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Lil Wayne’s I Am Not A Human Being Goes #1 On Albums Chart

Wed, Oct 20, 2010 by

Lil Waynes I Am Not A Human Being Goes 1 On Albums Chart

Two weeks after Lil Wayne’s “I Am Not a Human Being” bowed at No. 2 on the Billboard 200 exclusively from download sales, its CD release pushes it to No. 1 in its third chart week. The set moves from No. 16 to No. 1 with 125,000 sold (up 443%), according to Nielsen SoundScan.

It’s the first No. 1 to climb to the top (as opposed to debuting there) since a year ago, when the “Twilight Saga: New Moon” soundtrack moved 2-1 in its second week on the list. (Most albums that hit No. 1 on the Billboard 200 tend to do so by debuting there.)

“I Am Not a Human Being’s” 16-1 jump on the chart is the largest leap to the top since the chart dated Jan. 19, 2008, when Radiohead’s “In Rainbows” zipped 156-1. It debuted a week early on the list because retailers began selling it before its official street date. – Billboard

Congratulations to Tunechi for getting top of the charts ❗

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  • champ

    well done weezy

  • weezyf


  • young nas

    the albums only sold 125,000 copies in 3 weeks ?

    what are the white teenage girls doing?

  • Aj

    First woo!

  • zackery

    weezy is a beast!

  • I’m a moaner

    I didnt understand why the label only dropped the physical version 2 weeks later. But as soon as it was released the album went to number one. Hopefully this will be a lesson learned.

  • Step


  • yeedee

    Lol thats still good. Carter 3 sold crazy amount because Lollipop was on it. so most the people that bought C3 probly didnt even care for the real rap songs just the LG’s wanting that pop lollipop hit.

  • @young nas The album actually has sold 259,000 in 3 weeks the digital downloads do count as sales. big achievement considering we all heard it a while ago still a good album, just waiting for tha carter iv which is gona be crazy

  • yeedee

    but really i think that Lil Wayne lost alot of fans after Rebirth came out. I dont know how Rebirth sold more than this album honestly.

  • joe drizzy drake

    the hard copie hasnt came out yet so i consider that pretty damn decent

  • Str8likeDAT

    DON TRIP is better then Wayne YouTube it

    don trip over
    don trip finale
    don trip letter to my son
    don trip power freestyle

  • 9millimeterzzz

    weezzzzzzzzyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!…let’z keep making the money, and pls good muzic toooo

  • blackbarbie23

    Congrats Wayne…Love Tha Album…Finally givin the ppl wat they been waiting for..Wasnt 2 happy with Rebirth but this Def made up for it…Nikki

  • rob504

    @young nas is a FAGGET HATER that’s always on this FAN site talking shit! “”oh i hate wayne so much let me take time out my day and create a account on his (FAN) site and check for updates allday and make asshole hatein’ comment’s, after all i have nothing better to do with my life”” <— @young nas.. lmao fall off waynes dick bitch, yeah he's #1 it souldnt be a shock bitch

  • Brandon Crain

    Plain an simple the best rapper alive. He does not have to prove nothing now.

  • madbassist777

    and most of us probably thought it would be a bad idea for him to do digital first and then try to sell a hard copy album.
    Even people that don’t like Lil Wayne, Birdman, or the rest of the Young Money|Cash Money group have to admit that they sure know how to do business


    Congratz Wayne! You are the best! I brought you album here in Sweden β™₯β™₯

  • NICCE!!!! 15 DAYS!!!!!!! FREE WEEZY!!!!!!!!!!!

  • YungNizzy14

    I mean come on did yall seriously think it wasnt gonna happen lol. CONGRATS TUNECHI!!!!!!!! u deserve it FREE WEEZY!!!!!

  • yeedee

    the yankee game is on

  • yeedee

    does this count canadian sales?

  • TmY

    Lil wayne ist halt der beste πŸ˜€
    Free weezy πŸ™‚

  • waoh

    Lil Wayne joins late Tupac Shakur as artist who reached #1 while in prison. (1995 Me Against the World)

    “I’m putting out a [Wayne] album called I Am Not a Human Being and I’ll probably drop it on his birthday, September 27…I’m not even putting it out in stores. We just gonna put it out virally and maybe package it up for Christmas. Give ’em a hard copy later for fan appreciation.


    but i wonder if thats why wayne changed the ep to an album?…who knows

  • rawawr265

    Not too common for an album to rebound to #1 like that :]

  • number 1 niggaaaaaaa

  • Ricardo Laguna

    Free weezy πŸ™‚ the best raper nro q in the list the best from venezuela c4 and d4 coming sooon weezy the best raper alive YMCMB birdman, and ronal slim, tyga, drake, lil twist, chuckee, cortez bryant ,,mack maine, gudda gudda, nicki minaj, drake, t streetz ,jae millz ,shanell so sexy haha the bomb YOUNG MONEY ENTERTAIMENT FROM venezuela nro 1 idol fo real <3 love and bleesss

  • yOuNgCarTer17

    haha this nigga wayne is a beast! free weezy!

