  • ricardo laguna

    @*5Tunetunne en venezuela aqui en venezuela no ha llegado man sigueme en twitter @RICARDOLAGUNALA

  • weezy

    so i went to best buy and asked about the promotion with rapstar and the cd… everoyne there had no clue what i was talking about… ????