  • Str8likeDAT,,, u are stupid. there is no rapper better than wayne and there never will be one. u know why?? becuz no rapper spits lyrics like waynes off the dome. and hes been doin oit for years now OFF THE DOME. i dont care how nice a rappers lyrics are. they couldnt do that shit unless they sat down and wrote that shit. so fuck u!

  • Joshua B

    FUCK YEAA i love you LIL WAYNE <3 No Homo Bro

  • ricardo laguna

    young carter q lo q hijo somos de barquisimeto los 2 como te llmas lacraa pa agregate al faceboojjjj XD..
    no homo

  • Str8likeDAT

    @c4 free weezy C4 man weezy don’t freestyle it’s not freestyln n plus all his ustreams u can watch on YouTube u can clearly see he can’t freestyle he even says it in one before he went to jail he does the same thought processing as jayz and records his verses in his mind there’s a big diff Charles Hamilton freestyle even tho I don’t listen to him lil Wayne is one of my favorite rappers but far from being the best there’s mufukas with no deal or outlet that will merk Wayne I can name plenty waynes spontaneous clever lyrics charisma nn delivery is wat makes him a talented rapper trust he does not freestyle

  • Str8likeDAT

    @c4free weezy c4. Oh n since your in the bandwagon stop by the store and get me sum weezy blunts I forgot them shits I been listening to Wayne since hotboys his first records r on BG’s first album TRUE STORY wen he was jus 10 years old called’ hollygrove’ ‘true story and some more songs and his rap name was bg(baby gangsta) and bg’s name was lil doogie classic shyt you jit wucha kno bout it

  • Wayneandlink

    Congradulations WEEZY!!!! Two more weeks of you being gone then its WAYNES WORLD!!!

  • da_baw

    Only 125,000 for the first week of the hard copy!!!…… C’mon, man…Where the fans @? This is a dope album. WAYNE changes his style on every record…..check it out

  • feoo

    im NOT trying to hate bcuz i enjoy weezys music very much but i think c4 is going to b a fucking flop~! he has lost sooooo many fan from c3 bcuz he is so over rated mostly by little 15 year old kids and it sux bcuz weezy deserves more sales! im tired of ppl saying that they bought 3 copies of ianhb~ bcuz everyone knw no1 is gonna waste 30 of lil weezy rappin bout gonnorhea! i just want 2 get thru to wayne so he can start rapping like he used to =[

  • yeedee

    people are still fans. just most people in this word choose to download for free. if your a true Wayne fan though youll buy the CD

  • waoh

    from where i live they dont sell any cd’s
    i live in africa so the only way to listen to weezy is that i have to download the leaks .if i was living in america or uk ,i would buy them.

  • shampinire


    not true im livin there too
    get some money stupid bitch

  • sneezy

    weezy F baby, great!!! and the F is first place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mike

    who woudnt buy a wayne album for 9 bucks

  • waoh

    u stupid bitch,ive got more money than u will ever have.i got a mitsubishi evo x9 for my super sweet 16,what did u get? a dick?
    where tha fuck u even live motherfucker?

  • @shampinire & waoh

    you both should shut the fuck up yes ?
    this is not a forum for ppls which have the most money

  • just weezy

    #1 like always! weezy u r da best there is in da game! young money team is the 2nd best thing u did for the game! its cmb/ym forever in my blood! keep up da good work! hit these niggaz in the head with more #1 hits my g! b’z up, ym up!

  • yeedee

    @ waoh : you should ask Weezy if you can borrow some money

  • robizzle

    if you have that much money why dont you order the album?
    i mean that shipping money isn’t a problem for a rich man like you

  • is the album, out in stores??

  • Krock247

    all i can say is i can’t wait for that C4 to drop!!!!! πŸ™‚ Free Weezy Godbless

  • domp

    @waoh (that’s a 30,000 car) to weezy that’s pocket change homey and to me u sound like a dumbass saying what ur got for ur 16 bday u should stfu and go run with the wild in africa u dumbass

  • *5Tunetunne

    ^ This Kids Fighting Over Dumb Ass Comments.
    Good Shit, Wayne #1. C 4

  • *5Tunetunne

    Coming Sooon..

  • M.AK

    “Waoh, I like the way you think,nicely put!”Congratulations Tunechi.1LUV!!!

  • yeedee

    C4 comin next summer i bet

  • yeedee

    but we all know once Wayne is released hes gonna make plenty of music to keep us occupied πŸ™‚

  • samanthaxxo


    all the weezy fans gotta check this out

  • weezy is a real talented star..

  • Dcode Abdul

    Lilwayze boy, i dcode, am live at nigeria, am always enjoy all your album and your tattoo, even if i get you to sing with you. My wayneboy, young money. This my number 0807539929